In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to this popular South Korean actor who is also known as So-eul’s and Da-eul’s father from The Return of Superman – Lee Beom-soo. So, stay tuned!

Profile and Facts

Name: Lee Beom-soo (이범수) Chinese name: Yi Pŏmsu Active Years: 1990 – present Occupation: Actor, Model, Entrepreneur Agency: C-JeS Entertainment (2014-2015), Celltrion Entertainment (Present; Co-CEO) Nationality: South Korean Date of Birth: January 3rd, 1970 Place of Birth: Chungcheongbuk, Cheongju, South Korea Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog (Metal) Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Blood Type: AB Height: 167 cm Weight: 62 kg Religion: Protestant Family: Wife (Lee Yoon-jin), Children (Lee Da-eul and Lee So-eul) Education: Cheongju Unho Elementary School (Graduated in 1982), Sekwang Middle School (Graduated in 1985), Sekwang High School (graduated in 1988), Bachelor of Theater and Film Studies – ChungAng University, Graduate School of Media Studies – Korea University. Twitter: @leebeomsoo

Facts About Lee Beom-soo

He is Co-CEO of the South Korean artist and production management company under the Celltrion Group, formerly known as Dream E&M, which was founded on January 4th, 2012, Celltrion Entertainment joined the artist management agency Lee Beom-soo Thespis Entertainment in April 2017; Lee Beom-soo married twice; Lee Beom-soo married for the first time in 2003, but decided to divorce after four months; Lee Beom-soo looks like a serious person, but actually, he is a funny guy who likes to joke; He has two children, Lee So-eul (born May 1st, 2011) and Lee Da-eul (born February 21st, 2014); The wife works as a translator and columnist for English-language newspapers; He studied at Chung Ang University, The Faculty of Theater; Have campaigned for anti-smoking movements through a short film titled Puppet; Through the Puppet film, Lee Beom-soo was named ambassador for the Department of Health and Welfare; In order to deepen his role in the movie History of a Salaryman and to get to know the office atmosphere, Lee Beom-soo visited a corporate office; Lee Beom-soo had to be taken to the emergency room because of a fractured finger bone when shooting for God’s Trick; Has acted in SG Wannabe, Precious History, and Arirang video clips; Received the “Best Couple” award at the KBS Drama Awards for his role with Yoona in Prime Minister and I; Received the “Best Couple” award from the SBS Network for his role with Lee Yoo-won in Surgeon Bong Dal-hee; Lee Beom-soo likes to joke to break the tension in a situation.

Debut Era

Lee Beom-soo made his debut with the film Kurae, Kakkumun Hanulul Boja (Yes, Let’s Look Up at the Sky Now and Again), and continued with The Ginkgo Bed, City of the Rising Sun, The Anarchist, Jungle Juice, Wet Dreams, and others. In 2003, Lee Beom-soo starred in the film Singles, which brought him popularity. Lee Beom-soo continued to work hard for his dream of becoming a professional actor. Early in his career, Lee Beom-soo often took small roles in films, for example, the film Scent of a Man. Lee Beom-soo then starred in several other films, including Forbidden Quest, City of Violence, and the film Blockbuster Death Bell. Lee Beom-soo received the Popularity Award at the 43rd Baeksang Awards; the Best TV Drama Actor award at the 2011 Seoul Art & Culture Awards for his role in the drama Giant; the Best Actor award at the 5th Korea Film Awards for his role in The City of Violence; and the Best Couple award at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards for his role in The Prime Minister and I, together with Girls’ Generation’s Yoona.

Love Relationship and Married Life

Lee Beom-Soo married for the first time in 2003, but this marriage ended after four months. After he ended his first four-month marriage in 2003 with Park So-yoon, Lee Beom-soo married Lee Yoon-jin in 2010 and they now have two children. The couple welcomed their first daughter Lee So-eul in March 2011 and their son Lee Da-eul in February 2014. Lee Bum-soo met Lee Yoon-jin when she was his English teacher. Lee Yoon-jin is an English columnist, translator, and teacher who helps singer and actor Rain improve his English skills. The couple married at W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel where celebrities such as Lee Byung-hun, Jung Jun-ha, Park Soo-hong, Lee Hwi-jae, Im Chang-jung, Ryeo-won, etc., appeared to congratulate him at his wedding. Lee Yoon-jin was 27 and Lee Beom-soo was 40 at the time. It was the first marriage for Lee Yoon-jin, but the second for Lee Bum-soo. In 2003, he married his colleague Park So-yoon, but divorced only four months later due to family, economic problems, and high-level conflict.

Appearance In The KBS Return of The Superman

With So-eul and Da-eul, Lee Beom-soo joined the cast of the popular reality show The Return of Superman. At that time, So-eul was 5 years old, while Da-eul was only 2 years old. They started filming at the end of January 2016 and wrapped it a year and 3 months later in May 2017 (Ep. 117-182). During their last appearance on the show, the two children had to spend time with their mother’s former student, top celebrity “Rain” on the set of Uhm Bok-dong. So-eul and Da-eul’s last appearance on the show ended with a heartfelt message from their father Lee Beom-soo, saying, “Hi, So-eul and Da-eul, when we first started appearing on the show, I thought you two would be uncomfortable with filmmaking. However, I am very grateful that you two are very smart, obedient, and strong. I love you two.”

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