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Stage Name: Dokyung (도경) Real Name: Han Dokyung (한도경) Nickname: Gangster Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1991 Place of Birth: Cheonan, South Chungcheon Province, South Korea Nationality: Korean Star Sign: Aquarius Blood Type: A Height: 166 cm (5ft 6inch) Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs) Shoe Size: – Occupation: Singer, Dancer Associated Acts: GI (former), L.U.X (former), MUSKY Debut Date: June 29th, 2015 (with GI), May 2017 (with L.U.X), July 1st, 2018 (with MUSKY) Agency: SimTong Entertainment (former), FAVE Entertainment (former), Play K Entertainment (P.K. Entertainment) Official Twitter: dokyung_han (currently inactive) Official Instagram: deleted

Fun Facts about Dokyung

Dokyung was introduced as a GI member on June 29th, 2015. She was introduced as the new member of the group through a series of individual videos along with Heeso and Ji A-min. Dokyung’s position in Global Icon (GI) was the main dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper. Her role models are Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, and Madonna. Dokyung was a former member of the girl group L.U.X. She was added to the group in May 2017. She also was under FAVE Entertainment for some period of time. Recently, Dokyung has been active as a member of a duo. She debuted with MUSKY. MUSKY is a duo under Play K Entertainment. Her hobby is watching TV drama series all at once. Her special talents are doing nail art and self make-up. She hates worms and diet. Her favorite color is purple. Dokyung’s favorite movies are The Notebook and Harry Potter. She loves all types of food, such as Italian food, French food, Korean food, and many more. But she doesn’t like skates fish. She’s got the nickname Gangster. Her charm point is her expressive eyes. Her habit is touching her hair too often. She likes hip-hop and ballads as her favorite music genres. Dokyung wrote that she is quite shy in front of strangers. She takes some time to make friends but once she gets to know them, she is quite active and friendly.

Focus Fan-cam

Let’s take a look at GI’s Heeso’s focus fan-cam and her girl group music video:

Dokyung was introduced to the group on June 29th, 2015. Through the individual video, Dokyung shows a dance movement with a song by Beyoncé – Yonce/Partition. GI’s DoliGo DoliGo Music Video 

  GI’s Dokyung’s Focus Fan-cam


Career Journey

Dokyung debuted with Global Icon (GI) on June 29th, 2015. The agency posted some individual videos for introducing the three new members. Dokyung was one of those three new members. Dokyung was in charge of the positions rapper, main dancer, and lead vocalist. Sadly, the group disbanded in 2016. After GI disbanded, Dokyung re-debuted with the girl group L.U.X. The group was formed in May 2017. The group started with their showcase activities from March to April before debuting. They performed at the 2017 Seoul Motor Show. However, the group was quite inactive and there are no further activities of the group, so people assumed that the girl group has disbanded. In 2018, Dokyung debuted again as a member of a duo. She debuted as a MUSKY member along with Geumjoo. The group debuted on July 1st, 2018, with the first single album titled Secret of My Heart. MUSKY now has released their third single album titled Fire. Actually, their activities this year (2020) from June to August, MUSKY has been invited to perform and conduct fan meeting sessions in Russia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia. However, due to the global pandemic, they canceled all the schedules. The announcement was made on their official Instagram. MUSKY asked their fans for continuous support and love. Their fans respond with: “We will continue to support you, you have fans from all over the world 🙂 Greetings and love from France, stay safe and take care 💘,” or “Just keep going! You are always the best. And we are with you. Be Happy and healthy always, saranghae 💕.”

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Secret of My Heart

In 2018, Dokyung made her most recent debut as a member of the duo MUSKY. She released their first single album titled Secret of My Heart.

They later released another single album; the second single album is titled I’m Leaving You Now. And the third single album is titled Fire.

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