Hyun-seong’s Profile

Birth Name: Shim Hyun-seong (심현성) Stage Name: Hyunseong (현성) Birth: Yeongcheon-si, South Korea, June 9, 1993 Age: 28 years old (International age) / 29 years old (Korean age) Zodiac Sign: Gemini Height: 178 cm Weight: 58 kg Blood Type: B Education: Young Dong High School Siblings: Older brother Position: Main Vocalist Label: Starship Entertainment Associated With: BOYFRIEND

Hyun-seong’s Facts

If he didn’t become a singer, he would like to be a drummer. When he was in 6th grade, he used to be a drummer. Hyunseong went to the audition in his third year of high school, and he later debuted with the group BOYFRIEND. He trained for a year only. Hyunseong is a kind, shy, and modest person. He is also knowledgeable and has good insight as well. Hyunseong is a quiet and innocent person according to BOYFRIEND’s Minwoo. He loves watching TV and learning something new. His ideal type is someone who can get along with him and has a nice personality. Hyunseong also revealed that Bae Suzy is his ideal type. He wanted to write a song for his girlfriend and be a nice boyfriend for her. His role model is K.Will since he used to practice a lot using K.Will’s songs. Hyunseong also likes BIGBANG. BROWN EYED GIRLS’ Jea was his favorite female idol. Hyunseong was the member who eats the most in BOYFRIEND. His favorite foods are hamburgers and tonkatsu. Hyunseong is very picky with money, but he wanted to give his parents a lot of money to let them buy everything that they wanted.

Hyun-seong’s Debut With BOYFRIEND

After pursuing his dream as a singer, Hyunseong finally made his debut with BOYFRIEND on May 26, 2011! The group was formed under Starship Entertainment and released the single “Boyfriend” as its first debut single. In BOYFRIEND, Hyunseong was the main vocalist since his amazing vocal skills are definitely remarkable! In May 2012, Hyunseong sang the OST for The King 2 Hearts titled “Only You.” BOYFRIEND’s popularity expanded overseas after they signed with the Japanese recording label Being in 2012. They released several Japanese singles such as “Be My Shine,” “Dance Dance Dance,” “My Lady,” “Hitomi No Melody,” and many more. BOYFRIEND also released their Japanese mini-album and held a Japanese showcase in Nippon Budokan, a hi-touch event in Kobe World Hall and Saitama Super Arena, and a Japanese concert in Tokyo Dome City Hall for three days!

Outside of Japan, BOYFRIEND also flew to Chicago, Dallas, and Puerto Rico and held their solo concert which made them become the first K-pop group to perform there. This was followed by BOYFRIEND’s first world tour in 2015 titled The First Chapter: Bewitch that was held in Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Finland, Russia, and France. Other singles by BOYFRIEND including “JANUS,” “I’ll Be There,” and “Don’t Touch My Girl” also became hits and made their popularity increase rapidly!

Group Disbandment and Future Activity

BOYFRIEND has been raising its popularity ever since its debut and has definitely taken up a lot of room in its fans’ hearts. Unfortunately, the group contract with Starship Entertainment finished in May, and the group was disbanded on May 17, 2019, after a long discussion between the members and agency. The agency revealed their official statement regarding BOYFRIEND’s disbandment, and they posted a farewell video of BOYFRIEND’s members through their official Twitter account. BOYFRIEND’s members also revealed their gratitude and apology towards the fans since they have been supporting BOYFRIEND since its debut. Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, and Minwoo went on separate paths regarding their careers. Youngmin, Kwangmin, and Minwoo opened up their YouTube channel named Boy Land, Donghyun signed a contract with label Sidus HQ, Jeongmin became a soloist under Starship Entertainment, and Hyunseong is reportedly still continuing his career in the entertainment industry.

Boyfriend’s Hyunseong’s Discography

Studio Albums (with BOYFRIEND)

Janus (November 2014) Seventh Color (July 2014) Seventh Mission (May 2013) Bouquet (February 2019)

Compilation Albums (with BOYFRIEND)

We Are Boyfriend (June 2012) Boyfriend Love Communication 2012 ~ 2014 – Perfect Best Collection (June 2015)

Extended Plays (with BOYFRIEND)

Love Style (June 2012) Obsession (June 2014) Witch (October 2014) Boyfriend in Wonderland (March 2015) Summer (July 2017) Never End (August 2017)


“Melody of Eyes” (Detective Conan in 2013) “Magic of Love” (GOGO Ikemen 5 in 2013) “Beautiful Life” (GOGO Ikemen 5 in 2013) “Find Yourself” (The Snow Queen 2 in 2014)

OST (Individual)

“Only You” (The King 2 Hearts in 2012)

Boyfriend’s Hyunseong’s Filmography

TV Shows (with BOYFRIEND)

Boyfriend’s Hello Baby Season 7 (2012) Boyfriend’s W Military Academy (2012) Wonder Boy (2012) Beatles Code (2013) Boyfriend The Escape (2014) Boyfriend’s China Diary (2015) Idol Show (2015) M! Pick (2016) Weekly Idol (2018)

Boyfriend’s Hyunseong’s Latest News

Among the former members of BOYFRIEND, it seemed like Hyunseong was the one who was secretly missing in action which made his fans wondering about what he was up to. But, not long ago, Hyunseong returned to greet his fans along with Jeongmin through a dinner date event! Through his official Twitter account, Hyungseong announced the event as well.

— HYUNSEONG (@HS_930609) June 22, 2020 It was held on July 18, 2020, and was located at Pozzo Restaurant. During the event, Hyunseong and Jeongmin spent the whole night with fans! The activities included a mini-concert, autograph session, selfies, a non-alcoholic cocktail cooking class. That is all of the details about Shim Hyun-seong from BOYFRIEND! Even though he is rarely seen in public currently, his era as a K-pop idol has never ended. Let’s always support him and wait for his possible upcoming projects! Write down below your favorite era from BOYFRIEND’s Hyunseong!

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