Without any further ado, let’s get into the detailed information about Road To Kingdom, in this Channel-Korea article.

Golden Child’s Interview

During the first Road To Kingdom elimination, Golden Child was the first band to be eliminated. Y expressed his feelings and revealed what Daeyeol wanted to say, which is that they all did the best they could. As the group leader, Daeyeol is a member of Golden Child who always cares and supports the rest of the members. Another member, Joochan, also shared his feelings, “I thought that my role in this round was very important. I feel like this has happened because of me. It’s sad, but I’m going to work harder so that I don’t show this kind of image again.” For the record, Y and Daeyeol have been trainees in Woolim Entertainment for the longest time. The interview with them after the elimination made the viewers and the fans really sad and even tearful. That moment is such a heartbreaking scene.

Golden Child’s Performance

From Episode 1 till the end, here is the summary of the performance schedule in the table below. SPOILER ALERT! At the end of this, you will find the winner of the Road To Kingdom. Preliminary Performances – 90-Second Performances (Episode 1)   1st Performances – Song of King (Episodes 2 & 3)   2nd Performances – My Song (Episodes 3 & 4)   3rd Performances (Part 1) – Collaboration (Episodes 5 & 6)   3rd Performances (Part 2) – Your Song (Episodes 6 & 7)   And the final result of the survival show is here:

Golden Child’s Behind The Performance

behind the scene, before the performances, all the group members of Golden Child showed their practice session in the dance room and showed some hints of their choreography in the upcoming performances. Golden Child also shared that after the long practice they will do stage outfit fitting. Moreover, the group members also showcased what their break looks like. They confidently talked about having to eat plenty of food in order to be able to produce a powerful dance. They really demonstrated the hard work they put in to do the perfect performance to fulfill the mission.

Golden Child’s Ranking Progress

The ranking varied in every episode; in the last two episodes, every group had to do the ‘My Song’ mission where they had to tell their own story while performing their own song. The score is based on 30 percent contestant votes and 70 percent of online audiences. In this episode, it was announced that The Boyz have the highest score and are occupying the first position. Sangyeon, leader of The Boyz, expressed his feelings, “I’m not sure what to say. We’re going to consider this to mean that we’re being told to work harder, and we’ll put on a cool performance in the next round, as we did today.” He added, “Thank you once again for giving us first place.” Here is the result of the first and the second performance: Golden Child was the first group to be eliminated in the survival show. In the second round, the results were as follows: This time TOO were eliminated following Golden Child that were eliminated in the first round. In the final round, the five remaining got to compete and the ranks of their performances from the highest to the lowest are shown below:

  1. The Boyz 2. ONF 3. PENTAGON 4. Oneus 5. Verivery

Golden Child’s Elimination and Public Reaction

The members of the group gave their utmost and tried their best but in the end, only one of the groups could be the winner. The first elimination round that removed Golden Child from the show was very heartbreaking since the members recall all the circumstances and the effort they put in together as a group. Watching the interviews of the bands after the first elimination round made many of the fans sad and empathetic. However, they also realized that all the boys tried their best and improved a lot during the show, in the short time that they got to participate.

KCON:TACT Summer 2020

Even though Golden Child were the first group to be eliminated in Road to Kingdom, they still made an appearance on KCON:TACT Summer 2020 on May 29th, 2020. Congratulations to them! The Boyz as the winner on the Road To Kingdom performed in the finals on March 20th, 2020. The performance brought them a secure place in the upcoming show Kingdom. The Boyz also released a new song “Checkmate” on June 12th. Best of all luck to all the contestants of Road to Kingdom. That was all the information about Golden Child and their progress in Road To Kingdom. They will surely get up stronger and do better performances in the future.

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