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Full Profile of ONEWE’s Yonghoon

Stage Name: Yonghoon (용훈) Real Name: Jin Yong-hoon (진용훈) Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Guitar, Keyboard Birthday: August 17th, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 184 cm (6’0”) Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs) Blood Type: AB MBTI Type: ESTP


ONEWE’s Younghoon’s Fun Facts

Yonghoon was born in Ulsan, South Korea. Since Jin is not a common surname, it is said that Yonghoon often was known as Kim Yong-hoon. His nickname is Yongpoon-hyung. Yonghoon got into the Department of Practical Music at Dong-A Broadcasting and Arts. University, but he later dropped out to pursue music activities. Yonghoon was a former trainee of CUBE Entertainment. In 2015, Yonghoon won the grand prize at the 2nd Suwon K-pop contest where he was then recruited into MAS 0094. Although Yonghoon is the longest-standing and oldest member of the group, he has a lot of tears and a lot of fear. Yonghoon’s MBTI is ESTP. In the group, Yonghoon occupied the position of ‘the official eldest son.’ Apart from his chic appearance, Yonghoon always wants to be loved by the members. Whistling and tying his shoelaces quickly are his special talents. Although his position is the main vocalist, Yonghoon knows how to play piano and guitar He likes playing soccer. It is said that Yonghoon was a soccer midfielder until middle school. Although Yonghoon is afraid of dogs, in 2018, he dared to pet a dog for the first time. The first dog Yonghoon touched was a white Maltese dog who inspired him to write the song “Love Me.” Yonghoon was the one who recorded the whistling parts of MAMAMOO’s Solar‘s “Where the Wind Rises” and ONEUS‘s “A Song Written Easily.” Yonghoon participated in KBS2’s The Unit and finished at 59th place. Watching movies is one of his hobbies. Yonghoon’s charming point lays in his voice which is as sweet as honey. Yonghoon has specialties in writing songs, playing guitar and piano. Sometimes Yonghoon worked until 3–4 a.m. in the studio. There are many who said that Yonghoon resembles actor Choi Jin-hyuk.


ONEWE’s Yonghoon in The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project

In 2017, Yong-hoon and other MAS 0094 members participated in the KBS2 Idol rebooting project The Unit, where the idols who have or haven’t debuted before can restart and kick off their career with the show.

The entire team participated in the audition as a band. In the boot evaluation, there was a little accident while Kang Hyun (the guitarist of MAS 0094) was playing where a guitar string fell out of Yonghoon’s feet. After the stage was over, Rain as the judge asked if it was possible for them to dance, and they showed a choreography prepared though it was awkward. With this surprising and enchanting performance, eventually, all the MAS 0094 members succeeded in passing with two boots.

Unfortunately, in the 6th episode, there was no mentor who would readily pick them as one band. Reflecting on this, Yonghoon then started to promote himself, and so did the other members who merged into another team.

In the first mission for the “My Turn” MV, Yonghoon learned the choreography step by step with Daewon’s lead. He started to gain confidence with his dance. After the end of the broadcast, he was ranked 58th in the middle rankings released, and the same was the case in the next episodes 9–10.

In the ‘RESTART’ mission, Yonghoon joined the blue team and they chose to do a cover of BLOCK B’s “Her”. In the on-site voting, he received 96 votes and got 6th place within the team.

During the position battle, Yonghoon participated in the vocal section. Unfortunately, at the 1st announcement ceremony, Yonghoon was eliminated at 59th place. Other members were eliminated as well, leaving only Dongmyeong from MAS 0094. At the last goodbye with Rain, Yonghoon expressed his gratitude that he was able to challenge and experience a lot thanks to the band.  

Yonghoon’s Re-debut with ONEWE

Prior to their re-debut under the name ONEWE, the band was originally known as MAS 0094 and debuted under Modern Music in August 2015. They released two mini-albums: Feeling Good Day (2016) and Make Some Noise (2017). In 2017, all MAS 0094 members joined KBS2’s Idol rebooting project The Unit with the hope that many people will find and love the band. In June 2017, the band moved to RBW under the new name, MAS. RBW is the agency that houses MAMAMOO, VROMANCE, and later, ONEWE’s brother group, ONEUS. However, on April 10th, 2019 (a year later), RBW announced that MAS would be debuted again under the name new name, ONEWE. RBW then announced that the band will be releasing a debut single on May 13th, 2019. After releasing the group teaser, RBW then released the individual teasers of  Yonghoon, Harin, Kang Hyun, Dongmyeong, and CyA. In the teaser photos, each one of the members stands before their instrument, portraying their position within the band. ONEWE officially re-debuted on May 13th, 2019, by releasing their first single album titled 1/4 with the lead single “Reminisce About All,” followed by their second single 2/4 with the lead track “Regulus” shortly after (on August 29th, 2019).

The song received a warm response for its beautiful instruments and impressive harmony. This re-debut marked ONEWE’s new journey in the music industry where they were shining brighter and brighter in the future!

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