In this article, there is detailed information about one of the members of T-Max, which is Park Yun-hwa who announced in 2010 that he will leave the group due to military service. But, actually, what was happening between him and the group? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about T-Max’s Park Yun-hwa’s full profile, fun facts, and many more in this article below!

T-Max’s Park Yun-hwa’s Full Profile

Real Name: Park Yun-hwa Stage Name: Park Yun-hwa (Hangul: 박윤화) Birth: January 31, 1986 Star Sign: Aquarius Height: 175 cm (5’9″) Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs) Blood Type: AB Official Site:

Instagram ( @yh3rd ) Twitter ( yh3rd )

T-Max’s Park Yun-hwa’s Facts

Park Yun-hwa’s Debut With T-Max

Park Yun-hwa used to be a former contestant in Battle Shinhwa, a television show that was aired in 2005. T-Max debuted in 2007 with three members, Kim Joon, Shin Min-chul, and Park Yun-hwa, under Planet 905 with their debut single titled “Blooming” that was released on July 19, 2007. Like other K-pop groups, T-Max had the opportunity to perform in music shows such as Mnet’s M!Countdown, Show Music Tank, and Music Bank.

After debuting with “Blooming,” Park Yun-hwa appeared on SBS’ Mak Ban Shi or also known as Idol Maknae Rebellion that was aired in 2009, which showed many young K-pop idols who participated in the show, such as FT. ISLAND’s Seunghyun, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry, 2AM’s Jinwoon, U-Kiss’ Jinwoon, and many more. Park Yun-hwa also has a chance to make his individual promotion soon after appearing previously on the variety show. Park Yun-hwa participated while singing an OST for Master of Study and Fuyu No Sonata. He also collaborated with 4Minute‘s HyunA in a project and released a single titled “Love Parade” in February 2010.

T-Max’s Disbandment and Future Activity

The issue of disbandment often hits boy groups in South Korea. Sometimes, it’s just gossip, and sometimes, gossip becomes fact. This time, it was the T-Max group that was hit by this problem. The news of the split of T-Max blew hard after one of its members, Park Yun-hwa, stated that he had stopped activities with the group which debuted in 2007. Park Yun-hwa, the youngest member of the group T-Max, left the team to enlist in the military on May 5, 2010. Park Yun-hwa posted on the official fan cafe of T-Max and expressed his feelings regarding the withdrawal. After debuting with the single album Blooming in 2007, Park Yun-hwa was a member of the group with T-Max’s Shin Min-chul and Kim Joon for 3 years and wrote hit songs such as “I Love You,” “Why Did You Do That,” “Paradise,” and “Once Upon a Time.” Park Yun-hwa said, “I couldn’t participate in the regular T-Max album. Rather than personal circumstances, as you all know, I was called by the nation as a Korean man. I had a lot of work to organize myself, so maybe I had to say hi a little bit quickly.” He continued, “I’ve worked hard to prepare, and there are many things I haven’t been able to show you yet, but I’m really sorry to greet you like this. This decision was made after much consideration and thought, so I hope everyone will understand.” He also expressed his strong affection for T-Max, whom he had been living with for three years, saying, “Even if you cannot be with the members, please love and support T-Max.” At the end, Park Yun-hwa said, “When I come back, I will greet you on stage in a way that will surprise you as well.” Planet 905, T-Max’s agency, said, “Even though Park Yun-hwa has some time left before enlistment, he has expressed his intention to leave because he does not want to cause damage to the members who will be promoting full-length albums due to his military problems. T-Max did it together since the very beginning, but we respected Yunhwa’s opinion and didn’t participate in the full album.” Park Yun-hwa realized that his departure would surely surprise many. Moreover, after successfully filling the soundtrack album for the Boys Over Flowers series, the name T-Max also soared. The group activities, which were strengthened by the presence of Kim Joon in it, were also busy. The agency announced that they plan to start promoting the full-length album to be released in May 2010 as a four-member group with a prospect to fill in the vacancy of Park Yun-hwa. The spokesman for T-Max confirmed that Park Yun-hwa’s departure from T-Max was nothing but fulfilling his obligations as a citizen, and there was absolutely no personal problem between them. Meanwhile, the management looked for temporary replacement personnel to replace Park Yoon Hwa’s position in T-Max’s various stage activities. Moreover, the following month, T-Max’s activities would certainly be crowded after they released their latest album. In the lapse of time, T-Max had several times dismantled personnel before officially disbanding. T-Max consisted of Kim Joon, Joo Chan-yang, Park Han-bi, and Shin Min-chul. After Kim Joon was enlisted in the military at the end of September 2011, the group had denied rumors that they would disband with the release of the single “She’s Crying” that was released in 2011. But, the effort was in vain because two of its personnel, Chan-yang and Min-chul, were no longer under the agency’s auspices. T-Max finally made their decision to disband this group. According to the agency, Shin Min-chul’s contract had expired, coinciding with Kim Joon’s military service. Meanwhile, Joo Chan-yang’s contract was also about to expire, but he didn’t renew it. The only member who was still under contract was Park Han-bi.

I Promise

On April 15, 2021, the former member of T-Max, Park Yunhwa, shared on his Instagram that he will soon release a new single titled “I Promise.” This single is only available on iTunes and Apple music, so make sure you have listened to this new single from Park Yun-hwa on the right app. After deciding to leave the group in 2010 and fulfill his military service, Park Yun-hwa restarted his career by holding a concert and also a project collaboration with T-Max’s Shin Minchul in 2015. The two members of T-Max formed an unofficial sub-unit, 2Max, since they were two of T-Max’s members. Park Yun-hwa and Shin Min-chul performed in several events such as live performances, mini concerts, etc., and 2Max also was seen in a concert every year since 2016 that was located in Tokyo, Japan. If you want to stay tuned on Park Yun-hwa’s latest news and activities, don’t forget to follow him on social media and find out more about his future plans, daily activities, his work in his career! Well, that was all of the information about T-Max’s Park Yun-hwa’s information that you should know. Even though he only lasted as a T-Max member for only 3 years, let’s continue to appreciate his work in the past and continue to give as much support and love as possible so that he can keep doing a great job with his career as a soloist. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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