You might like: Wanna Know SM Entertainment’s Former CEO Lee Soo-man’s Net Worth? Trax have been renamed twice. When the group debuted in 2004, the name of the band was The TRAX and it comprised four members. Then one member, No Min-woo, decided to leave the group in 2006, and later another one, Jungwoo decided to leave, in 2007. Then the name changed again in 2010 to TRAX. In this article, there is detailed information about a member of TRAX who has recently been added to the group and made his debut in 2018. Let’s find out more information about TRAX’s Ginjo: starting from his full profile to his fun facts and his career journey with the band.

Full Profile of TRAX’s Ginjo

Stage Name: Ginjo (Hangul: 긴조) Birthday: April 12th, 1983 Star Sign: Aries Position in the group: DJ, Producer Nationality: Korean Official Site: Instagram (@ginjo0412)

Facts About TRAX’s Ginjo

Ginjo’s Debut with TRAX

Ginjo is a producer and DJ who has started promoting both in Korea and China in 2013. With the joining of new members, TRAX turned into an EDM group, having previously had a career as a rock band. On Monday, March 26th, 2018, SM Entertainment made an update regarding the group. SM Entertainment changed the name TRAX to TraxX. TraxX will develop their music into an EDM group. In addition, it will also try several new genres and collaborations. Not only name changes, but TraxX will also add members to its formation. DJ and producer Ginjo will join Jungmo and Jay who were previously in the band. TraxX also released new music in April 2018. They also had several schedules to perform at several festivals and clubs both in Korea and abroad. TraxX was also included in the lineup of SM Entertainment artists who were brought in for SMTOWN in Dubai.

TRAX’s Ginjo Activities After TRAX’s Disbandment

On April 30th, 2019, SM Entertainment announced that TRAX members Jay and Jungmo decided to end their exclusive contract and also provided information to fans to continue to support TRAX members on their future plans and works. Beside that, Ginjo was known to have moved to Scream Records, which is an EDM label that was established by SM Entertainment and has many producers and DJs working with their artists and singers. Beside being busy with the promotional activities of their respective groups, artists from SM Entertainment also often collaborate with other artists. This time it was the members of WayV’s turn to pamper their fans with a special collaboration with DJ Ginjo. On May 28th, 2020, SM Entertainment announced that DJ Ginjo would be releasing a new self-composed single titled “The Riot”. The song is described as a future house track with a heavy sound. It’s further said that “The Riot” will feature English lyrics about letting the passion hidden in your soul explode. In addition to releasing song details, the agency also confirmed that there would be two WayV members participating.

The single was confirmed to feature vocals by WayV’s Ten and Xiaojun. The two WayV members’ unique and powerful voices were expected to add to the song’s strong energy. The song was released on May 31st, 2020, at 12 p.m. local time. Producer Ginjo is also known to often remix some songs from SM Entertainment’s idols and make several other musical works. He also has attractive and handsome visuals, which you can confirm if you visit his official Instagram account, @ginjo0412. Don’t forget to leave a positive comment and follow his social media account, so you can get the latest news and latest work from Producer Ginjo! Well, that was all the information about Producer Ginjo, a former member of TraxX. Let’s keep giving him lots of support and love so that he can become a more famous producer in the future and also have a career that shines even brighter in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media, and stay tuned for more of our interesting and upcoming Channel-Korea articles!

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