But, in this article, we will be talking about Laboum in general. Instead, we will explore more about one of the members, So-yeon! Might be you like to check: FT Island’s Minhwan and Yulhee: Updates on Their Married Life So-yeon is the main vocalist of Laboum. She has a lot of charms that will make you fall for her. Wait no more, let’s scroll down to find out more interesting facts about Laboum’s So-yeon!

Laboum’s So-yeon’s Full Profile

Full Name: Jeong So-yeon Stage Name: So-yeon Nicknames: Olaf, Yeonkorita, Yeonie, etc. Birth Place: Gwangju, South Korea Birthday: May 4, 1994 Height: 162 cm Weight: 44 kg Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Family: Parents, sister Position: Main vocal Agency: NH Media Group: Laboum

Laboum’s So-yeon’s Facts

So-yeon is in charge of the main vocalist of Laboum. So-yeon’s biggest strength is the stability of her vocal. So-yeon can also interpret the song really well. So-yeon is friends with Bae Suzy, a former member of Miss A. They were school mate in  elementary schools. So-yeon was a trainee at Jellyfish Entertainment, the agency for VIXX, Verivery, Kim Se-jeong, etc. Before debut, So-yeon’s stage name was ‘Queen’. So-yeon resembles Sunny Hill‘s Kota and actress Kim So-yeon. Other members came from the metropolitan area, So-yeon is the only member who came from Gwangju. She said that she has never been to Lotte World, a popular theme park near Seoul, until 2016. During the summer special album of Laboum, So-yeon died her hair green. Fans called her ‘Yeonkorita’ since then. It means that So-yeon resembles Pokemon Chicorita. So-yeon’s MBTI’s result often changes. Sometimes she got INTP but other times she got INFP. So-yeon who was from Gwangju came to Seoul only to be a singer. She was a third grade of high school at that time, and managed to debut in 2014.

So-yeon’s Debut with LABOUM

LABOUM is a girl group that debuted in 2014 under the management of NH Media and Nega Network, which consists of six members who are still young. There are 6 LABOUM members, consisting of Yujeong, Soyeon, ZN, Haein, Solbin and Yulhee. Might be you like to check: What?! Laboum’s Solbin is BTS’ Jin’s Girlfriend?! Find Out the Truth Here! LABOUM launched their debut mini-album which is named ‘Petit Macaron’ which consists of 3 songs. The song Pit-A-Pat became the first single to debut then there were La li: Lalala and What Are You Gonna Do. With a very fresh concept, the public sees that LABOUM will be a girl group that has potentials in the future because of their debut single, Pit-A-Pat. After releasing this single, LABOUM’s name has become even more popular.

    Well, that’s all complete information about LABOUM’s Soyeon starting from her profile, fun facts until latest news. Even though LABOUM is still in their hiatus now, it’s good that we still give lots of support and love so that LABOUM can release their newest song and have a comeback as soon as possible!

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