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D-UNIT’s RAM’s Full Profile and Facts

Stage Name: RAM (람) Birth Name: Jeon Wooram (전우람) Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer Birthday: September 21st, 1987 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit Height:160 cm (5’3″) Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs) Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean D-Unit’s RAM’s Facts – RAM has experience as the lead vocalist of the rock band Five Run Strike. – Her father is singer Jeon Young-rok. – Her mother is actress Lee Mi-young. – She has an older sister who is also a member of a girl group, T-ARA’s Jeon Boram. – Her favorite musicians are Big Mama, Wheesung, Keyshia Cole, Rihanna, Beyonce.

D-Unit’s RAM’s Debut Era

In August 2012, RAM debuted as a member of D-UNIT and became the leader, lead vocalist, main rapper, and main dancer of the group. The CEO had been preparing the group for a year before. RAM as a member of D-UNIT debuted with the album Welcome To Business. The girl group managed to reach fame by making public appearances and attending international fan signing events in Japan. This is considered the golden era of D-UNIT in delivering their talents. Moreover, RAM is also the sister of a member of a popular girl group in that era, T-ARA. Besides, Boram and Ujin are also former trainees of YG Entertainment. The label, D-Business announced that the D-UNIT comprised an interesting lineup with a very unique concept. They will add or reduce members along the way which is super interesting compared to other girl groups. In November 2012, D-UNIT released the single “Luv Me” that has a rock vibe. As the label added a new member in early 2013 which was supposed to be in 2012, but the label postponed is since it was still necessary to keep the current lineup. D-UNIT really were a girl group that had a unique and confident style. Later on, D-UNIT also released a digital single titled “Sleeping In” (Part 2) which is part of their first album but they remixed it into something new.

D-Unit’s Disbandment

Member UJIN left the group in May 2013 due to many circumstances. As the decision of the label, there would be adding and removing members in every cycle. Just before D-UNIT went on a hiatus and disbanded, the label added JNEY as a guest or temporary member. The group, unfortunately, disbanded in 2013 after they released a new single titled “It’s You”. The music video featured Soomi, former member of Seeya and 5dolls. That’s all about RAM and her career journey with girl group D-UNIT. Keep supporting RAM in the future, and don’t forget to kindly leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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