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Kim Go-eun (김고은) is a South Korean actress and model. She debuted in the film A Muse and is currently under BH Entertainment. She is an artist from South Korea, in her very first role in a movie she impressed the audience with her brave acting. Now, women who have monolids are very popular, including in Asian countries. If she has monolids, her eyes look big and strong, and this is the type of eye of most Asian women. Even though she doesn’t have ideal eyes, many people like her appearance, and she doesn’t care about Korean eyes. Birth Name: Kim Go-eun (김고은) Date of Birth: July 2nd, 1991 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 170 cm (5’7″) Weight: – Blood Type: B Religion: Protestant Instagram: @ggonekim Kim Go-eun Facts:

  1. Was named Kim Go Eun because her father wanted her to grow up pretty. Kim Go Eun was born on July 2nd, 1991, in Seoul, South Korea. Apparently, when Kim Go Eun was born, the nurse in charge was slightly taken aback after seeing her face, which caused her father to expect a beautiful baby. However, after seeing his newborn daughter’s face for the first time, her father recounted that she “didn’t look as pretty as he had imagined.” With hopes of having his daughter grow up into a beautiful woman, he named her Kim Go Eun (김고은) which, in Korean, alludes to being pretty and beautiful.

  2. Lived in China for 10 years Kim Go Eun’s family moved to China when she was 3 years old (4, according to her Korean age), and lived in a place an hour and 30 minutes away from Beijing. She is able to speak fluent Mandarin.

  3. Was very close to her grandmother Kim Go Eun lived with her grandma even during adulthood. Her grandma passed away in 2019. Kim Go Eun mentioned that her grandma was a little jealous of actress Youn Yuh Jung when she played Kim Go Eun’s grandmother in the film Canola (2016), which is simply adorable and also illustrates their close relationship.

  4. Is super attached to her nephews

  5. Relieves stress by going bungee jumping Kim Go Eun’s character in The King: Eternal Monarch, lieutenant Jung Tae Eul, has no fear. When it comes to heights, Kim Go Eun is just as fearless, having bungee jumped and skydived several times.

  6. Is a monolid beauty At one point in her life, Kim Go Eun wanted to go for double eyelid surgery. Due to opposition from her parents, however, she ended up not having the procedure done.

  7. Her acting journey started in high school Kim Go Eun didn’t dream of being an actress as a child. Her passion for acting was only ignited when she performed in a play in high school, after which she pursued drama in college.

  8. She could have been a doctor or a film director During an interview for The King: Eternal Monarch, Kim Go Eun was asked about what she envisioned herself as in an alternate universe. She replied, “I thought that I wanted to be a doctor if my skills were good enough.”

  9. Rejected the part in Eungyo at first Kim Go Eun’s rise to stardom is an interesting tale. She was visiting her school senior, who was a staff member on the set of the movie Eungyo (2012), also named A Muse. She happened to meet the director, who told her to audition for the role. When she was offered the part, Kim Go Eun rejected the role at first, saying that she didn’t feel ready at that time. The director asked her to reconsider her decision, and she eventually starred in the film.

  10. Became a star instantly Unlike most actors who appear in minor parts before landing their breakthrough role, Kim Go Eun became an instant star after Eungyo. Before her debut in the film, the star had only been in school plays and productions.

  11. Took a break from acting for college Despite the many offers following Eungyo, Kim Go Eun decided to take a break from acting for two years. During that time, she went back to the Korea National University of Arts to complete her degree in the School of Drama.

  12. Turned down her first drama She initially turned down the role in the television series Cheese in the Trap (2016) due to scheduling issues. However, the director repeatedly asked her to accept the role, and changed the filming schedule to match that of Kim Go Eun’s, as she found the actress to be the most suitable for the slightly eccentric character, Hong Seol.

  13. Has played diverse roles Among her many roles, Kim Go Eun has played a mentally handicapped character in the 2014 thriller Monster. The actress was also in Memories of the Sword, a historical drama that required her to do stunts as a swordsman.

  14. Has been in more movies than dramas Most of us know Kim Go Eun from her role as Ji Eun Tak in Goblin. Surprisingly though, the star has been in 11 movies and only 3 drama series to date.

  15. Still keeps in touch with the cast of Goblin Fans of Goblin will be glad to know that the cast members have remained friends. In a variety show that took place 2 years after Goblin aired, Kim Go Eun mentioned how actors Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook still ask her out for casual drinks. Yoo In Na played Ji Eun Tak’s boss, the spunky and flirtatious Sunny, in Goblin. Evidently, the co-stars grew close after being on the set together, with Kim Go Eun continuing to visit Yoo In Na’s house often.

  16. Chummy with fellow actors It’s not just her Goblin colleagues who keep in touch with Kim Go Eun and care for her loads. When it was announced that Youn Yuh Jung would be working with Kim Go Eun on Canola, the latter’s former co-stars Kim Hye Soo and Jeon Do Yeon asked Youn Yuh Jung to look out for Kim Go Eun on the set.

  17. Dated a man 17 years older than her The Goblin star dated actor Shin Ha Kyun, with whom she has a 17-year age gap. They met and grew close due to their common interest in scuba diving, and dated for a period of 8 months from August 2016 to March 2017.

  18. Was a fan of Lee Min Ho before The King: Eternal Monarch Before The King: Eternal Monarch, Kim Go Eun was an honest fangirl of Lee Min Ho, just like the rest of us. She mentioned that she was rooting for Kim Tan, Lee Min Ho’s character in The Heirs (2013).

  19. Learned taekwondo for The King: Eternal Monarch

  20. Gained 8 kg for her role in Sunset in My Hometown The dedicated actress that she is, Kim Go Eun gained 8 kg for her role in Sunset in My Hometown (2018), where she had to portray a girl from the countryside. She was a whole mood when she told an interviewer that she was happy to gain weight for the movie as she was able to eat as much as she wanted.

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