Full Profile and Facts

Stage Name: Jei (재이) Birth Name: Kim Jin-hee (김진희) Position: Leader, Vocalist, Visual Date of Birth: September 5th, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 162 cm Weight: 42 kg Blood Type: O Instagram: @kimjeii  Jei’s Facts!

She has an older brother. Everybody thinks that her face is similar to HyunA’s. Jei has a nickname, that is Boyish Face Leader. In 2011, she starred in IU’s music video, “You&I” (performance version). Besides appearing in IU’s MV, she also appeared in Infinite’s MV, “Paradise.” She’s a visual on the group, so it’s not surprising that in 2015 she was ranked 45th in 100 Most Beautiful Women.  She was one of the cast members of The Romantic & Idol in the first season and she paired up with JJ Project’s JB, 2PM’s Jun, and MBLAQ’s Mir. Jei only has one benchmark for her ideal type of guy, that’s someone charming.

Debut as a Member of FIESTAR

FIESTAR is a girl group that was formed by LOEN Entertainment in 2012. Initially, the group consisted of 6 members, Linzy, Chao Lu, Hyemi, Yezi, Czech (Cheska), and Jei, but in 2014, Czech decided to leave the group and so the group was left with 5 members. The group released their debut single, “Vista” on August 31st, 2012. FIESTAR and solo singer IU are included in one agency, where FIESTAR was Loen’s big project after IU. Before debuting with the group, each member had already plunged into the entertainment world, some of them were singers, rappers, models and even trainees at YG Entertainment and rumored to be joining 2NE1. The leader Jei, she modeled for many online clothing stores for INFINITE’s Music Video “Paradise,” IU’s MV “You&I,” Bongshil Sister’s “My Love,” as well as Taw’s MV “Happy Hours” (Feat Joo and the Lifestyle), and she replaced Joo on the promotions since Joo was diagnosed with a bump on her throat. Aside from being a leader and visual of the group, Jei is also the vocalist. Jei and the other members managed to steal the attention of netizens and turn them into their fans at the start of FIESTAR’s debut, especially with their debut appearance where they showed a unique concept. Then, after their producer changed, they went with the common sexy concept.

Since their debut in 2012, the group has released two studio albums, Black Label in 2015 and A Delicate Sense in 2016. Fiestar’s second single “We Don’t Stop” was released on November 9th, with the B-side track “Sweet Love” featuring ballad singer Kim Yeon-woo. Live promotions for the album began on Music Bank the following day. Here’s the first performance!

Plastic Surgery Rumor

As a visual of the group, of course, she is often in the spotlight which is aided by her pretty unusual face. In fact, there are many who doubt her beauty speculating that she has undergone some sort of plastic surgery. Actually, there are many rumors about her involving plastic surgery; it’s just people’s thoughts and perceptions about her unusual face. To get rid of people’s doubts about her almost perfect face, Jei revealed her face without makeup in “Follow Me!” As one of the MC’s of the FashionN, without hesitation, she showed her bare face on the cameras on March 14th, 2015. It turns out that behind her sexy looks, she has a cute face and is even more pretty without makeup. She smiled on camera and everybody was mesmerized by her refined skin. If we compare, her real face (bare face) with the one covered in makeup they are actually not much different. It’s just that when someone’s face is with makeup, it will look sharper and give off an extraordinary impression. Jei has indeed been given an incredible grace on her face. If we see in the photo below, what do you think of?

Fancam Compilation

As usual, when the idol does a performance on stage, of course, their fans don’t want to forget that moment. This is usually enshrined by recording the idols when they perform and it is called fancam, where the video is created by fans who record by focusing their particular idol. This has also happened to FIESTAR’s Jei: she was recorded by her fans because she is their ultimate bias. Fortunately, Jei is a conscientious member who knows where the fancam is, so she deliberately gives a great performance as if she was only recorded by those fans. Here are some fancams that focused on Jei!



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Latest News

After a 7-year-long career as FIESTAR, on April 30th, the group disbanded because their contract with the agency had expired. After the contract expired, Jei joined and signed a contract with a new agency and she is pursuing a career in acting. Actually, before she left her agency, she already starred in various dramas and her latest drama is The Best Moment To Quit Your Job (2017) where she is playing the leading role. On August 7th, 2018, there was a piece of shocking news about her. Netters suspected Jei and Henry of dating for allegedly coming into the same hotel on the same day. This was believed to be due to Jei’s post of a photo on Instagram with Henry’s friend, and it was marked as proof that they were in a relationship. It started because there was one Chinese fan who noticed Jei and Henry’s photos at the same time.

A post shared by 재이 (@kimjeii) on Aug 1, 2018 at 7:42am PDT In the photo, Henry with his friends took photos with a scenery of the twilight sky on the hotel veranda. The place and background of the view are exactly the same as the location of Jei’s photo. But this news has no continuation or clarity. This year, there are no recent updates about her career in acting, and she’s more active on her Instagram and shares her new activities there. That’s all the information about FIESTAR’s former member Jei, from her debut until her recent updates. For her fans, keep waiting patiently for her comeback and always support her! After reading this article, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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