Then, how is he going now after he left the group and almost committed suicide? Find the answer in this article, because, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain everything about Son Ho-young. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile and Facts of Son Ho-young

Name: Andrew Son Stage Name: Son Ho-young Date of Birth: March 26th, 1980 Birthplace: New Jersey, United States Occupation: Singer, Actor Years Active: 1999 – present Labels: SidusHQ, JYP Entertainment, LOBE Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment (MMO Entertainment). Height: 177 cm Weight: 62 kg Zodiac Sign: Aries Blood Type: B Twitter: @dajungho2 Instagram: dajungho2 Son Ho-young’s Facts!

In the band G.O.D, he was better known as Hoyoung. He has a nickname, that’s Hoi and Hoppang. Son Ho-young used to study in the Department of Theater and Film at Kyunghee University. He has an older sibling. Skiing, basketball, and watching movies are his hobbies. He comes from a broken home, meaning, his parents are divorced. Red is Ho-young’s favorite color.

Pre-debut Story

Before Son Ho-young debuted with g.o.d, he almost debuted with a mixed-gender group project, which was supposed to consist of Danny Ahn, Kim Hwan-sung, Shoo, and himself, of course. But it felt through when Shoo signed a contract with SM Entertainment and she went to debut as a member of SM Entertainment’s girl group, S.E.S, whereas Kim Hwan-sung was recruited as the final member of NGR. After failing to run the mixed-gender group project with a constraint of prospective members joining and being contracted by several agencies, and around 1997 his best friend Danny Ahn was recruited by his cousin Park Joon-hyung to join his project under EBM. After he was recruited, Danny Ahn didn’t forget that his best friend Son Ho-young, persuaded him to audition. Beside them, Yoon Kye-sang and Kim Sun-a were also recruited but Kim Sun-a decided to leave them to pursue acting and then Kim Tae-woo entered into the project as the last member who joined.

Debut With G.O.D

As we know, g.o.d is a project from Park Joon-hyung and he wanted to blend Western and Asian influences. First, he recruited his cousin Danny Ahn to join his project, and then Son Ho-young was the 3rd member who joined as a result of Danny’s persuasion. After all the members were gathered, many other problems arose, some of which were related to funding so their debut had to be postponed. After over a year, the executive allowed them to continue the project, this was because of their perseverance and hard work. Other than that, JYP Entertainment’s founder Park Jin-young was their producer and mentor. Initially, the group’s name was GOT6, but after Kim Sun-a resigned, the group changed its name to g.o.d, or Groove OverDose. Finally, the debut day came, and they made their debut appearance on January 13th, 1999, performing “To Mother” (어머님께), which is the title track of their first album. The group gained attention with their “Boy Next Door” persona and their vocal talent. They released the 2nd album at the end of the year and gained a much better response, what’s even more, they earned their 1st win on a music program.

Son Ho-young wrote a lot of g.o.d songs and the group was successful enough. But after spending five years in g.o.d, Son Ho-young decided to leave his group and didn’t renew his contract with JYP Entertainment and he signed with Lobe Entertainment to continue his career as a solo artist and also as an actor.

English Language Skills

Son Ho-young was born in the United States, and of course, that means that he is fluent in English. In an exclusive interview, he shared his thoughts about marriage, g.o.d’s 20th anniversary, and the reunions that H.O.T and SECHKIES had. He said, “I feel like I am 27 years old, but my age keeps changing every year. I don’t know what to do now when I’m 40. Maybe it’s because I debuted as a singer at a young age, but my growth seems slow.” He also added, “I want to get married, but I can’t make a plan for that. I want to know if the reason for not getting married is that I’m still young.” He also revealed, “We plan to release an album ahead of the 20th g.o.d anniversary and also we have a plan for a concert.”

Almost Committing Suicide

On May 21st, 2013, Ho-young was hit by a piece of very sad news about his girlfriend who dies as a result of suicide. The reason for her suicide was that she had a lot of debt and she was also disappointed by Ho-young. Then, three days later, Ho-young made an attempt at suicide just as his girlfriend did. According to police reports, he parked his car near the Onnuri Church in Seoul, and he tried to commit suicide in the same way as his girlfriend did. He lit the coal so that gas filled the car. However, the car caught fire and he went out of the car only to be rescued by a stranger passing by the road. After that, he was rushed to the hospital and the helper called the police. Because of his suicide attempt, he suffered injuries. At that time, he was aware of what he was doing when he went out of the car. This is because he remembered g.o.d, he said the members always gave him support to keep living a better life.

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