If in Hollywood we have Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning or Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth, in the K-pop industry, some sibling idols that popular are the Jung sisters, Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung, or the former member of the Secret girl group, Sunhwa, and her brother, Sungwoo from VICTON. There are also some idols that have celebrity siblings such as TWICE’s Jungyeon with Gong Seungyeon, NCT’s Doyoung with Gong Myung, etc. In this article, we’re not going to talk about K-pop siblings in general, but we’re going to talk about this one idol who made a debut after his brother successfully made his debut as one of the 2nd gen K-pop idols. The idol that we’re going to talk about came from Golden Child. It’s Lee Daeyeol! If you see his name, Lee Daeyeol, the name is quite similar to some idols that we know. Both have the same surname, and there’s “yeol” in their name. Yep, Lee Dayeol’s brother is Lee Sungyeol from INFINITE! For some of you who have been following K-pop’s industry since the early 2010s, you must be familiar with INFINITE, a boy group that made its debut in 2010 under Woollim Entertainment. Just like Sungyeol, Daeyeol is following his brother’s path by debuting in the same company, Woollim Entertainment, in 2017 with Golden Child. Instead of seeing him as Sungyeol’s brother, let’s get to know more about Daeyeol so we can see more of Daeyeol’s charms that definitely will make you fall in love!

Golden Child’s Daeyeol’s Profile

Besides being popular as Sungyeol’s brother, Daeyeol is also popular as a member of Golden Child. With his boy group, he has made a lot of songs and music videos. Not only just a member, but he’s also the leader of Golden Child. As an idol, he’s really talented as both a vocalist and a dancer. Let’s see more of Daeyeol’s info by seeing his full profile! Full Name: Lee Daeyeol Korean Name: 이대열 Chinese Name: 李大烈 Nicknames: Yeol Leader, Daeyeolchi, Lee Yeol, Dangun Daeyeol, Deom Daeyeol, Tropical Fish (Yeol Daeeo), Yeol Ramyeon Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, Yongin-gun, Suji-myeon, South Korea Nationality: Korean Birthdate: February 11, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Chinese Zodiac: Rooster Education:

Yongin Seowon High School Daegyung University (Practical Music Department / Professional Bachelor)

Position: Leader, lead vocal, dancer Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: B Height: 181 cm Weight: 65 – 66 kg Squad Number: 11 Specialty: Creative thinking Hobbies: Cleaning, bowling, walking, watching movies MBTI: INTJ Family: Parents, 1 older brother (Lee Sungyeol born in 1991) Debut Day: August 28 Debut Year: 2017 Agency: Woollim Entertainment Official Site: Golden Child’s Official Homepage Official Twitter: Golden Child’s Official Twitter Official Twitter: Golden Child’s Official Member’s Twitter Official Twitter: Golden Child’s Official English’s Twitter Facebook Page: Golden Child’s Official Facebook Official Instagram: Golden Child’s Official YouTube: Golden Child’s Official YouTube VLive: Golden Child’s Official VLive Fan Cafe: Golden Child’s Official Fan Cafe Naver: Golden Child’s Official Naver Weibo: Golden Child’s Official Weibo TikTok: Golden Child’s Official TikTok

Daeyeol’s Facts

Daeyeol is the leader and oldest member of Golden Child. Because of his position, Daeyeol looks serious compared to the other members. Although in Golden Child Daeyeol is the oldest member, in his family, he’s the youngest child. Daeyeol’s face looks similar to Sungyeol of INFINITE, his brother, but their personalities are really different. Sungyeol is more active and has a goofy character while Daeyeol has a cool and calm personality. Daeyeol is the tallest member in Golden Child. Daeyeol once became a backup dancer of INFINITE and INFINITE F. When Sungyeol went to the military, Daeyeol along with INFINITE’s members sent him off. In 2019, Daeyeol took a Chinese language proficiency test and obtained level 3 and level 4. Daeyeol likes to play games, and he has invested some money in mobile games.

Daeyeol’s Pre-Debut

Daeyeol was born and raised in Yongin on February 2, 1993. As a kid, Daeyeol was quiet and calm. Instead of being an active child, he used to be a shy child. Sometimes, his existence wasn’t noticed by people. But slowly, Daeyeol started to change. He became more open and wasn’t shy anymore when he was in high school. As you already know, Daeyeol is the little brother of Lee Sungyeol from INFINITE. Following his brother’s footsteps, Daeyeol who is only two years younger than Sungyeol became a trainee in the same company as Sungyeol. Luckily, Daeyeol has really good dancing and singing skills. He was appointed as one of the backup dancers for INFINITE’s performance at the KBS Year-End Music Festival. He also performed as a backup dancer in INFINITE F’s performance. In 2011, Daeyeol appeared on a variety show called INFINITE’s Sesame Player when the rest of INFINITE visited Daeyeol and Sungyeol’s house. Daeyeol had been a trainee since the early 2010s. At that time, he just graduated from high school. But, he still managed to be a college student majoring in practical music and graduated. Even when Daeyeol hadn’t debuted yet, he was cool and handsome. His characteristics are quite far from the stereotype of the youngest child. He’s so mature and calm. No wonder he’s pointed as the leader of Golden Child!

Daeyeol’s Debut with Golden Child

On August 28, 2017, Daeyeol’s long-awaited debut day finally came. Daeyeol who had spent over five years as a trainee finally got his wish granted. Woollim Entertainment, the agency he belonged to, debuted a new boy group called Golden Child. The group has 11 members including him as the leader. He was 25 years old in Korean age at that time, unlike other celebrities who debut in their early 20s, but Daeyeol manages to do his job well as a leader. Let’s see the teaser video of Golden Child’s debut single!

On August 28, 2017, Golden Child released their first single’s music video “DamDaDi” on YouTube. Let’s see the music video here!

The video looks so refreshing. The boys from Golden Child really suit the concept. Especially Daeyeol, he looks so handsome in those outfits! If you think just seeing the music video is not enough, here is some choreography or the dance performance of “DamDaDi” so we can focus more on the dancing!

What do you think about their dance performance? All of them are really great dancers, right? Golden Child really did a great job on their first single!

Daeyeol’s Performances on Stage

After seeing Daeyeol’s debut era with Golden Child, you must be wondering how much he has grown up. Golden Child has appeared on TV for around four years after the day it made its debut in 2017. It’s true that Daeyeol’s performance is getting better and better each day. So, let’s see how good Daeyeol’s performances on stage were when Golden Child promoted their songs on some music shows!

If you think it’s quite hard to just focus on Daeyeol since the other members are charming too, then let’s see the videos of Daeyeol’s focus cams in some performances of Golden Child!

What do you think of Daeyeol’s performances? He really does have nice vocal and dancing skills. In every comeback, he shows us good improvement! What a great idol Daeyeol is!

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