Formed by J & Star Company, this band consists of 4 members, Kim Woosung (vocals and guitar), Park Dojoon (vocals, keyboard, and guitar), Lee Hajoon (drums), and Lee Jaehyung (bass). Woosung aka Sammy represents the white rose in the band. Even though he was appointed leader, Woosung was the last member to join the group. This guy who is allergic to cats is also good friends with DAY6’s Jae and K.A.R.D‘s BM. So, do you want to dig deep into his profile? If so, scroll down to the article below to find out all the information that you need to know!  

Full Profile of The Rose’s Woosung

Stage Name: Woosung or Sammy (우성) Birth Name: Kim Woo-sung (김우성) English Name: Sammy Kim Birthday: February 25th, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 173 cm (5’8″) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: A Instagram: @iwoosung


Interesting Facts about The Rose’s Woosung

Woosung came from Los Angeles, California. Woosung’s English name is Sammy. Woosung is the last member to join The Rose. Woosung is a former DSP Media trainee. Woosung underwent training for 2 years at DSP Media and prepared to debut as an idol, but his debut was always delayed and it frustrated him. Woosung is best friends with K.A.R.D’s J.Seph because they lived and trained together. Woosung has unique talents such as beatboxing and mimicking a crow. Woosung started learning to play the guitar when he was 12 years old. When Woosung was in elementary school, he watched a video of AC/DC’s guitarist Angus Young. He then tied shoelaces to a wooden sword and made it look like a guitar. His mom then brought him a guitar as a Christmas present because of this. Woosung is 13 years older than his younger brother AJ. During an LA concert, Woosung brought his brother up on the stage, introduced him, gave him a song, gave thanks to him, and sent him back. Before debuting in The Rose, Woosung participated in SBS’ K-Pop Star season 1 where he met and became friends with DAY6’s Jae and K.A.R.D’s BM or Matthew. Woosung opened up a YouTube channel (iwoosung) where he posts his covers and original songs. During junior high school back in the U.S., Woosung played American football, but unfortunately, he dislocated his shoulder so he decided to start pursuing music. Scars from Woosung’s shoulder operation can still be seen on his left shoulder. Woosung is lactose intolerant. Woosung is a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Woosung is a fan of the movie Sing Street, and he watched it monthly with other members from The Rose. Woosung is a fan of Disney’s The Lion King since lions are his favorite animal. Woosung prefers cats over dogs, although he is actually allergic to cats. Woosung hates spiders. Woosung can dance. Woosung used to live in New Zealand. Woosung used to work as an English teacher at an elementary school in Korea. Woosung learned Spanish for 3 years during high school, but he has already forgotten it. Woosung loves rice. Woosung is interested in studying psychology. On Woosung’s neck, there’s a tattoo with a handwritten “1993.” On Woosung’s left shoulder, there is a fairy and a rose tattoo. On Woosung’s arm, there is a tattoo with the handwritten date of his mom’s birthday in roman numerals. Above Woosung’s elbow, there is a tattoo of a crown. Woosung currently lives with all The Rose‘s members. It is said that Woosung went around naked in the house. Woosung’s father is his role model. Woosung said that he wishes to take good care of his parents and become a nice and good person. In the group, Woosung represents the white rose which means purity. Woosung made an appearance in Ladies’ Code‘s “Hate You” MV. Woosung has a huge love for sour candy, and he can even eat 3-4 sour candies while whistling. The Beatles is his role model because they have a similar vibe to The Rose in which they are not a band that only shows vocals. Woosung wants to collaborate with Bbolgan4’s Ahn Jiyoung. Woosung made his solo debut on July 25, 2019, with the mini-album titled Wolf. Woosung hosted Arirang’s After School Club (ASC) along with Jamie Park. Woosung said that there are Easter eggs in his album Wolf (he put a wolf sound in every track). Woosung picked the phrase “I like your face” as his favorite lyrics from his title song “Face” because he likes all faces. It took him two years to make the riff at the beginning of “Face” because he changed it a lot.


The Rose’s Woosung’s Pre-Debut in K-Pop Star Season 1

Born in LA, USA, Woosung graduated from Newbury Park High School. During junior high school back in the U.S., he played American football, but unfortunately, he dislocated his shoulder so he decided to start pursuing music. He began pursuing his passion for music by participating in SBS’ K-Pop Star Season 1. Woosung said that it started when he immigrated to the United States since he was a child and came into contact with the audition for SBS’ K-Pop Star while living in the country. Recording his early experience, he said, “In fact, at the time, I was more curious than I would do because I really wanted to be a singer. I went to the audition because I was curious, but a good opportunity came, and as I went up, I became greedy. But because I was greedy, I immediately fell off.” Woosung first appeared in the episode 2 audition scene, impressing the judges with his performance. From there, he went up to the top 10, proving his skills as a top-notch contender in vocals and the guitar.

Because of his participation in SBS’s K-Pop Star Season 1, he became friends with DAY6’s Jae and K.A.R.D’s BM. He often sang Day6’s songs with other The Rose members such as “Congratulations,” “Winter Is Coming,” and so on.


Woosung’s Official Debut with The Rose

Before officially becoming a band, The Rose was already popular as an indie band that went around busking. Before Woosung joined The Rose, the 3 other members (Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyung) had already debuted in 2015 under the name Windfall, and Woosung became the last person to join the group. Initially, Woosung was preparing to be a solo singer, but he was recruited by Dojoon who was a fellow trainee in DSP Media. Woosung then saw the band perform and confessed that he fell in love with the team as soon as he saw the first performance. Woosung then connected with the CEO who was managing The Rose’s debut. The band was formed under the agency J & Star Company with 4 members: Kim Woosung on vocals and the guitar; Park Dojoon on vocals, keyboard, and the guitar; Lee Hajoon on the drums; and Lee Jaehyung on the bass. According to Woosung, “The name [The Rose] was created to show the music that coexists with the beauty of flowers and the sharpness of thorns.” They officially debuted on August 3, 2017, by releasing their first single titled “Sorry.” Within 20 days, their debut music video was released on YouTube. It has been watched more than 1 million times. Their debut song generally received positive reviews from critiques. “Sorry” is an alternative pop music song with a soft touch of rock that contains a man’s feelings of regret after a breakup. Listen to their debut song below!

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