Dynamic Duo’s Group Full Profile

Dynamic Duo was formed under Amoeba Culture. They made their first appearance on May 17th, 2004, and presented several genres in their music such as Hip-Hop, Rap, Ballad, Dance, R&B, Soul, Rock, and metal as well. However, mostly, they were famously known as a Hip-Hop duo. The group was started their active era in 2003 and have been present on the scene til now; Dynamic Duo consists of two members, they are Choiza and Gaeko. Taxi Driver is marked as their debut project, which was released as their studio album. Dynamic Duo have been associated with CB Mass, Zion. T, Crush, and many more.

Dynamic Duo’s Group Facts

Dynamic Duo have appeared on several channels such as Stone Music Entertainment, Amoeba Culture, and 1theK as well. Before starting to release their music under Amoeba Culture, Dynamic Duo used to release their music under the record label GAP Entertainment. The name Dynamic Duo also came up after their former group CB Mass disbanded. Choiza and Gaeko were in charge of producing and recording a bunch of singles for one of Amoeba Culture’s projects, “NOWorkend”.

Dynamic Duo’s Pre Debut

Before joining the group Dynamic Duo, Choiza and Gaeko used to be childhood best friends. In 1999, they joined a trio named CB Mass and made their debut in the same year. However, the group only lasted for five years and the members decided to disband the group in 2003 due to the fact that the other CB Mass member, Curbin, had ‘stolen’ the the group’s money. Curbin was reported as the member who was chasing after money instead of pursuing their music career together. It was also reported that CB Mass had released three albums in the course of their career, including their first album Massmediah which was released in 2000.

Dynamic Duo’s Debut and Golden Era

After CB Mass disbanded, Choiza and Gaeko decided to continue their music career by debuting as a duo named Dynamic Duo in 2004 and releasing their debut project Taxi Driver. The group managed to increase their fame rapidly, as Taxi Driver was marked as the best-selling Hip-Hop album in South Korea and successfully sold more than 50.000 copies only a month after its official release date. Dynamic Duo also released other successful projects such as the Double Dynamite album which brought them the win of the Best Hip-Hop Album Award at the 2006 Korean Music Awards. Other famous projects from Dynamic Duo include Enlightened, Attendance Check, Last Days, Band of Dynamic Brothers, and many more making Dynamic Duo acknowledged as one of the best Hip-Hop groups in South Korea. Not only that, but Dynamic Duo also made several collaborations with other artists, such as Zion T., Ex-Sistar‘s Hyolyn, Supreme Team, EXO’s Chen, and many more.

Both Choiza and Gaeko also made their individual debut projects as Dynamic Duo members. Choiza was the first one to make a solo debut by released Going Down in 2013. Meanwhile, in 2014, Gaeko released his first solo album Redingray, which consists of 17 tracks, with “No Make Up” and “Rose” serving as the album’s title tracks.


Dynamic Duo also held several concerts; one of them was their first-ever USA Tour in 2016, as well as their performance at the KCON 2013 which took place in Los Angeles.

Establishing Amoeba Culture

Dynamic Duo co-founded and established the Amoeba Culture agency in August 2006, and have been running the company ever since then. Currently, they are running Amoeba Culture along with CEO Go Kyung-min. The agency is a kind of independent record label that has raised the names of several artists, such as Dynamic Duo, Rhythm Power, Kim Sun-jae, Ex-Wonder Girls‘ Ha:tfelt, SOLE, and many more.

Dynamic Duo’s Discography

Studio Albums

Taxi Driver (2004) Double Dynamite (2005) Enlightened (2007) Last Days (2008) Band of Dynamic Brothers (2009) Dynamic Duo 6th Digilog 1/2 (2011) Dynamic Duo 6th Digilog 2/2 (2012) Lucky Numbers (2013) Grand Carnival (2015) Off Duty (2019)

Digital Singles

Heartbreaker (2007) Gone [New Ways Always] (2008) Ballad For Fallen Soul Part. 1 (2009) Triple Dynamite [OCD VS Gaeko] (2009) CustoMIC Prologue (2014) Bongjeseon (2018) Hemi’s Room (2018) Blue (2019)

OST Appearances

SBS’s Bad Family OST (2006) The City of Violence OST (2006) High Kick: Revenge of The Short Legged (2011)


Lisa Duet Single No. 2 [with Lisa] (2007) A Giant Step [with DJ Premier] (2014) SsSs [with Lena Park] (2014) Highfive [with Primary, Boi B, Crush] (2016) Mixxxture Project Vol. 1 [with Chen] (2017) You [with Chen] (2020)

Other Singles

Lobby [Hanhae feat. Dynamic Duo, Chung Ha, Muzie] (2017)

Dynamic Duo’s Award Achievements

Golden Disk Awards

Hip-Hop Award – Attendance Check (2007)

Melon Music Awards

Best Rap/Hip-Hop – Without You (2012) Top Ten Artists – Dynamic Duo (2013) Best Rap/Hip-Hop – Nosedive with Chen (2017)

Asia Artist Awards

Best Choice Award – Dynamic Duo (2016)

Mnet Asian Music Awards

Best Music Video – Attendance Check (2007) Best Rap Performance – BAAAM (2013) Best Collaboration – Nosedive with Chen (2017)

Dynamic Duo’s Latest News

Dynamic Duo’s latest project was marked through their latest album Off Duty which was released in December 2019, as well as their latest collaboration single with EXO’s Chen, released in January 2020. And now, what have they been up to? Let’s find out the answer, here! Both Choiza and Gaeko are focused on their careers as musicians as well as founders of their label, Amoeba Culture. Through their personal Instagram account, they often share their artists’ projects and support them as well. Choiza’s Instagram Updates:

A post shared by Choiza (@choiza11) on Sep 4, 2020 at 10:29pm PDT   Gaeko’s Instagram Updates:

A post shared by Gaeko of Dynamicduo (@gaekogeem) on Aug 30, 2020 at 1:15am PDT Let’s keep supporting Dynamic Duo and wish them all good things in the future. Also, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about them in the comment section below!

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