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Full Profile of Min

Stage Name: Min (민) Birth Name: Lee Min Young (이민영) Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper Nationality: Korean Birthday: June 21, 1991 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Height: 161 cm (5’3″) Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs) Blood Type: A Twitter: @thereal2min0

Facts about Min

– Min was born in Seoul, South Korea. – In her family, Min doesn’t have siblings. – Min can speak Korean, English, and Mandarin. – Pink is her favorite color. – Min really likes to eat pasta and ramen. – Min joined one of the best dance schools in Korea. – She lived in the U.S for 6 years during her training days and is able to speak English fluently. – Min studied at Repertory Company High School in Manhattan. – During her career as a Miss A member, Min was the only member who didn’t stay in the dorm with the other members; she lived with her grandma nearby. – Min left JYP Entertainment and Miss A on November 9, 2017. – Her ideal type is someone who is up to 165 cm. – Min collaborated with Hyeyeon from Girls’ Generation in the dance duo Little Winners when she was 13. – Her solo singles are “Dance Like This,” “Go Ahead,” and “Boyfriend.” – Min also collaborated with San E in the debut single “Tasty San.” – She joined the G20 Summit that was held in November 2010. – She also did a musical debut in the starring role of Tsukushi Makino in 2017 in Boys Over Flowers: The Musical. – Min’s acting journey also rose when she came back to the movie Sooni: The Executioner’s Daughter in September 2016. – Min took part in the lyrics of Miss A’s album Colors. – She was part of JYP Nation for “This Christmas.” – She did singing for the soundtrack of Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Part. 3 in 2012. – Min also appeared in Amber Liu’s “Shake That Brass” MV in 2016. – Min signed a new contract with K-Tigers E&C on May 22, 2019.

Min’s Debut and Golden Era as a MISS A Member

Min started her journey when she was at a young age when she joined BoBoBo, the Korean version of Sesame Street, as part of a duo called Eolleong Ddungddang. Then, she also collaborated with Girl’s Generation‘s Hyoyeon at 13 years old in a dance duo called Little Winners. After that, she was accepted as a trainee in JYP Entertainment when she was in 6th grade, a year after she was sent to the USA to prepare for a US debut and to study at Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts in Manhattan. Later on, she made her debut with the girl group Miss A on July 1, 2010, along with Jia, Suzy, and Fei. Their song “Bad Girl Good Girl” became one of their successful songs. Yet, in November 2017, Min left the company and her contract with JYP Entertainment.

Min Solo Activity

Min has been actively joining castings, acting, and singing in many ways. She expressed herself in a movie and solo singles and has been featured with many singers. Her acting debut started in 2011 in the South Korean movie Countdown along with Jung Jae-young and Jeon Do-yeon. She played the character Hyeon-ji, a rebellious young daughter of the charismatic fraudster Cha Ha-yeon. In 2016, Min also collaborated with her young childhood friend Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation to make the project group Triple T and released the debut single “Born To Be Wild” featuring Park Jin-young as part of the Station music project of SM Entertainment.

Where is She Now?

Min has signed a new contract with K-Tiger E&C and released a new song titled “Marathon” while collaborating with Deepshower. On her Instagram @therealminnn, she uploaded several photos of her cool and true self-expression. Look at the pictures below!   That’s all about Min and her journey in the entertainment world. Let’s keep sending positive messages and support to her! Don’t forget to give your comment and share your thoughts below!

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