E’Last’s Rano’s Full Profile

Real Name: Byun Yong-Seop (변용섭) Stage Name: Rano (라노) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 10th, 1998 Height: 175 cm (5 ft 9 in) Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Blood Type: AB Position in the Group: Leader, Main Dancer, Rapper Nationality: Korean Official Site: Instagram: @elast_official

E’Last’s Rano Fun Fact

E’Last’s Rano Pre Debut

Rano’s life story before making his debut as an E’Last member was not widely known by Ranosaurs (Rano’s fans). However, we do know that Rano has known several E’Last members for a very long time, even before the E’Last line-up was made. Since his high school days, Rano has known Yejun, another E’Last member that is younger than him. They attended the same school, both middle school and high school, because they come from the same area. Their houses were close to each other. We also know that before E’Last made their official debut, E Entertainment released a reality show titled Unlock. The reality show mostly revealed Rano’s (and other members’) daily life, and how they prepared their debut. Through the reality show, it was clearly shown that Rano took care of the other members, and gave help to the members who needed it. Ranosaurs know that Rano’s debut as an E’Last member was the moment that he had been waiting for for a very long time. Yes, Rano has dreamt of becoming a K-pop idol since a young age. He once mentioned that when he was younger, he told his friends that he will definitely become a K-pop idol in his next life. He was sure of it because he had recognized his ability to dance and rap since he was young. Now, when talking about Rano’s role models, his role models in the K-pop industry are BTS, Seventeen, and Astro.

Rano’s Debut With E’Last With the Lead Song “Swear”

Rano was the fourth member of E’Last to be introduced officially. His debut song is titled “Swear”, which is also the lead single of E’Last’s debut mini-album titled Day Dream. The song was written and composed by the members themselves. In an interview, it was revealed that Rano, Baekgyeul, Won Hyuk, and Wonjun participated in writing and composing the song. So, that’s all about Rano’s profile, fun facts, his pre-debut story, and his debut with E’Last. After reading this article, do you like Rano more? Whether you like him or not, we need to keep supporting him and the other E’Last members, so they can achieve great success in the future! You can also learn more about E’Last from the collection of articles on Channel-Korea, and of course, from E’Last’s official YouTube channel E’LAST. Anyway, if you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it with your friends, so they can also learn more about Rano! Thanks for reading!

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