GI’s AI’s Full Profile

Name: Kim Kyungwon (김경원) Stage Name: AI (아이) Birthday: March 1, 1993 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Occupation: Singer Years Active: 2013 – Present Group: GI (Global Icon) Zodiac: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Rooster/Chicken Height: 163 cm Weight: 41 kg Nationality: Korean Blood Type: A Instagram: @nayeonaaaa Twitter: @ruddnjs8740

GI’s AI’s Fun Facts

AI started her career in 2013 by joining the K-pop group GI (Global Icon). She debuted with GI on April 3, 2013. AI was the only original member left until the group announced its disbandment in 2016. Her birth name is Kim Kyungwon, but she changed her name in December of 2014 or 2015 to be Kim Nayeon (김나연). No one knows why she changed her name. AI is an artist under DAM Entertainment. In GI, she was the youngest member or maknae in Korean, lead dancer, and main rapper.

GI’s AI’s Focus Fancam

In the K-pop industry, the fancam phenomenon is very common among music fans. “Fancam” is the term for a video recorded by K-pop when their idol performs on a television program, at a concert, or at another event. Actually, when K-pop idols hold concerts, the promoters usually don’t allow fans to take their photos or record their performances. However, this rule seems to have stopped being listened to by fans, and they manage to secretly record their idol’s moments while performing. Then, they share it on their social media such as Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. This also happened to GI’s maknae, AI (Kim Nayeon). Her fans record her performances and upload them on YouTube. Here are some of AI’s focus fancams!

The video above was uploaded by the Twitter account @GIArgOficial. Through their tweet, they posted a link containing AI’s focus fancam from when GI was performing on The Show in 2013.

AI’s focus fancam above was uploaded by the owner of the YouTube account named 쌍댕이 on September 6, 2015.  

GI’s AI’s Latest News

After her group disbanded in 2016, AI, often called Kim Nayeon, continued her career not as an idol but in a cover dance group under the name ROTIPLE DANCE STUDIO. She’s currently actively making dance cover videos with her team and uploading them to their YouTube channel ROTIPLE DANCE STUDIO. On August 11, 2020, the group uploaded a new video of her dancing to “PLAY” by CHUNG HA. Besides that, she often shares her activities on her Instagram account @nayeonaaaa. If you want to know all of her activities, you can check out her Instagram!   That’s all the information about GI’s AI including her full profile and latest news. Please share your opinions about her in the comment section!  

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