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Simon Dominic was born on March 9, 1984, in Busan, South Korea. His real name is Jung Gi-seok. His stage name, “Simon”, came from Wesley Snipes’ character’s name in the movie Demolition Man and “Dominic” came from his baptismal name. He is 170 cm (5’7″) tall and he weighs 57 kg (126 lbs). He has both an Instagram account, @longlivesmdc, and Twitter @babospmc.

Fun Facts About Simon D

He used to be an underground rapper under the name K-Outa. He appeared with Gray on Show Me The Money 5 as producers and judges. He also produced the winning contestant, BewhY. He believes that he is the kind of person who has to work because he has insomnia and working helps him. When he makes songs, he writes the lyrics first then adds a rhythm to them.

Debuted With Supreme Team

He was debuted with E-Sens as part of a hip-hop duo named Supreme Team under Amoeba Culture in July, 2009, and they released their first EP, Supreme Team Guide To Excellent Adventure.

The following year, they received an award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) for Best New Male Group. The next year they received an award at the Golden Disk Awards for Hip Hop Award in 2010. In 2011, Simon D released his first solo album, Simon Dominic Presents: SNL League Begins and the album peaked at number 2 on the Gaon Album Chart. In April 2012, E-Sens got caught smoking marijuana. He admitted to it and got two years on probation. A year later, on July 22, 2013, Amoeba Culture released an official statement regarding E-Sens’ contract. According to Soompi, it was reported that E-Sens canceled his exclusive contract with the agency. The agency also said that they had decided to split the group Supreme Team up and both members planned to do their music independently. Later, E-Sens updated his Twitter and said, “I received the notification of my contract cancellation today. I’m going to promote as a soloist.” As E-Sens had left the company, the agency said that Simon D would continue his solo career and was preparing a new album. On January 29, 2014, it was revealed that Simon D’s contract would be ending a couple of days later, by January 31. The agency said that they had discussed the matter with Simon D and respected his wish to stand on his own before getting older.

Joined Jay Park’s Label, AOMG

Not long after Simon D left Amoeba Culture, he was revealed to have joined AOMG, Jay Park’s independent label, on March 9, 2014. Furthermore, it was reported that he actually became the co-CEO of the company. According to Allkpop, an insider revealed that Simon D had a lot of interest in pursuing music in a new environment. “The two of them want to spread Korean hip-hop overseas and plan to help the label flourish in not just music but concerts, fashion and hip-hop culture,” he added. Simon D talked about his first meeting with Jay Park, which happened at a club. At the time, Jay Park showed him how he was having fun and that was when Simon D got the feeling that it was the right company for him. It was also reported that they decided to work together because they had the same passion for hip-hop and the same goals in managing a label. Later, the new contract between them was confirmed through AOMG’s Twitter Account and Simon D’s Instagram.

— AOMG (@AOMGOFFICIAL) March 8, 2014 However, Simon D stepped down from the co-CEO title on July 25, 2018, shortly after he released the single track Me No Jay Park. The agency confirmed it and made an official statement, “As it was stated in his track, he’ll be stepping down as CEO and plans to remain as an artist under AOMG.” The song, itself, is about Simon D comparing himself to Jay Park, his fellow CEO. In the song, he said that he was not comfortable being called “Boss” or “CEO” and it was difficult to keep up with Jay Park. The song also contains some explicit lyrics like “Writing a resignation letter” and “I’m doing this in order to return to my former self.” He also expressed his desperation about falling behind his fellow artists, like LOCO and Gray, who have more hit songs than he did. Around a month later, Simon D and Jay Park appeared on JTBC’s Let’s Eat Dinner Together. The host, Kang Ho-dong, brought up the topic and asked if they were in a fight before. Jay Park answered that there were no fights and Simon D added that they did it in peace. He also explained that he felt that being in leadership position made him become lazier in producing music, so he did it in order to return to the beginning. Jay Park added that people assumed Simon D would leave AOMG and wondered if his recent song, Me No Jay Park, was a diss song. Jay Park clarified that, in reality, the agency members were doing well.

Appearances on SNL Korea

He may have appeared on several variety shows but his most famous appearance was when he appeared on tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea, known as SNL Korea, in June 2016. It was a special episode where various AOMG artists like Simon D, Jay Park, LOCO, and Gray became guests. SNL Korea is known as a mature variety show due to its content and has many segments inside it.

Become 3 Minute Boyfriend

One of the most popular segments on the show is called 3 Minute. The title is usually changed depending on which role they want to make, such as a boyfriend, friend, girlfriend, etc. AOMG artists made a boyfriend role so the title was 3 Minute Boyfriend. It was about a girl who wanted to have a boyfriend and she could grant her wish by “cooking” an ingredient in a microwave for 3 minutes. There were several types of boyfriends that she could cook. She tried the first one, which was named Tsundere, and it turned out to be Simon D. He was the kind who seemed a bit cold, but actually cared. However, something went wrong about him.

