In October 2020, Jungkook finally revealed the result of his MBTI test. He is reported to have ISFP as his personality type based on MBTI. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about BTS’ Jungkook’s MBTI test results and his personality while being on the stage or off stage in this article below!

BTS’ Jungkook’s MBTI Test in 2020: ISFP-A

BTS’ Jungkook visited Weverse to greet fans through a cute selca. The youngest member of BTS (Bangtan Boys) also shared the results of his MBTI personality test. On October 5, 2020, Jungkook posted a selfie with the caption, “Hello, I’m an artist.” Along with the post, he also shared screenshots of his MBTI test results, namely ISFP-A. People with this personality type have a strong artistic soul. As quoted from 16personalities, “The adventurous personality type is a true artist, but it’s not like the general image of an artist who just comes out painting three beautiful little trees. Although, often, they do really well. Rather, what they mean is that they use aesthetics, design, and even their choices and actions to make the most of social conventions. The Adventurer Personality likes to confuse traditional expectations with experiments in beauty and behavior. Chances are, they express the phrase ‘Don’t bracket me!’ more than once.” The personality test results from BTS’ Jungkook’s MBTI undoubtedly matched him very well. Everyone already knows that Jungkook is a great artist by just looking at his art so far. Some famous figures who have personalities like Jungkook are Kevin Costner, Avril Lavigne, Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears. “He is very cute, and the results of his personality test suit him very well. He also has one of the rare personalities,” a fan commented. “Jungkook is definitely the best artist,” added another fan. “Right, the results are very suitable for Jungkook,” concluded another.

How It Feels To Date an ISFP-A

In a recently uploaded Weverse post, BTS’ Jungkook revealed that his MBTI personality type has changed since he last revealed his results in 2017. He may have been an INFP three years ago, but now, he is ISFP-A, the “Curious Artist” type. This new personality type reveals a lot about Jungkook, including how he will be in a relationship. People with the ISFP-A personality type are emotionally oriented towards the people they care about. ISFPs are known to be caring and loyal, and they never feel like they are spending enough time with their partners. Jungkook wants you to know how special you guys are to him, so he often shows his love. Make sure the ISFP knows how much you value the attention as they can be sensitive when their feelings are slighted. Dating Jungkook will never be boring. No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with a spontaneous ISFP, they always have something to keep the relationship fresh. Considering how spontaneous ISFPs are like Jungkook, you guys are probably the ones planning all the dating events. But once you get to your chosen destination, Jungkook might come up with a nice surprise to make things interesting. And, all that uncertainty has unexpected benefits. If Jungkook is like most ISFPs, he won’t have a problem canceling plans if needed. Feeling unwell right before the date? Jungkook will probably have no trouble leaving everything behind and spending the day at home with you guys. ISFPs can be shy in public. But, when you’re alone with someone like Jungkook, you can be sure they’ll open up to you and show the side that everyone wishes they could see. People with Jungkook’s personality type are also quite vulnerable when it comes to arguments and criticism, so you have to be there to support him every step of the way. Thankfully, he will definitely repay you in any way he can. ISFPs are all about mystery and anticipating what comes next, so they may not want to settle down right away. However, if you foster a healthy relationship with Jungkook’s personality type, they will never want to leave.

BTS’ Members Reveal Jungkook’s Personality

Jungkook’s personality was revealed by BTS members. They have lived together for years. No wonder that BTS’ members have their opinion about Jungkook’s personality. Let’s check out Jungkook’s personality according to BTS’ members! Jimin said that Jungkook is very sensitive emotionally. If he watches a sad movie, his feelings overwhelm him, and he bursts into tears. Who doesn’t get annoyed when they’re being ignored? Now, Jungkook seems to be feeling this too. According to V, Jungkook’s weakness is his tendency to sulk. He jokingly explained that Jungkook will sulk if he feels like someone isn’t paying attention to him. RM described Jungkook as a pure and simple person, saying that it is easy to make him feel good. For this one, Jungkook seems to have a “fire determination,” a.k.a a great passion to win the “battle.” Suga touched on Jungkook’s competitive side. He said that Jungkook is easily provoked by challenges because he doesn’t like to lose. If someone says Jungkook can’t do something, he suddenly becomes anxious to prove himself. Food is Jungkook’s weakness, according to Jin who paid for a lot of his meals while still a trainee. Since Jungkook can’t stop himself from eating, Jin said that he likes to stuff Jungkook’s mouth with food to mess up his diet plan. What does J-Hope think of Jungkook? Sleep. Sleep is the Golden Maknae‘s main weakness. Once Jungkook falls asleep, it is very difficult to wake him up. You might also like: Let’s See How BTS’s Jungkook Rocks Long Hair!

BTS’ Jungkook’s Personality While Working

BTS’ Jungkook has a fun and adorable personality while working that makes him adored by fans. In a post on the online community theqoo, it became a point of conversation for netizens. The post lists the moments when Jungkook showed his true nature at various events such as concerts or music festivals. Jungkook is known to really love the other BTS members. The 1997-born singer showed his love for his six hyungs through the lyrics to the song “Begin,” which he wrote himself. At the 2017 Mnet Asia Music Awards, when a staff member’s hands were full of cameras, schedule sheets, and other technical equipment, Jungkook stepped in to help him by wrapping a cable so as not to interfere with the staff’s work. At the 2017 Melon Music Awards, Jungkook picked up a loose-fitting bulb on stage while walking and put it back in the right position. It was to avoid unwanted incidents. When BTS took part in the 2017 Idol Star Athletic Championship, Jungkook helped crew members pick up trash that was scattered on the floor. While on M Countdown, while waiting for the results on stage, Jungkook helped the staff clean up the water flowing on the stage floor. Jungkook also once helped residents when they carried heavy items at shops frequented by artists. In addition, Jungkook always greets his fans gently on stage after concerts and award ceremonies. He also always bows 90 degrees to the fans. “Jungkook is the best and most professional idol I’ve ever seen,” commented netizens. “I’ve watched Jungkook for years. I think his personality is very good,” added another netizen. “Even if Jungkook doesn’t need to do that, he still does it. His actions look very natural, not artificial,” said another. “Jungkook has a handsome face, but his personality is even more handsome. Jungkook always cares and takes care of his fans. Jungkook is really growing well. Please don’t ever get hurt,” said a netizen. “I’m a fan of other groups. I don’t know much about Jungkook, but I think he’s very talented,” concluded another. Well, that is all of the information about BTS’ Jungkook and his MBTI type. Do you believe in the MBTI type and also the personality of BTS’ Jungkook described above? Anyway, let’s still give a lot of love and support to BTS’ Jungkook so that his career will shine even more in the future and he can become an idol with a good personality. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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