Choiza’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Choi Jae-ho (최재호) Stage Name: Choiza (최자) Date of Birth: March 17th, 1980 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Age: 41 years old Height: 180 cm Weight: 85 kg Blood Type: O Position: Rap, Vocal Education: Sejong University Years Active: 1999–present Label: Amoeba Culture, GAP Entertainment Associated With: Dynamic Duo, CB Mass Instagram: @choiza11

Facts about Dynamic Duo’s Choiza

His stage name Choiza actually means the ‘strongest man’, and it was his middle school nickname. Choiza is the kind of man with a good character. He explained that his friendship with Gaeko also brought such good circumstances for their career, as they have been through ups and downs together. His childhood dream was becoming a computer doctor, junk shop or repair shop owner. If he were to halt his music career, he would open a bar or a restaurant. He’d loved to do music until his old days, just like Stevie Wonders or James Brown. The first thought on his mind after waking up is to have something to eat that he couldn’t eat yesterday. Choiza keeps a lot of fish in his refrigerator. He was in a relationship with Sulli for three years.

Choiza Debut with CB Mass

Choiza and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko have been best friends since sixth grade. Before making a huge debut with Dynamic Duo, Choiza used to be a member of a trio group named CB Mass with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and Curbin. They had been pursuing their careers for three years only, until the group disbanded in 2003. During their golden era, CB Mass also made collaborations with other artists, such as Zason, Bobby Kim, Juvie, Dope Boyz, DJ Wrecks, and many more.

Choiza Debut with Dynamic Duo

After his career with CB Mass ended, Choiza stayed together with Gaeko and they came up with a brand new duo called Dynamic Duo. Their debut project Taxi Driver was released in 2004, and successfully made it as one of the best-selling Korean Hip-Hop albums! During his career with Dynamic Duo, they have released a bunch of studio albums, such as Double Dynamite, Enlightened, Last Days, Lucky Numbers, Off Duty, and many more. Dynamic Duo’s popularity increased even more after the single “BAAAM” was released in July 2013, which marked their collaboration with Muzie of UV as well.

One of their best performances was at the KCON 2016 in New York, KCON 2018 in Los Angeles, as well as their live performance during the “BAAAM” era. Their famous collaboration with EXO’s Chen also happened twice, in 2017 through the single “Nosedive” and in 2020 through the single “You”.

Outside his activity with Dynamic Duo, Choiza has also made several collaborations with other artists, such as Primary, Microdot, Crush, and many more. Not only that, but Choiza also featured in some singles from certain artists and the latest one was 3 Mins by HA:TFELT!

Choiza’s Controversy

Choiza used to be in a relationship with former f(x) member Sulli for three years. Their relationship was revealed in September 2013, after the two of them were caught by paparazzi while hanging out together. At first, their agencies denied the dating rumor and stated that they were just friends. From that moment, Sulli received a bunch of nonsense rumors. Then it was also revealed that Choiza had put Sulli’s photo in his wallet. But still, both of them still denied the dating rumor. When their moments in Namsan Tower were caught in August 2014, Sulli’s agency confirmed that she and Choiza were officially dating. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in March 2017. During their relationship, both Choiza and Sulli received a bunch of malicious comments from people. People thought that they weren’t meant for each other, since Sulli was known for her ‘innocent’ image, while Choiza was 14 years older than her and had an opposite image from Sulli. The cyberbullying increased even more after Sulli’s death in 2019, since some people blamed Choiza for his ex-girlfriend’s death. Although Choiza revealed his sadness over Sulli’s death in an Instagram post, people still bullied him with malicious words which led him to disable his comment section on Instagram. You might also like: What’s Sulli and Choiza’s Relationship Like Now, After Their Breakup?

Choiza’s Discography

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza’s individual discography:


Good Air [with Gaeko, Simon Dominic, Primary] – 2012 Traveler – 2013 Going Down – 2013 Let’s Play House [with Primary, Crush] – 2016 Hobby [with Primary] – 2016 Hit [with Microdot] – 2018 Mr. Real [with Yoon Jong-shin] – 2018

As Featured Artist

Bizzy – 6Cypher (2017) UV – Za Bro (2017) PERC%NT – Canvas Girl (2019) Leo – This About To Happen (2019) HA:TFELT – 3 Mins (2020)

Choiza’s YouTube

Choiza continues his activity as a Dynamic Duo member as well as being the co-founder of Amoeba Culture, which means that he is responsible for every occupation related to his label artists along with Gaeko. Not only that, but Choiza is also active on his YouTube Channel named CHOIZAROAD. Actually, the Channel has been opened up since a long time ago, but Choiza has been constantly uploading content there. Choiza also made several collaborations for his video with other K-Pop artists as well. Mostly, his content is about food, traveling, daily vlog, and many more. Watch one of his latest videos, here:

Well, we genuinely wish nothing but the best for Choiza and his career. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about Dynamic Duo’s Choiza by dropping a line in the comment section below!

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