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Full Profile and Facts

Felix (필릭스) is his stage name, which is completely called Lee Felix (이필릭스). His real name is Lee Yong-bok (이용복). He was born on September 15, 2000, which makes him a Virgo. He is 171 cm (5’7″) tall as Felix said it himself, according to a fansign fan account. His blood type is AB. Felix has a Spotify playlist, you can find it under the name “It’s Felix’s Favorite Mix”. His hobbies are listening to music, dancing, shopping (especially clothes), traveling, and beatboxing. So yea, I think his taste of music is good. He also loves swimming and took second place for the age 15 category at the 2015 Swimming Carnival. He also loves soccer.  He once said that his favorite seasons are autumn and winter. Here are some more facts about him: – His parents are Korean, but he was born in Sydney, Australia. – Felix has an older sister named Rachel/Jisue, and a younger sister named Olivia. – He went to St Patrick’s Marist College, a Catholic school in Sydney. – His nicknames (according to his members): Bbijikseu, Bbajikseu, Bbujikseu, and Jikseu. – He trained for 1 year. – Felix is Catholic. – He speaks English. – He thinks his charming point is his freckles. – Felix’s shoe size is 255 mm. – Felix is very flexible. – Felix is a 3rd degree black belt at tae kwon do, he won a lot of medals when he was young. (Pops in Seoul) – His favorite overseas artist is Ariana Grande. – Felix’s favorite color is black. – His favorite number is 7 because it’s a lucky number to him. (vLive) – He loves rice cakes. – He can’t eat super spicy food. – He can imitate the mosquito sound. – He thinks that learning Korean is hard, but he enjoys it. – He likes talking over the phone rather than texting. – He hates scary things. – His habit is biting his lips. – A host asked Felix if he has abs and he answered “Yes, I have abs”. (CeluvTV) – He wanted to become a singer because he really likes music. – Staff said Felix hates being called by his Korean name, Yongbok. – Felix’s hands are really small. (Stray Kids Amigo TV ep 1) – His favorite song is “A Little Braver” by New Empire. – His favorite type of movies are comedy and action. (Twitter Q&A) – He likes “Peter the Rabbit”. – Things he’d like doing during vacation: going on a trip with the members – Things he dislikes doing during vacation: watching a horror movie in the theater – Felix checks his pulse when he’s nervous. (After School Club) – Felix likes to listen to Kendrick Lamar, Logic, and Joey BadA$$. (iHeart Radio) – He’s close to Boy Story‘s Xinlong and Zeyu and The Boyz’s Eric. – His role model is BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon. – He was eliminated on December 5, episode 8 of Mnet’s Stray Kids, but he was added back at the end of episode 9. – He has lived in a dorm for 8 months. – His role at the dorm is becoming a massage therapist. – Update: In the new dorm Changbin, Woojin, and Felix share a room. – If he wasn’t in Stray Kids, he would be a song writer. (vLive 180424) – His motto: “Just a little braver~” – Felix is ranked 43rd on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

Appeared on Mnet’s Survival Show STRAY KIDS

STRAY KIDS is a reality show created by JYP Entertainment and Mnet that aired in 2017. It is a male idol debut project with the concept of winning the “trainees versus JYP” survival. It aired on Mnet from October 17 to December 19, 2017, on Tuesdays at 23:00 (KST) with the 10 total episodes. Felix was one of the trainees that joined that survival program. Lee Felix and Lee Know were eliminated from the group on the fourth and eighth episodes, respectively, but both were later brought back in the ninth episode. The detail of Felix’s elimination and return will be told in a later section.


The 6th episode of the survival program was challenging. It was the JYP vs YG episode. It’s similar to the agencies’ trainees’ showdown that previously happened in the 2013 reality television program Win: Who is Next, a YG Entertainment survival program. A week before the battle, the group picked their representatives for vocal, dance, and free battle teams. For the vocal team, they needed to perform a song from one of the girl-groups of the other agency. Chan, Woo-jin, Ji-sung, and Jeong-in selected Black Pink’s “As If It’s Your Last”. They worked on a remix version of the song to fit the Stray Kids’ concept. 3Racha prepared a rap performance titled “Matryoshka”, about Russia’s traditional dolls. On the battle day, they went to YG Entertainment headquarters, where they met the other agency’s trainees for the first time, including Bang Ye-dam from K-pop Star 2. In the free battle round, Chang-bin and Ji-sung performed “Matryoshka” without Chan. Yang Hyun-suk and Park praised their performance. Bang Ye-dam of YG performed Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” and received compliments from Park.

Second Chance To Debut

The memories of Felix and Lee Know being eliminated from the survival show Stray Kids, may still leave a mark. Both had been eliminated and declared not ready to debut with JYP Entertainment boy-band, Stray Kids. Felix and Lee Know were introduced as two of the participants who would compete with seven other trainees, to debut under the auspices of JYP Entertainment. He underwent a training period of approximately one year before finally joining the survival show set up by JYP, Stray Kids. Lee Felix’s and Lee Know’s dreams of being able to debut as an idol ran aground due to being the trainees to be eliminated from the Stray Kids event. At the time, JYP said it would only be a boy-band with seven members. However, JYP gave Felix and Lee Know the chance to appear in the trainees’ final mission. At that time, they had to be able to prove their abilities and talents. “I heard after you guys were eliminated, you two continued to work hard and practice diligently every day. I’ve thought a lot of things, and after you left (eliminated), it felt like there was something missing from the group,” Park Jin Young said about the two performers being reintroduced into the mix. The CEO of JYP Entertainment gave Lee Know and Felix a second chance to be able to prove they deserved a debut with Stray Kids. “This can be a second chance for you, but it can also lead to disappointment a second time. So, I want to be careful. But I think you will have less regret if you try it one more time,” JYP said. The Stray Kids members, who had reacted to both eliminations with tears and disbelief, were thrilled. The rest of the trainees responded to it happily. They couldn’t hide their joy as they rushed to embrace Felix and Lee Minho joked, “Why’d you come so late?”

Get To Know STRAY KIDS  Felix  A Member Who Was Barely Able To Debut Through the Reality Show  Stray Kids  - 51Get To Know STRAY KIDS  Felix  A Member Who Was Barely Able To Debut Through the Reality Show  Stray Kids  - 64Get To Know STRAY KIDS  Felix  A Member Who Was Barely Able To Debut Through the Reality Show  Stray Kids  - 48Get To Know STRAY KIDS  Felix  A Member Who Was Barely Able To Debut Through the Reality Show  Stray Kids  - 54Get To Know STRAY KIDS  Felix  A Member Who Was Barely Able To Debut Through the Reality Show  Stray Kids  - 8Get To Know STRAY KIDS  Felix  A Member Who Was Barely Able To Debut Through the Reality Show  Stray Kids  - 8