Giving Love Lessons

The setting was a high school classroom. The girls seemed to be interested in Gray to the point of they went crazy over him. Meanwhile, there was a less attractive girl who liked him, too, and when she wanted to chase him, she bumped into Simon D who had just entered the class. He was mad at her and made her cry. Not being able to stand her face while she was crying, Simon D offered to do anything for her. She asked him how she could make Gray like her, too. She even insisted he teaches her how, so he had to teach her by demonstrating it to her. It was so chaotic and funny because it seemed like the girl purposely teased Simon D a lot, even though she wouldn’t admit it.

Past Story With Lady Jane

How They Met Each Other

When we talk about Simon D’s past relationships, most people immediately remember Lady Jane, a fellow musician. At the time they were well-known as a cute couple. They started dating in 2007, long before Simon D was debuted as a Supreme Team member. He was still an underground rapper who traveled a lot with a limited budget. He often stayed at his friends’ house or could not afford to buy food. That was when they met each other. According to Allkpop, Lady Jane revealed on SBS’s Night After Night in June 2011, that she met him in an unusual way. She was attending an after-party event and caught Simon D staring at her for a long time. She felt uncomfortable so she confronted him and asked why he stared at her. He casually said that he liked her so much and that he was her fan while holding her hand. She then freaked out and left the place immediately. After that, Simon D managed to contact her after finding her minihompy and phone number, asking her to meet once more. She decided to meet him at his earnest request and that’s how their relationship started. She said that even though she treated him, she told him that she didn’t belong to him. Other sources added that they went to watch a movie and Lady Jane was thinking about what it would like to have a boyfriend, then she thought of Simon D. She told him what she was thinking and he didn’t oppose it, so they started dating. They were both very open about their relationship whenever they were asked about it. Simon D showed his love for her publicly without getting embarrassed. One day, Lady Jane was celebrating her 29th birthday. It was when they had been together for four years. On June 27th, 2017, he tweeted, “Today is Lady Jane’s birthday, the one who I love. Please congratulate her! Happy Birthday!” Lady Jane saw his tweet and replied, “[He’s the kind of guy] who sends a rose even when he’s working! Thank you.” Their fans went crazy because they thought it was the sweetest thing a boyfriend would do. However, Lady Jane, who was originally a musician, was known only because she was Simon D’s girlfriend. People didn’t know much about her talents and music even though she started to gain attention and was invited to many variety shows.

The Breakup and The Reason Behind It

Although they were known to be a great couple, the two lovebirds’ relationship finally came to an end after six years. On June 17, 2013, according to Soompi, Simon D’s agency announced their breakup, “About a month ago the two broke up naturally. There was no special reason, they drifted apart while focusing on their music.” It was followed by Lady Jane’s agency’s statement, “We heard that they started growing apart early this year and broke up last month. It seems that their meetings came to a lull naturally since they have been dating for a long time.” Although they had broken up, they seem to maintain their friendship even now. The breakup still comes up whenever Simon D or Lady Jane go to variety shows. In April 2014, Lady Jane appeared on tvN’s I Need More Romance. As expected, she was asked about how she still had a good friendship with her ex. She said it was because it was a mutual decision. She revealed that she had thought about getting married in her thirties and whether she should marry him. She said that it was better to break up while they still had good feelings if they were not planning to get married. As a result, they had talked and agreed to go their separate ways. They actually had concerns about getting married since they were both active on stage as part of their work. Even though they separated, it was reported that the two of them still manage a good friendship with each other. They even openly talked about it in broadcast variety shows they were invited in. On June 1, 2014, Simon D talked about Lady Jane when Tablo asked about it on MBC’s FM4U’s Dreaming Radio. Tablo asked about his current relationship, whether he was dating, and Simon D said he was not. Then Tablo asked if Lady Jane was still single or was seeing someone. Taken aback by the question, Simon D admitted he didn’t know because they didn’t talk about that kind of stuff. He said he hadn’t met her since their breakup and that they only contact each other once a month to ask how they were doing. Tablo asked again if Simon D kept in contact with her because he was curious about her doings. He answered that it was because they had dated for six years and they were close enough, just like friends and family, on top of being a couple. He had spent half of his twenties with her so he still felt thankful, but also empty. “It’s hard to just go our separate ways completely even after breaking up,” he added. He also said that since they had separated on good terms, they could keep in touch with each other and that their relationship was publicly known so they should show the good side of it.

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