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The SeeYa’s Minkyung’s Full Profile

Real Name: Song Minkyung (Hangul: 송민경) Stage Name: Minkyung (Hangul: 민경) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, January 5th, 1987 Star Sign: Capricorn Height: 159 cm (5ft 2in) Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs) Blood Type: O Position in the group: Leader, vocalist Education:

Bachelor of Lifelong Education Soongsil University Completed Master’s Degree in Child Psychotherapy Hanyang University

Nationality: Korean Official Site: Instagram (@mk_ming.ming)

The SeeYa’s Minkyung Facts

Minkyung’s Debut with The SeeYa

Song Minkyung, a member of The SeeYa, is interested in acting as well as singing. Core Contents Media said, “Currently, Song Min-kyung likes to play the piano, so she is practicing singing while playing the piano before her debut.” The SeeYa’s title song “Be With You” was produced in collaboration with popular composer Double Sidekick, and released through an online music site on November 12th, 2012. The SeeYa has a total of 4 members. Song Minkyung had a career as a solo singer named JB in 2009. Leader Song Min-kyung said, “No matter what we do, we always compare ourselves to SeeYa. And basically, we have high expectations,” she said. Compared to The SeeYa, as the number of members increases, they can show more diverse sides. The members said, “By including rap in the song, you can give it a more trendy feeling, and you will get a different feeling from The SeeYa because their voice colors are distinctly different.”

The SeeYa’s Disbandment and Minkyung’s Future Activities

The number of South Korean girl groups that have debuted and competed has caused some other groups to suffer and not get proper promotions by their agencies. One of them is The SeeYa which was under MBK Entertainment/Core Contents Media and was unofficially disbanded in 2015. There is no clear news about The SeeYa’s disbandment because they were secretly disbanded and there is no confirmed news from their agency as well. Meanwhile, The SeeYa’s Minkyung decided to go on hiatus from February 2015 after the group disbanded. A few years later, The SeeYa’s Minkyung made a comeback in 2018 and started her activities again as an entertainer and started her career journey in different fields, such as an actress, musician, radio DJ, and singer at the same time. On July 7th, 2021, Song Minkyung held an exclusive interview with The Issue Maker and she talked about her career journey while promoting as a singer, idol, and trying different fields in the entertainment industry. There was a long hiatus after the disbandment of The SeeYa and she revealed her condition at that time, by saying, “There were more difficult things than health reasons. Wounds between people. Isn’t there a time when difficult moments in everyone’s lives come one after another, such as the wounds of love or the death of a close friend? The last hiatus was just such a time.” Song Minkyung also revealed how she got therapy to improve her mental health during the hiatus, “To overcome this, I received psychotherapy and eventually majored in psychotherapy, working as a therapist at a certain university hospital. After reorganizing my body and mind like this, I was able to stand in front of the public again in a healthy state.” It must not have been an easy choice to stand in front of the public again. But Song Minkyung feels her passion to work in the entertainment industry and needs to come back, “A lot has changed in the three years that are short if short and long if long. Nevertheless, it was not an easy choice to stand in front of the public again. I had a lot of worries, and above all, I wasn’t confident.” “In the meantime, I accidentally searched for my name on a portal site and discovered the existence of a fan café that I did not know existed. It was a café with a few members, but the three years of my disappearance were clearly recorded here,” she said. “The most recent posts and comments are, ‘I miss you so much. Miss you. I want you to be happy no matter where you are or what you do,’ but the moment I read it, tears flowed endlessly. I realized what the path to true happiness was, and I gained confidence that I could do it again,” she added. “After that, I prepared to return immediately. If it wasn’t for that fan, I might not have come back yet or it might have been a long time,” Song Minkyung said about her feelings after reading recent comments that she found on a fan café. When the reporters asked if there is a job that she is currently preparing for, Song Minkyung answered, “I am currently filming a musical and a movie. Recently, I’ve been concentrating on practicing for the musical Park Jeong-hee before the performance (at the time of the interview).” “I was able to participate in the interview because today is just one day off. In addition, two movies are being filmed, which are The Temperature of Daughter, Mother’s Weather and the historical drama Malseong, which deals with the life of Park Yeon, a musician in the Joseon Dynasty,” she said. Song Minkyung also revealed her criteria for choosing a work, “There is no bad role for an actress just as there are no nobles in a job. Any role given to me is important. Even if it is a difficult role, if I need it, I can choose as an actress as long as it is a good job. The same was true for this musical, and the opportunity to challenge oneself is important for an actress.” The former member of The SeeYa also has one thing that she wants to achieve as an actress, “I felt a lot when I saw Yoon Yeo-jeong receiving an award at the recent Academy Awards. As an actress, I have appeared in various works, but I have not yet won an award at a film festival.” “I won’t be acting to win an award, but I think I’d be very happy if I could show off a good performance in a good work that could receive an award and hold the trophy in the congratulations of many people and convey my feelings about the award,” Song Minkyung said. Back in the days when she was promoting as a member of The SeeYa, she also had beautiful memories and said, “Many people know that I debuted with The SeeYa, but the truth is, my solo debut came first.” “It may be Black History, but in 2008, on a site called WeCall, I was able to release a digital album by winning first place of a netizen vote. Because of that journey, I had a solo career for a while, and then I joined a larger agency as a trainee, and became known as the leader of The SeeYa again,” she said. Looking back on her activities at the time as the leader of The SeeYa, she said, “It was a period that I received the most attention and love, but on the contrary, it was an activity that left a lot of regrets. It wasn’t easy, but there were a lot of wounds and a lot of stress. It’s still a pity that I couldn’t lead the team as powerfully as a leader.” “The part where I always tried to show only the good side was rather poisonous. It’s been a while since we talked about old times, so I miss the old members and wonder if they’re doing well. If the opportunity arises, I hope that we can all gather together to share stories from the past and show our fans a good side,” Song Minkyung said. Song Minkyung also revealed information about her appearance in MBC’s Trot Nation as a contestant and said, “Actually, I liked trot from a young age because of my grandmother’s influence. Some were concerned that the challenge of the trot genre would create a bad image in their careers as actresses and singers.” At the end of the interview, Song Minkyung, the former leader of The SeeYa also shared information about her career as a singer-turned-actress, by saying, “The climax of my life has not come yet. Of course, if I could make my life up to now into a book or a movie, there would be no end.” “However, I will challenge myself with the goal of making the next 10 years the highlight of my life. Incidentally, if I could one day gather my fans and have a concert and tell my story, would there be a more wonderful moment than that?” she concluded the interview. Now that Song Minkyung returned to her path as a singer and actress, you can visit her social media account on Instagram and make sure to follow her and get more new updates from her recent work. Don’t forget to send positive comments for Song Minkyung to express your support for her.

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