South Korea’s entertainment world is arguably all perfect, especially its boy bands and girl groups. Years of training with super rigorous education certainly produce talented idols. But still singing while dancing is really not an easy matter. The logic is very difficult to sing stably when it is also required to dance with difficult movements. Not infrequently this is what makes many netizens accuse them of lip-syncing. It took a long struggle for singers to be able to perform directly on music shows, namely the process of pre-recording repeatedly to check the quality of their voices and movements. Now for those of you who are curious about their original voice, watch an MR Removed video. This MR Removed video shows their voices without music, so you can judge whether their voices can be stable or not. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed explanation about what is MR Removed, how to make it, and a lot more. So, stay tuned!

What is MR Removed?

MR Removed or Music Recording Removed is a K-Pop idol live performance video by removing the original music. MR Removed’s video will publicly reveal the original voice of a singer or a group when performing on a music show. MR Removed’s videos are usually used as a good assessment of the vocal quality of a group or a singer. From here, it can also be known whether a group or a singer really sing live or lip-sync. MR Removed is a recorded version without the accompaniment of music, only the vocal part. So in the MR Removed video the sound of the song will be eliminated or minimized, while the voice of the singer will be maximized, so we will only hear the singing voice.

How To Make MR Removed?

According to Im Jin-mo, a well-known music critic, MR Removed’s video was made to highlight singers’ vocals by turning down or eliminating the accompaniment of music and now it has become like a ‘custom’ that singers must pass in order to make their comeback. For singers who are unable to sing well, with all the sounds (music and background vocals) enlarged, the song sung might sound okay. But when using MR Removed, the singer will only hear the vocal.

MR Removed and Netizens Judging K-pop Singing Abilities

Netizens’ Reactions To MR Removed

So, I get that MR Removed can’t prove that a group can sing but why can’t it prove that a group can’t sing. Every time I see a bad MR Removed video half of the comments are that MR Removed videos can’t prove anything. However, if a voice sounds bad in the MR Removed doesn’t that mean the voice is really bad? I don’t know, I just have been wondering about this. Omg, people don’t get that an MR Removed video does take off a fraction of the vocals, but if they’re actually there most of the time then it shows that they’re at least trying. The only thing MR Removed videos, in my opinion, do for sure, is show the group’s effort. Only foreseeable complications are if your idols were actually robots and thus sound exactly the same as the recording… and if there were mic problems and the like. Otherwise, if they actually cared to sing most times then great. If not, they might be “sick” or actually sick. Music shows or companies (I don’t know who’s doing it) have started to put vocal outputs through the mics so it’s hard to tell when it’s actually MR removed. But once I’ve heard a song performed enough I can tell when it’s just a pre-recording, like the pre-recording for RV’s rookie has a part where Wendy is the tiniest bit flat (and Wendy is generally really bad at lip-syncing lmao) so I can spot it. So I think it’s a good tool for me at least to see how much members are improving, but I wouldn’t use it for evaluating. Daney is wrong. The vocals that are left are distorted the same as if you used an autotuner on them, making them all but useless. You can tell they’re singing live (if it matches up with their mouths and breathing), but that’s it. It can never be used to prove that they’re singing on the pitch or are steady unless it’s a real “mr removed,” which is the live mic feed with zero background anything, including the instrumental. The only exception is when someone is a very stable, very loud vocal, in which case you can tell because it drowns out everything else, but it still gets some distortion in the end. MR Removed essentially tries to remove the other sounds by negating them, not truly removing them. That removes other sounds in that same frequency pretty often as well, leaving a highly flawed, distorted noise behind. Those “MR removed” videos that have distortion are the ones that are not using the direct microphone feed (which is VERY rare to find in the first place), and should be ignored. Too bad that’s about 99.9% of them. If you want to really tell if someone is good, try a live performance at a radio show, something like vLive videos, other live, unedited videos, and especially any impromptu performance. Even without the MR groups are still great a singing, why else would they be allowed to become a K-Pop group? Only MR’s I trust are from Sketchbook. Idols always sing live there as long as I can tell. I don’t listen to other groups’ lives much. But for me its really easy to tell when sistar are singing live and when they are using pre-recorded vocals… Things to look for is breathing. And idols sounding slightly different than a record. Keep in mind idols are dancing and moving a lot. So on actual live they are getting out of breath, and in general do improvisations. If MR removed sounds 100% like a record its because it is a record… SISTAR example to when they sing live and when they are clearly using pre-recorded vocals. LIVE

MR removed is only to prove live singing, it has nothing to do with the ability to sing Sketchbook has a really good sound system… Can’t compare it to music shows shitty ones. I agree with you for the most part. But idols actually sing live on almost everything they’re supposed to be performing live – on music programs, they go through rehearsals and then they do at minimum 2 recordings for the best live vocals and the best dance performance. Then the PD or whoever chooses which dance parts (or full dance, depends) to broadcast along with the chosen version of their vocals. They still always have a backing track though (not the same as the pre-recorded vocals from that day that I’m talking about), because the broadcasting channel can’t risk putting out some horrible quality content in case they really screw up. You know the after-show artist reaction thing they’ve been doing lately? BTS and GOT7 have mentioned several times “it’s the second recording” or third or whatever. They’re still singing live for every recording, it’s just not necessarily the one that gets broadcast with the dance version. Music shows do this to maintain the best quality for ratings (yeah, their sound systems aren’t great compared to Sketchbook, but it’s the best for them). The only time I’ve ever seen broadcasts in the last few years that definitely didn’t have live vocals were special performances (see: groups covering Rain, DB5K, etc) and sometimes award show performances. Even then, often they’ll still record their cover version with their own vocals, so it’s not like you can say they can’t sing just because that one isn’t live. Well, it’s sad, because every time I’ve seen someone post an MR Removed video it’s usually in regard to criticizing vocal ability. That’s because they don’t know how most of those videos are made, or they somehow don’t think that it affects the quality of the vocals you do get to hear after processing. Sadly, a lot of people are f*cking stupid… or they’re just ignorant, in which case we should explain why MR Removed isn’t viable. You know what… I have even seen an MR Removed of lip-sync performance lol. This is off topic but they sound amazing, there are some “wtf” moments but otherwise, omg! Queens. Getting Popular on YouTube and Judging K Pop Idols  Singing Skills  What is MR Removed  - 6Getting Popular on YouTube and Judging K Pop Idols  Singing Skills  What is MR Removed  - 78Getting Popular on YouTube and Judging K Pop Idols  Singing Skills  What is MR Removed  - 3Getting Popular on YouTube and Judging K Pop Idols  Singing Skills  What is MR Removed  - 1