In this article, there’s detailed information about Tiny-G, the girl group that has a small height, but they are quite popular in South Korea because they show off their potential and have powerful choreography as well. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Tiny-G (Hangul: 타이니지) starting with the members’ full profiles, fun facts, career journeys since their debut era, and their disbandment news in the article below!

Tiny-G’s J.Min’s Profile

Real Name: Shin Min-jeong (Hangul: 신민정) Stage Name: J.Min (Hangul: 제이민) Birth: November 20, 1994 Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 156cm (5’1″) Blood Type: O Position in the Group: Leader, Main Vocalist Official Site: Twitter ( good8025 )

Tiny-G’s Mint

Real Name: Kunphat Phonpawiworakul (กุญช์ภัสส์ พรปวีณ์วรกุล) Stage Name: Mint (Hangul: 민트) Birth: June 23, 1994 Star Sign: Cancer Height: 150cm (4’11”) Blood Type: O Position in the Group: Main dancer, Lead Rapper Official Site: Twitter ( minttytinyg )

Tiny-G’s Do-hee

Real Name: Min Do-hee (Hangul: 민도희) Stage Name: Do-hee (Hangul: 도희) Birth: September 25, 1994 Star Sign: Libra Height: 150cm (4’11”) Blood Type: A Position in the Group: Lead Vocalist

Tiny-G’s Myungji

Real Name: Kim Myung-ji (Hangul: 김명지) Stage Name: Myung-ji (Hangul: 명지) Birth: October 9, 1997 Star Sign: Libra Height: 160cm (5’2″) Blood Type: B Position in the Group: Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Maknae

Tiny-G’s Group Facts

Tiny-G’s Debut Era

On April 22, 2012, Tiny-G made their first debut in the music industry with “Polaris” which was aired on MBC. It was a medium pop ballad song written by Lee Si-young and composed by Jay Park. On August 23, 2012, Tiny-G released their first single and made their official debut with the title song “TINY-G” (Little Giant). The song itself expresses the characteristics of the group Tiny G and the members’ original colors so the rhythm is intense and the song is quite difficult. For reference, the makeup suited the members the best during this period, probably because the coordinator was a good person. In particular, J-Min was the most beautiful member during this era and received positive comments from the public. Tiny-G’s average height is 154 cm, which is quite small. It is smaller than the previous girl group, C-Real, and the average height difference of Nine Muses, which is known as a representative tall girl group, which is about 18cm. Interestingly, in the girl group industry, the members who were born in 1994 are usually the tallest on the team, and there are 3 people born in 1994 (J.Min, Do-hee, and Mint) in this group. But, all of them are shorter than 160 cm. Rather, the youngest, Myung-ji who was born in 1997, is over 160 cm. In the early days of their debut, they didn’t really stand out that much. First of all, the idol market in Korea is saturated and they had not released many songs yet. Moreover, the concept changed so rapidly. The fact that relatively clear characteristics were not revealed is one of the reasons why it had not been widely publicized. It seems that the agency was not able to properly grasp the concept. On June 13, 2013, Tiny-G appeared on the in-game loading screen of the game Dragon Nest to promote and also released an OST titled “Here We Go.” From October 11, 2013, Do-hee appeared as Jo Yoon-jin on tvN’s Reply 1994. Thanks to this, Do-hee’s individual popularity soared explosively, but the group as a whole had not been able to build their popularity. In April 2014, it was announced that Tiny-G was preparing a new album, but it was ultimately canceled due to a lack of finances. On July 3, 2014, Tiny-G made a comeback with the digital single titled “Ice Baby” as a trio, and Myung-ji, the youngest member of the group, announced that she was leaving early because she wanted to focus on her acting career. In December 2014, Mint and J-Min formed a unit called Tiny-G M and released “The Only One,” a song featuring Thai singer Natthew, and promoted in Thailand.

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