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GI’s Hayeon’s Full Profile

Name: Jeon Hayeon (전하연) Stage Name: Hayeon/Hayun (하연) Birthday: December 17, 1990 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 162 cm Weight: 45 kg Zodiac: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac: Horse Nationality: Korean Blood Type: – Agency: Simtong Entertainment (2013-2014) Group: Global Icon (GI) Years Active: 2013 Occupations: Singer, former girl group member Twitter: @hayeon1217 (inactive) Instagram: @ha_yeon1217

GI’s Hayeon’s Fun Facts

Hayeon joined Global Icon in 2013. She and her group debuted with the single “Beatles” on April 3, 2013. Jeon Hayeon is an original member of Global Icon. In her group, Hayeon was the lead vocalist and lead rapper. After Aram left the group in 2014, Hayeon left the group and the agency in November. The information was announced through the agency’s website (Sitmong Entertainment) without giving any reason for her leaving.

GI’s Hayeon’s Focus Fancams

The fancam phenomenon seems familiar if we look at the K-pop music industry. “Fancam” is a term often used by K-pop fans and stands for “fans camera.” It happens when K-pop fans record or immortalize every appearance of their favorite idol at various music shows or concerts. Even though there are many regulations that prohibit fans from recording their favorite idol’s performances, especially at concerts, they have all kinds of ways to secretly record their idol’s performances so they can watch it over and over again. They also share the fancams with other fans who couldn’t watch the performance live. This also happened to Hayeon, especially when she was a member of GI. Her fans recorded her when she was performing with the group, and some of the videos only focus on her. Here are some of Hayeon’s focus fancams that were upload on several social media sites by fans, especially on YouTube. Check them out!

The fancam video above was uploaded on YouTube by 쌍댕이 on July 20, 2014. In it, Hayeon is wearing a basketball costume while singing a song by Hwayobi entitled “How Are You.”

The second video was also uploaded by the same account in the same year. The video above is Hayeon’s focus fancam from when she was singing her group’s debut song “Beatles.”

GI’s Hayeon’s Visual

If we talk about girl groups, of course, the members have bonus value outside of their vocals or other talents, one of which is their visuals. In this case, the visual of this former member of GI isn’t inferior to other idols. Although Hayeon used to be the lead rapper, her visual is actually very fabulous. So, here are some photos showing her beauty! Due to the job demands as well as the group concept, Hayeon had to look different as seen in the photo above when she debuted with Global Icon. Even the boyish concept and male hairstyle could not cover Hayeon’s beauty. She looks very fierce and sexy! Different from her debut era with the boyish style, the photo above is Hayeon’s transformation into a more feminine and cute look. Not only that, but Hayeon’s visual is somewhat prettier and looks younger. She especially looks cute and young in the photo below while posing with cotton candy and sharing a little smile.

GI’s Hayeon’s Marriage News

After no longer being a part of GI, Hayeon shared good news with everyone, especially her fans, and the news was about her wedding day. Suddenly, a wedding poster was uploaded by her and one of Global Icon’s fan accounts on Twitter.

— GI 지아이 International (@GlobalIconIntl) October 12, 2016 On October 15, 2016, Hayeon married a man named Cha Cheolmin. She also shared some photos of her wedding and bridal shower. Here are some of the wedding photos!  

GI’s Hayeon’s Latest News

After getting married, it seems like Hayeon will not continue her career as an idol or a singer. Currently, Hayeon has a son named Daeho who was born in May 2018. You can see her son on the Instagram account that Hayeon created especially for him with the username @cha_e.k Her current activities are taking care of her family and being a housewife. Recently, she also posted a photo on her Instagram of her spending time with her friends.   That’s all about former GI member Hayeon from her profile to her latest news. So, what do you think about her? Put your thoughts in the comment section!

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