Jung Da-yeon’s popularity has spread to other Asian regions. She has become a fitness phenomenon in Japan, following her appearance on NHK in the year 2004 and her books on dieting have become best-sellers, her second book Momjjang Diet Premium sold 200,000 copies in just two weeks after being published in Japan. The success of her books was followed by Mom-chan Wii Figureobics Diet by Jung Da-yeon, a fitness game released by Wii in December 2010. Want to know more about her? And what about how Jung Da-yeon loses weight? Check this out!

Jung Da-yeon’s Profile

Jung Da-yeon was born on November 27th, 1966. Although at the age of 52, Jung Da-yeon is famous as a woman with a very athletic body. Jung Da-yeon once made a stir in the public, because within 3 months she lost a lot of weight, almost 20 kg. At that time, her weight reached 70 kg after having two children. But then, she wanted to restore her body shape to normal, with a diet she did within 3 months she managed to lose weight. Of course, it is horrendous for many people, especially women who already have children and want to have the ideal body shape. Then she wrote a book to share her secrets on how she managed to lose weight. According to online reports, her inspirational story turned her into a nationwide sensation and motivated Korean housewives to go to fitness centers. Asian housewives were motivated by Jung Da-yeon’s amazing transformation and started working out too in a bid to achieve the momentum look. This trend became known as the momjjang syndrome.

Facts About Jung Da-yeon

Jung Da-yeon is known as Momjjang Ajumma, or Auntie with a striking body. Initially in 2003, Jung Da-yeon’s weight reached 70 kg after giving birth to two children. However, she felt insecure and eventually decided to lose weight. With her regular diet and workout, within 3 months Jung Da-yeon managed to lose weight by 20 kg. And with a routine workout and maintaining her diet, Jung Da-yeon has a very slim body and abs that are perfect for a woman.

Jung Da-yeon’s Diet Tips For Losing Weight

When she weighed 70 kg, Jung Da-yeon revealed that she often felt pain and difficulty in carrying out activities, in fact, she often revealed that she felt pain in her waist. Then, she was motivated to lose weight by doing a series of diets and workouts. Within 3 months, putting herself on a strict diet and exercise, the results were unbelievable. Not only did she lose 20 kilograms, but the weight loss was followed by changes in her body shape, namely it became firmer and even her face started looking a lot younger. In the book that she wrote, Momjjang Diet Premium, Jung Da-yeon said, “Over the millions of years of human history, it was only 10,000 years ago that people began eating three square meals a day. Like animals living in the wild, we must eat often in order to stay slim.” She has also shared the art of “figure-robics” in this book. “Figure-robics” is an exercise that she developed in 2005 for women. The focus is on light yet rigorous aerobic routines that concentrate on body parts like waist and hips and help in getting that hourglass figure.

Jung Da-yeon’s Workout Routine

In addition, Jung Da-yeon also provides workout tips that can be done at home and easily. This workout can be done for anyone who has a busy schedule and does not take much time and space. First, “Insanity” is a super high-intensity workout program. It builds muscle while stripping away fat. It is more suitable for men, but women can use it to lose weight as well. The training interval of the program lasts for at least 60 days. For each day, one hour is totally enough. You start at a moderate pace for a while and then kick up your speed and heart rate for a minute or so. After that, it is back to a lower gear, giving you time to catch your breath. Second, “Jung Da-yeon” style. This workout program is yoga-style. It would be best to go on a diet during the one-month program, and consistent exercise is the key to success. Third, “Pump It Up.” The program is well-designed and provides guidance after each workout session you can follow for some stretches. Or you can watch this video of Jung Da-yeon’s workout. The workouts have several names which sort of indicate the kind of workout it entails. For example, they have, FigureRobics, FigureDumbel, FigureMat, BodyBall, FigureDance. Check out the video below and kindly share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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