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Kang In-ho’s Full Profile

Name: Kang In-oh (강 인오) Stage Name: Noori (누리) Birthday: March 3rd, 1993 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 184 cm Weight: 70 kg Blood Type: – Zodiac: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Horse Agency: MBK Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment Group: Coed School, SPEED Years Active: 2010–present Occupation: Singer, Rapper Nationality: Korean

Kang In-ho’s Facts

Kang In-ho used to be called Noori in Coed School, but he also had the nickname Balance Noori. Kang In-ho’s hobbies are watching movies and playing sports. He has various specialties, such as boxing, playing soccer, playing basketball, and being an expert in computers. After Kang In-ho decided to leave the group, he also changed his stage name to B-Wolf. Kang In-ho studied at Hyundai High School. He appeared in some music videos of T-Ara as a model, such as “Roly Poly”, “Lovey Dovey”, “Zombie”, “Boop Beep”, “View” (Japan & Korean version). He has similarities with actor Kim Joon. He and Chan are close and he cares a lot about her. Because of all of this, they were rumored to have had a relationship, but they both denied it. During his trainee period, he was really close with Sejoon. And they both have the same goals and dreams, which were to debut as members of SPEED together.

Kang In-ho’s Debut With Coed School

Coed School (Co-ed School) was a K-pop group whose lineup comprised of 6 male and 4 female members, they are Soomi, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, Chanmin, Kwanghaeng, Jungwoo, Sungmin, Taewoon, Kangho, and Noori. The group was formed by a Korean music label named Core Contents Media on October 28th, 2010, and debuted with the release of the single titled “Too Late”.  The member who is better known as Noori got a position as Rapper and Vocalist of his group. Then after the single was released, the group immediately released their 2nd single entitled “Bbiribbom Bberibbom” (삐리뽐 빼리뽐). Kang In-ho and the group then performed the song “Bbiribbm Bberibbom” (삐리뽐 빼리뽐) for the first time in a music program aired by Mnet, namely M! Countdown. Not only that, but Kang In-ho (Noori) and his group also promoted their song by appearing in various other music shows, as shown in the video of their performance below!

Kang In-ho’s Active as a SPEED Member

SPEED was a subunit of Coed School (Co-ed school); this group only included the male members of Coed School (Co-ed School). SPEED was formed in 2012 after the female subunit debuted in 2011. This group was formed by Core Contents Media which is now known as MBK Entertainment, and then the group was made into an independent group in 2013. The original lineup of this subunit group included Kangho, Kwanghaeng, Jungwoo, Taewoon, Sungmin, and Noori. SPEED released the single album Hommage to Lovely-Dovey, with the title track “Lovey-Dovey-Plus” in February. Then in September, Kang In-ho (Noori) decided to leave the agency.

SPEED’s Disbandment and Kang In-ho’s Future Activity

After he decided to leave Coed School and SPEED, Kang In-ho became a trainee in the agency that is very famous now, namely Big Hit Entertainment. Then, when he was a trainee of Big Hit Entertainment, Kang In-ho didn’t use his previous stage name, he changed his stage name from Noori to B-Wolf. The news about when he officially became a trainee at the agency is still a mystery today as there has been no official information. And in 2014, he finished his military service. But around 2018, reportedly Big Hit Entertainment was supposed to release a new boy group besides BTS under the name 6aces and one of the group members mentioned was B-Wolf (Kang In-ho). But until 2020, there’s no clarity or official statement regarding the rumor of 6aces, but then Big Hit debuted a new group named TXT (Tomorrow X Together) in 2019.

Kang In-ho’s Discography

Singles   Extended Plays (EP)   That’s all the information about the former member of Coed School and SPEED, Kang In-ho, starting from his profile to his future activity. What do you think about him? Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about him in the comment section below!

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