Who doesn’t know Leessang? Leessang is the name of a popular hip-hop duo from South Korea that, of course, has two members: Kang Gary and Gil. Following below is a scoop containing detailed information about one of the members of Leessang, Gil: from his complete profile, fun facts, career with Leessang, to his latest news. If you don’t know who Leessang’s Gil is, check out the details in this Channel-Korea feature below!

Leessang’s Gil’s Full Profile

Real Name: Gil Seong-joon (Hangul: 길성준) Stage Name: Gil (Hangul: 길) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 24th, 1977 Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Weight: 90 kg (198 lbs) Blood Type: A Position: Rapper, Vocalist Occupation: Musician, Rapper, Comedian, Producer Nationality: Korean Associated Acts: X-Teen, Honey Family, LeeSsam Trio

Leessang’s Gil’s Facts

Gil’s Debut as a Member of Leessang

Leessang’s Gil first met Gary in 1997 when they first encountered each other in a hip-hop group called X-Teen. However, they soon left the group and joined Honey Family to successfully sell 2 albums during 1999 and 2000. Leessang, a popular singer, is loved by many enthusiasts. It hasn’t been a single-shot blockbuster. “I think it’s definitely because of our entertainment. People recognize it on the street. Even elementary school students play jokes while calling our names. Of course, it feels good. I felt a burden, but I always felt confident about the new album,” Leessang said in one of their interviews. The so-called Leessang music is a ‘sticky music’ for singing like a glass of soju. A melody that is easy to sing along with flows with excitement, and the emotions move as Gary raps in the harsh tone of the road. No matter how calm the nature, the emotions are bound to wriggle. The depth of life of the unique sad melody adds to the seriousness and weight of the groove. With their music, love, parting, sadness, and joy various emotions dance. It is also unfortunate that the exotic thick sound and the frame of hip-hop are confined to the genre. Lyrics with serious words add weight and the combination with the genre is quite smooth. It is definitely the essence of Leessang’s music. Leessang music is the power that encompasses various sensibilities. With a refreshing melody line, a candid yet refined song that penetrates the consensus of the younger generation, and an addictive rhythm section that makes everyone shake their shoulders, Leessang’s young music exudes a cheerful and deep catch. Apart from their skills, senses stood out, and it was the result of creation that was created by the freshness of rich ideas.

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