In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything about one of the members of N.Flying, J.don or Lee Seung-hyub. Lee Sung-hyub or J.don is a rapper, singer and actor. J.don has also been known as the leader of N.Flying since 2013. During 2015, he worked as a model for the clothing brand called Buckaroo with Seolhyun. He also did a photoshoot for the magazine Nylon. Want to learn more about his profile? Check this out!

J.Don’s Full Profile and Facts

Real Name: Lee Seung-hyub Stage Name: Seunghyub or J.don Date of Birth: October 31st, 1992 Age: 26 years old Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Rhythm Guitar, Piano Height: 181 cm Weight:65 kg Blood Type: A Zodiac: Scorpio Instagram: @sssn9_zzzn9 Fun facts about J.don:

J.don’s Debut as a Member of N.Flying

As we already know, N.Flying is one of the South Korean bands formed by FNC Entertainment as the sister of CNBLUE. N.Flying released their first digital indie single “Basket” in Japan on October 1st, 2013. The band made their Korean debut on May 20th, 2015, by releasing a single album and its lead single “Awesome.” J.don is entrusted to be the leader of N.Flying because he has a good leadership spirit. In 2011, FNC Entertainment started to gather all the members who were to debut. Kwang Jin, Seung Hyub, Jae Hyun, and Cha Hun. Prior to the debut of N. Flying, lead vocal Park Rai-on left the band in early 2013 due to the military service mandatory in his native country of Singapore. FNC Entertainment subsequently confirmed that his contract was terminated to make way for the group’s debut. The remaining members would go on to form N.Flying. Then, in 2013, N.Flying made their debut in Japan with the release of an album single titled “Basket” and performed as the opening act at F.T. Island’s lay Replay Zepp tour. The band continued doing live acts at clubs and also performed as the opening act at CNBLUE’s “One More Time” Arena Tour. In 2014, N.Flying made their first television appearance on the 7th episode of FNC’s reality drama, TVN’s Cheongdam-dong 111. As a sequel of the show, N.Flying revealed their debut story in March 2014 which aired on the same channel. N.Flying was supposed to make their Korean debut in 2014 but it was delayed after the leader of the band, J.don, injured his knee in July 2014. In 2015, after J.don’s incident, N.Flying made their debut in Korea with the release of their first mini-album Awesome. On May 12th, 2015, FNC Entertainment announced that N. Flying will be releasing a Chinese version of the same album with the Korean version in August 2015. In April 2016, N.Flying performed their debut song “Awesome” at KCON in Japan. In February 2017, FNC Entertainment announced that the group would undergo a change before their next comeback. On June 19th, 2017, it was announced that former Produce 101 Season 2 contestant Yoo Hwe-seung would be joining the group. On January 2nd, 2019, N.Flying returned as a four-member band with the release of the track, “Rooftop” through Fly High Project #2. The song was composed and written by Seung Hyub. They held the N.Flying Fly High Project Note 2. 2019 concert on January 19th, 2019. On March 5th, 2019, N. Flying received their first ever music show win on SBS’ The Show. Following that, on March 17th, 2019, they got their second win on Inkigayo.

How To Protect Fans During Instagram Live 101

In May 2019, J.Don became a hot topic of conversation because he protected one of his fans while broadcasting live on Instagram. At that time, J.Don was broadcasting live on his personal Instagram, during the broadcast, a fan wrote, “A group of drunk older men is following me. What do I do?” J.don saw the fan’s comment, and replied, “Increase the volume on my live broadcast right now. Let’s act like you’re on the phone with me.” In a report from Koreaboo, pretending to be her boyfriend, he said loudly, “Hey, where are you?” Why aren’t you coming? Okay, do you know what time it is right now? It’s already 4 o’clock. Hurry up and go inside. Should I come out to meet you? Uh huh. Then, come to the front of the convenience store. The convenience store. Okay, wait for me. Alright.” After quietly commenting on the fake phone call success, Lee Seung-hyub asked, “Are they not following you?” He added, “I have experience with this kind of things happening sometimes. Whenever that happens, call anyone and turn on your speakerphone.” He concluded, “I hope you get home safely. And please try not to be out late at night.”

J.Don’s Discography

In April 2015, the song “God” was released as a collaboration between Jimin and Seunghyub. The song was produced by New Music as part of FNC Entertainment’s N Project. The song’s music video was based on the popular series Game of Thrones. The song is described as a hip-hop track that highlights the fiery chemistry between the two, and was released as a single on April 28th, 2015. For the track, FNC Entertainment partnered up with Brand New Music’s Rhymer and Assassins, who produced Jimin and Iron’s chart-topper “Puss” of the Unpretty Rapstar compilation album. You can check out the Music Video here!

J.Don’s Mixtape

J.Don is known for composing songs, he made a SoundCloud account and made songs according to his creativity. You can check the link here!

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