Rainbow consisted of seven members: Woori, Seungah, Jaekyung, Noeul, Yoonhye, Jisook, and Hyunyoung. One of the Rainbow members, Yoonhye was famous as the member with the biggest and prettiest eyes. After disbandment, she chose to work as an actress and later opened her own YouTube channel. Rainbow’s Yoonhye’s YouTube channel posts videos of her activities and her favorite subjects. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Rainbow’s Yoonhye and her YouTube channel. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Rainbow’s Yoonhye

Name: Jung Yoon-hye Stage Name: Yoonhye Date of Birth: April 14th, 1990 Height: 163 cm Weight: 47 kg Zodiac: Aries Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Horse Blood Type: O Education: Broadcasting and Entertainment, Dongdeok Woman University Position: Rapper, vocalist Rainbow Color: Violet YouTube: @yoonhyech Instagram: @yoonhye.chung Twitter: @Yoonhye90 Naver Blog: @yoonhyechannel Facebook: @yoonhye.page Twitch: @yoonhyech Cyworld: Rainbow5

Facts about Rainbow’s Yoonhye

She has big eyes and her friends are envious of her big eyes Her hobbies are making selfies, singing, making facial expressions, speaking alone She went to the same high school as Secret’s Song Ji-eun She went to the same college department as most Dalshabet members Her nicknames are rabbit, usami, yoonbani, yoondaekab, baby yune Her parents work as classic musicians Superstar K alumni Roy Kim is her cousin Yoonhye loves to speak She loves making pranks and jokes on other people She hates it when people eat quietly Yoonhye was responsible as the main speaker when introducing a new single She loves playing online games. She used to play Overwatch but now she is into League of Legends She wants game characters and culture vouchers as her birthday present

Debut as a RAINBOW Member

Before joining Rainbow, Yoonhye participated in the 18th MBC Creative Children Song festival in 2000. She was only a second-grade junior high school student at that time. She sang a song titled “Fall Sketch” and won the Encouragement Prize. According to friends, she was slightly overweight before joining Rainbow. Due to her weight, she failed the audition program several times. After several rejections, she was resolved to shed some weight and she managed to lose around 20 kg. Rainbow debuted on November 12th, 2009, and released the EP album Gossip Girl. The EP consisted of five singles: “Not Your Girl,” “Gossip Girl,” “I Believe,” “Kiss,” and “I Will Endure It.” Rainbow performed their first stage promotion on MBC’s Music Core. They made several performances on KBS’ Music Bank, SBS’ Inkigayo, Mnet’s M! Countdown marking the collection of promotional events on national television. Two months later, in January 2010, Rainbow promoted another single from their debut album, “Not Your Girl.” After three months of activities, Rainbow completed their debut EP promotion on SBS’ Inkigayo.

Disbandment and Future Activity

After two studio albums, six EPs, and more than 20 singles and soundtracks, DSP Media and Rainbow members decided to end their contracts. Their official disbandment was revealed on October 27th, 2016. Rainbow officially disbanded on November 12th, 2016, just seven years after releasing their debut album. Rainbow members and DSP Media had talked about Rainbow’s future several times. It seemed that all Rainbow members decided against continuing their activities as a band. They became another idol group that fell to the seven-year jinx. All the members were in the middle of their twenties and it had to be hard in the long term to continue performing as Rainbow when new idol groups continue to emerge. Each member had already been an idol for quite a long time and had their ups and downs. It appeared that their desire to pursue more popularity has gone. It was a good thing that all the members and DSP Media had separated on good terms. After disbandment, each member went her separate way and moved to their preferred agencies. Jung Yoonhye moved to Saebom Entertainment and started acting as her main career from February 2018. In order to commemorate their tenth year debut anniversary, Rainbow members decided to regroup and release a new album, Aurora. YouTube Channel

Yoonhye opened her own YouTube channel on October 18th, 2019. Yoonhye posts various types of content, mainly daily vlogs, cosmetics, and unboxing. After a year, Yoonhye’s channel has collected more than 70.000 views and more than 80 videos. She also posts the links of other social media accounts to her channel and holds live chats with viewers. On her channel, she mainly talks about food, makes cookies, travels to places, and talks about various topics. On Yoonhye’s Channel, she shows her real face with minimum makeup. Even without makeup, she looks beautiful and her big eyes capture the attention of her subscribers. Follow her YouTube channel on Yoonhye Channel.

  That was all the information about YouTuber and former Rainbow member Yoonhye. Find out detailed information about other Rainbow members and their current activities in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.

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