In this article, we are going to explore the profile of Binnie. Well, do you guys already know Oh My Girl’s Binnie? If not, let’s check the article below to find out more information about Oh My Girl’s Binnie and also the idol’s career from debut until now!

Oh My Girl’s Binnie’s Full Profile

Real Name: Bae Yoo-bin (Hangul: 배유빈) Stage Name: Binnie (Hangul: 비니) Place and Date of Birth: Chuncheon, South Korea, September 9th, 1997 Height: 165 cm Weight: 48 kg Blood Type: A Star Sign: Aries

Oh My Girl’s Binnie’s Facts

Oh My Girl’s Binnie Debut as a Member of OH MY GIRL

It has been 5 years since B1A4’s debut and career in the K-Pop entertainment industry, and WM Entertainment ventured to debut new artists. Not a boy band, but the management launched a girl group called Oh My Girl. Oh My Girl was formed as a group of eight members. They are Mimi, Jiho, Arin, Seunghee, Jin-E, Binnie, YooA, and Hyojung. The cute impression was felt in their debut video, titled “Cupid”. The song is catchy with a drumband-style voice that can be heard from beginning to end again. No wonder, composer Hyuk Shin who was successful with SHINee’s “Dream Girl” and EXO’s “Growl” was lined up as a songwriter. The funny lyrics that tell about love in the song are written by Kim Yina (Kim Eana). This name is the person behind the success of IU’s songs, Ga In, and many other K-Pop artists. The music video is made cheerful, according to the song. The cute impression is trying to be shown by each member for 3 minutes and 34 seconds in the video released on April 19th, 2015.


Oh My Girl’s Binnie Debut with Oh My Girl Banhana

On April 2nd, 2018, K-pop group Oh My Girl released an album for their subunit, Oh My Girl Banhana, titled Banana Allergy Monkey. Even though this is an album for a subunit, all Oh My Girl members participated in making this album. The main song for this album, titled “Banana Allergy Monkey” is sung by Hyojung, Binnie, and Arin, who are members of the subunit Oh My Girl Banhana. However, fans can hear Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, and Jiho’s voices on the other songs on the album. “Banana Allergy Monkey” itself is different from Oh My Girl’s previous comeback, which is “Secret Garden”. In this comeback, Oh My Girl Banhana are presenting a cute charm with various colorful decorations. This comeback seems to be aimed at showing the cute and sweet side of Oh My Girl members. However, it seems that not all fans are enjoying the Oh My Girl comeback concept this time. Some fans think that the monkey concept Oh My Girl looks a little too much; instead of looking cute, it looks weird. Besides that, the lyrics of “Banana Allergy Monkey” also caught the attention of fans. Broadly speaking, the song tells the story of a monkey who likes bananas, but can’t eat them because of his allergy to the fruit. Besides that, the choreography of this song is also in the spotlight of fans. The reason is, there are parts where the members seem to be scratching their butt and cheeks like monkeys. Not a few fans were disappointed with Oh My Girl’s comeback this time. What’s more, they have previously succeeded with an innocent and sweet concept with the song “Secret Garden” so fans hope they can repeat that success in their latest comeback. “Oh My Girl should continue with their innocent and sweet concept,” said one netter. “They (Oh My Girl members) are very cute, but the song…” commented another netter. “This concept is too weird. They look like kindergarten children at a talent show,” said another. If you pay attention, this song from Oh My Girl Banhana has a very different concept from Oh My Girl’s last song, “Secret Garden”. It turns out that this concept seems to be respected by the members. Given that they are indeed releasing a special pop-up. “Instead of thinking it was a sudden change, we said it was a new challenge for Oh My Girl. The fact that we gave them a surprise itself really shows that they are interested in Oh My Girl so we are grateful for that,” said members of Oh My Girl Banhana. They added, “Of course, the concept is different from ‘Secret Garden’ which might come as a surprise but isn’t Oh My Girl’s nickname Concept Fairy? We hope that all of you look forward to Oh My Girl, who always face the challenges and changes they have gone through,” they added. In addition, they also explained that the songs “Secret Garden” and “Banana Allergy Monkey” had different meanings. “Secret Garden” talks about hopes that want to come true, on the other hand, “Banana Allergy Monkey” has a message about one’s happiness in dealing with allergic problems.

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