SUPERNOVA is also a boy group that is active in the music industry and releases singles every year. Until now, SUPERNOVA still maintains its existence even though some members left. So, who are the remaining members of the boy group that popularized the single called “She’s Gone?” In this article, we will get to know one of the members who is also the maknae of SUPERNOVA, which is Park Geon-il, who is currently busy becoming an actor. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more in this article below!

SUPERNOVA’s Park Geon-il’s Full Profile

Real Name: Park Geon-il (Hangul: 박건일) Nickname: Canopus Geon-il Birth: South Korea, November 5, 1987 Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 187 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: B Family Members: Parents and a sister Education:

Jeongbal High School Dongguk University

Position in the Group: Rapper and maknae Agency: Studio Santa Claus Entertainment Official Sites:

Instagram ( @ggeeoonnil ) Studio Santa Claus – Park Geon-il

SUPERNOVA’s Park Geol-il’s Facts

Debut with SUPERNOVA

For those who don’t know SUPERNOVA, maybe the name of the group that debuted in 2007 is a little less familiar. Before being known as SUPERNOVA, this group consisted of 5 members including Kim Kwang-soo, Kim Sung-jae, Park Geon-il, Song Ji-hyuk, and Han Ji-hoo as a group called GM5. Then, the group became known as Chosinsung (Hangul: 초신성), and there was a change in the line-up when Han Ji-hoo was replaced by Jung Yoon-hak and Kim Jin-chul in December 2006. At that time, they performed as GM6, and after that, there was another member change when Kim Jin-chul was replaced by Yoon Sung-mo.

SUPERNOVA made its debut with the release of the single “Hit” and the debut album The Beautiful Stardust. Since its debut, SUPERNOVA has held various promotions in several countries that they can visit. Then, in 2009, SUPERNOVA carried out a collaborative project with T-ARA which had just made its debut. Only a few members were appointed to collaborate, who were T-ARA’s So-yeon, Hyo-min, Ji-yeon, and Eun-jung along with SUPERNOVA’s Geon-il, Kwang-soo, and Ji-hyuk. The project collaboration resulted in a featured song titled “T.T.L. (Time to Love)” within the hip hop genre with electronic sounds that were very popular at that time.


SUPERNOVA’s Park Geon-il’s Drama

Sign (Hangul: 싸인) tells how investigations are solved by a forensic doctor. This doctor is in charge of examining the deaths of people who died unnaturally. This doctor is named Yoon Ji-hoon (played by Park Shin-yang) who is an expert in the world of medicine in the field of forensics and has world-class skills but has a unique personality. In solving the murder cases, Yoon Ji-hoon is assisted by a beautiful woman named Go Da-kyung (played by Kim Ah-joong) who has an interest in and enthusiasm about examining evidence at the scene rather than checking in the morgue or in the laboratory. In the first episode, an artist is found lifeless at a concert. The artist is Seo Yoon-hyung (played by Park Geon-il) who is the leader of a boy band. Yoon-hyung’s death is allegedly due to an overdose of illegal drugs. Then, Jung Woo-jin (played by Uhm Ji-won) who acts as a prosecutor also interrogates the boy band members and the agency. Not only them but his lover also becomes a target of interrogation. As time went on, SUPERNOVA continued its career by promoting in Japan while several members undertook military service. So, while the members take turns carrying out their responsibilities in the army, SUPERNOVA with the rest of the members promotes individually to stay active.

SUPERNOVA’s Park Geon-il’s Dating News and Scandal

In January 2014, there was dating news from K-pop idols, and TV Daily reported that a Japanese media source released the reason that Kang Ji-young left KARA. According to Daily Cyzo, Kang Ji-young left KARA because of her relationship with SUPERNOVA member Park Geon-il. Because of this news, TV Daily contacted DSP Media as KARA’s agency to ask for confirmation. “We are not sure what news is circulating in Japan. This is our first time hearing about it. We don’t know anything at this time. We will check first.” A few hours later, DSP Entertainment responded to the rumors. They denied any romantic relationship between KARA’s Ji-young and SUPERNOVA’s Park Geon-il. As reported by Star Today, the two idols are just friends. So, there’s no way Ji-young left KARA because of Park Geon-il’s influence. This was also approved by Maroo Entertainment as SUPERNOVA’s agency. According to them, KARA’s Ji-young and SUPERNOVA’s Park Geon-il have been friends for a long time, but they are not dating. Ji-young’s departure from KARA has nothing to do with SUPERNOVA’s Park Geon-il. After that, SUPERNOVA continued promotions and announced that their first sub-unit, Funky Galaxy, was to debut on October 28, 2015, and would include their rappers, Park Geon-il, Ji-hyuk, and Kwang-soo. Until May 27, 2016, Park Geon-il, Sung-mo, and Kwang-soo went on a temporary hiatus to undergo pre-determined military service. Back in 2018, Park Geon-il focused on his solo career by starting to star in several K-dramas such as Stranger Kim (2019), One Fine Week (2019), Kkindae (2020), Lonely Enough to Love (2020), One Fine Week 2 (2020), and Case Cell Division (2021). The role played by Park Geon-il as Kang Hyun-jin who is a steward in Lonely Enough to Love has attracted the attention of many people. Lonely Enough to Love is a K-drama he starred in 2020. It started airing on August 11, 2020, on South Korean television station MBC Every1. It tells about people aged 20-30 who live together but don’t want to have a serious relationship. They still want to be free but don’t want to feel alone. Until now, fans can still see Park Geon-il’s latest activities and schedule via his Instagram @ggeeoonnil and are also expected to provide positive comments so that Park Geon-il can continue to be passionate about his career in the entertainment industry! Well, that is all for the information of SUPERNOVA’s Park Geon-il from his full profile, fun facts, until his career journey with the group as well as the solo career that he still works on until now. As an entertainer, of course, Park Geon-il gives his utmost effort to stay afloat with his current job and tries as much as possible to not be involved in a scandal or any controversies. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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