In this article, Channel Korea will talk about one of the earliest idol girl groups Baby V.O.X. So, stay tuned!

Group Profile

Baby V.O.X was considered to be one of the pioneers of the Korean wave alongside other idol groups like S.E.S and Fin.K.L. Their popularity reached the Asian market with singles topping charts in countries like Thailand, Japan, and China. Baby V.O.X stood for Baby Voice of Expression and became known for continuously changing their music styles and appearance. Baby V.O.X was a late bloomer and took a while before finally achieving huge popularity. In almost a decade of activity, Baby V.O.X had gone through several member replacements and recruitments. Only 2 original members remained until their disbandment. The official fan club for Baby V.O.X was called Baby Angels while their official color was pearl baby pink.

Members’ Profiles and Facts

Kim EZ

Name: Kim Heejung Stage Name: Kim EZ Date of Birth: January 31st, 1979 Place of Birth: Incheon, Korea Height: 171 cm Weight: 48 kg Blood type: AB Position: Leader, main rapper, main dancer Zodiac: Aquarius Current Label: Panstar Entertainment Twitter: @briller0417 Spouse: Song Hyeon-seok Education: KyungHee University, majoring Dance Facts:

Kim EZ’s family is a devoted Christian Kim EZ got married in 2010 and gave birth to her first son in 2011


Name: Lee Hee-jin Stage Name: Heejin Date of Birth: May 16th, 1979 Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea Height: 168 cm Weight: 45 kg Blood type: A Position: Lead vocal, Face Zodiac: Taurus Current label: Lala Media Official site: Instagram: @_lee_heejin Facts:

Heejin was a talkative girl and earned the nickname Sparrow Heejin worked as a model and actress after leaving Baby V.O.X She has a more mature character compared to other Baby V.O.X members


Name: Shim Eun-jin Stage Name: Eunjin Date of Birth: February 6th, 1981 Place of Birth: Korea Height: 168 cm Weight: 48 kg Blood type: A Position: Lead vocalist, lead dancer Zodiac: Aquarius Education: Kyunggi University, majoring Interactive Multimedia Arts Facts:

She released a solo music album Eunjin practices Christianity She loves photography, writing, and sketching


Name: Kan Mi-young Stage Name: Miyoung Date of Birth: February 2nd, 1982 Place of Birth: Korea Height: 170 cm Weight: 44 kg Blood Type: O Position: Main Vocalist, Visual Current Label: Dream Stone Entertainment Instagram: @miyoun_kan Twitter: @lovemiyoun Spouse: Hwang Ba-wool Facts:

She was called smurf due to her chubby and short figure She invented her own fashion brand Miyoun got married in 2019 After disbandment, Miyoun debuted as a performer in China


Name: Yoon Eun-hye Stage Name: Eunhye Date of Birth: October 3rd, 1984 Place of Birth: Guro Height: 169 cm Weight: 50 kg Blood type: O Position: Sub Vocalist Current label: Jarmy Entertainment Blog: Instagram: @y1003_grace Twitter: @1003grace Religion: Christian Education: Kyunggi University Facts:

Eunhye was popular as a lady warrior when appearing on variety shows She showed a highly competitive character when appearing in TV shows After disbandment, she tried working as a fashion designer and missionary Eunhye was loved by fans due to her love scandal with singer Kim Jong-kook Eunhye was the most popular figure of Baby V.O.X.

Former Members – Lee Gai

Name: Lee Hee-jung Stage name: Lee Gai Date of Birth: July 19th, 1968 Height: 164 cm Zodiac: Cancer Position: Vocalist

Former Members – Cha Yu-mi

Name: Cha Yu-mi Date of Birth: December 21st, 1977 Zodiac: Sagittarius Position: Vocalist

Former Members – Jun Hyun-jun

Name: Jun Hyun-jun Date of Birth: December 24th, 1977 Zodiac: Capricorn Position: Lead Vocalist

Former Members – Jung Shi-woon

Name: Jung Shi-woon Date of Birth: August 5th, 1978 Zodiac: Leo Position: Rapper, vocalist   Debut Era Baby V.O.X was formed by DR Music in 1997 and was considered among the most popular first-generation idol groups. Baby V.O.X’s original lineup consisted of 5 members: Kim E-Z, Lee Hee-jin, Jung Hyun-jeon, Cha Yu-mi, and Jung Shi woon. Their debut album, Equalizeher was released on July 10th, 1997. The album included the title song “Hair Cut.” Their first album was met with little reception perhaps because of Baby V.O.X’s edgy and sexy image. Some of its members left and were replaced by other singers. Cha Yu-mi was replaced by Kan Miyoun, while Hyun-jeon and Shi-woon were replaced by Shim Eun-jin and Lee Gai. After the less than modest reception of their first album, Baby V.O.X approached fans with a more girly and cute image. They gained huge popularity after changing their style.

Breakthrough Era

After the member replacement, Baby V.O.X released the second album, Baby V.O.X, and promoted with a girlish and cute image. It proved to be a good step forward since their album was met with good reception. The title track “Ya Ya Ya” managed to peak at No. 7 on music charts and became the first successful single from Baby V.O.X. Again, another scandal occurred and Baby V.O.X had to make a change in the lineup. Lee Gai lied about her actual age and was removed from the group. Yoon Eun-hye was recruited before releasing Baby V.O.X’s third album, Come Come Come Baby. The album was released on July 22nd, 1999, and included the title track “Get Up.” “Get Up” peaked at No. 1 on the music charts. The second single, “Killer,” would also peak up at the top position at later periods. Baby V.O.X’s third album proved to be their best one. The fourth album, Why, and fifth album, Boyish Story, gained huge success but without any single peaking at the top positions of charts. Five years after the initial debut, Baby V.O.X released a special compilation album that included the best singles from previous albums alongside two new singles, “Coincidence” and “Go.” The fifth album was well accepted by fans and gained a better position at music charts compared to singles from the fourth and fifth album. At the peak of their popularity, Baby V.O.X received numerous music awards. The group became the first idol group to perform in Mongolia. Other than Korea, Baby V.O.X songs were well accepted in China, Japan, and Thailand.

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