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Full Profile

Stage Name: Youngjae (영재) Birth Name: Choi Young Jae (최영재) Nationality: Korean Birthday: September 17, 1996 Zodiac sign: Virgo Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs) Blood Type: B Specialties: Singing Twitter: @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita Instagram: @333cyj333 Soundcloud: ars333ars


– Youngjae is born in Mokpo city, Jeollanam-do, South Korea. – He has two older siblings including a brother and sister. – Youngjae characters are cheerful and bright. – He has the nickname “Genius” and “Sunshine”. – His zodiac is Virgo and the Chinese zodiac is a rat. – He is graduated from Muntae Middle School and Seoul Korea Arts High School. – He is graduated from high school in 2014. – Youngjae experienced attending Theater and Film at Seojyeong University, due to time conflict he quit. – Then he changed to another major in Taekyung University, Model Department. – He used to sing with his brother. Before his debut, he liked/used to sing with his brother. – Youngjae become a JYP trainee in the summer of 2013. – Youngjae joined GOT7 after 7 months of training. – He becomes the last member to join GOT7. – He was hard working and serious person. – He ever composed and written a song in the Soundcloud account “ARS”. – He also writes and composed the song “1:31 am” for GOT7’s “Fly tour” with fellow member JB. – He wrote and composed the song “Rewind” for GOT7’s “Flight Log: Departure” album. – He wrote the track “Sick” and wrote and composed the song “HEY” for GOT7’s “Flight Log: Turbulence” album. – Youngjae wrote and composed the song “Sign” for GOT7’s “Flight Log: Arrival” album. – Youngjae wrote and composed “Moon U” from 7for7. – Youngjae can speak Korean and Japanese. – Youngjae was mentioned as GOT7’s visual by Nichkhun 2 PM. – Youngjae likes to sleep and has difficulties in waking up. – His favorite artist: Elliot Yamin, Javier. – His motto: “Practice as much as you sleep.” – His hobby is playing the piano. – His favorite movie is “Frozen”. – His favorite color is red. – His favorite sport is soccer. – His favorite type of music: Ballad and R&B. – His favorite item is a Buddhist rosary. – His role model: Javier – Youngjae loves food but only the cucumber he doesn’t like. – Youngjae couldn’t eat green tea ice cream and watermelon. – He also doesn’t like lemons. – He is described as “eat” the microphone, which means the large his mouth was. – He is a gamer. – He is easy to scare. – He got two tattoos, one on his every upper arm/shoulder. – One tattoo says his inspiration quote “Ars Longa Vita Brevis” while the one on his other shoulder is the yellow ribbon commemorating the sinking of Sewol MV in 2014. – Youngjae has a puppy named “Coco” and upload it to Instagram account @b_ftaq – Youngjae’s perfume is Mark Jacobs. – He has a nasal allergy. – He is a perfectionist. – His privacy is important for him. – He ever sees Bambam GOT7’s naked body and he surprised. He had a bad history with Bambam when he became one of GOT7’s members. – Youngjae’s inspiration quote is “Ars longa, vita brevis” which means “Art is long, life is short”. – Youngjae fans of Bruno Mars’s voice. He wants to be on stage with him one day. – His dorm roommate used to be JB, but now living with his brother in Seoul. – Youngjae says that JB used to hug him really tightly when they slept. – His ideal type is a woman who is naturally attracted to him.

Debut With GOT7

Youngjae debuted with GOT7 along with JB, Mark, Jinyoung, BamBam, Jackson, and Yugyeom in January 2014 with lead track Got It. Youngjae has mentioned that his dream actually to become a music therapist. This song becomes at number two in the Gaon Album Chart and number 1 on Billboard World Albums Chart. He learned practical music academy in Mokpo, his hometown, and won the Vocal Excellence Award at Mokpo Youth Music Festival. He got only 7 months of training in JTP as a trainee in 2013 then become debuted with GOT7.

Solo Activity

Youngjae was writing song lyrics for the GOT7 extended play Flight Log: Departure IN TITLE “Rewind” in 2016. He activated doing collaborating with Snajoy and Elliot Yamin on the song “Victim of Love” in 2017 and joined the social movement the Life Insurance Social Responsibility Foundation’s youth suicide prevention campaign in 2018 by recording “I’m All Ears” with Park Ji-min. Youngjae also becomes the MC for Tokyo (April 10-11) and Osaka (17-18) in the “Focus “ Premiere Showcase in Asia. Recently, he did a collaboration with Howlpot a pet dog product design brand and launched Ars X Coco, a clothing store for people and dogs on May 25, 2020. He was also singing for the original drama Wok Love and When My Love Blooms with Young K Day6 in the title “ At Usual Time” and Fall In Love”.   That’s all about Youngjae GOT7 activity and entertainment career journey. Keep supporting him in a good way. Don’t forget to give your comment and share your thoughts below!

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