However, we’re not going to talk about the whole group in general. Instead, we will talk about this one member who has a really soothing voice. His name is Y. Yes, his stage name is just Y. He’s one of the ten members of Golden Child who has lent his voice to singing in some OSTs. Enough with the introduction, now let’s see the profile of Y from Golden Child!

Golden Child’s Y’s Profile

Full Name: Choi Sungyoon Korean Name: 최성윤 Stage Name: Y Nicknames: WaRabbit, Wa PD, Choi Y, etc. Birthplace: Gyeongsangnam, Changwon, South Korea Nationality: Korean Birthdate: July 31, 1995 Zodiac Sign: Leo Chinese Zodiac: Pig Position: Main vocals Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: O MBTI Type: INFP Family: Parents, older sister Debut Year: 2017 Agency: Woollim Entertainment

Golden Child’s Y’s Facts

At the beginning of his debut, Y had an image of a lot of tension. When Y was in high school, he gained experience working as a part-time employee in a shabu-shabu house. Y famously looks like a rabbit because of his front teeth. When he first debuted, fans called him Rabbit. Y drinks a lot of coffee. Although he likes animals a lot, Y thinks that animals often avoid him. Y wears a lot of earrings. He didn’t wear them when he first debuted. But, he has increased wearing them over time. Because Y has a good shape, he often wears sleeveless shirts and even shows off his abs in front of audiences at Golden Child’s concerts. Besides black, Y likes darker colors.

Golden Child’s Y’s Pre-Debut

Some people have to give up something just to get another big thing. Maybe that’s what we can say about Y’s childhood. As a child, he was so athletic and liked soccer. If he continued to be an athlete, he probably would have become a professional athlete by now. But, his love for singing was even bigger, so he moved to Seoul to pursue his dream to be an idol. Let’s see the full story of Y before his debut day with Golden Child! Y was born with the name Choi Seongyoon. He was born and raised in Gyeongsang province, Changwon, South Korea. Y was born on July 31, 1995. He lived with his parents and his older sister who was born in 1993, the same year as his leader, Daeyeol. When he was young, Y was active and loved to exercise. His favorite sport was soccer. But, he also was an athlete in track and field. He even won a gold medal. As an athlete, Y played really well, but he also sang really well. No wonder that in 2012, when he was still in high school, Y decided to join a close audition for Woollim Entertainment. At that time, Infinite was popular in Korea and even worldwide. That’s probably what triggered him to join the audition. Thankfully, due to the powerful and soothing voice that he had even when he was young, Y passed the audition. In 2012, Y officially became a trainee in Woollim Entertainment. Thus, he left his hometown and his high school. Y who was serious about becoming an idol then transferred to a high school that focuses on performing arts, SOPA, School of Performing Arts. While becoming a trainee in Woollim Entertainment, he met a lot of trainees who became his friends. Some of them are Daeyeol and Jangjun who both entered the company around the same time as him. Before making his debut, Y was involved in some projects of his seniors, Infinite, such as becoming a cameo in L’s drama called My Lovely Girl in 2014 along with Hoya and Daeyeol.

Golden Child’s Y’s Debut with Golden Child

Y might have spent his childhood and teenage life in his hometown Gyeongsang, but he chose to focus on becoming a singer and left his hometown for Seoul. However, Y’s journey to be an idol was not that easy. Y had to train for several years while watching some of his trainee friends come and go. Some of them debuted as idols and some of them went nowhere. Thankfully, the six years of waiting are over. Y finally made his debut in 2017! Woollim Entertainment announced that they would be debuting a new boy group. In August 2017, they released the teaser for the boy group called Golden Child. Seeing the teaser, we can see that there are eleven handsome members in the group. Y who had been a trainee since 2012 was also included in the line-up. Besides Y, there are Daeyeol, Jaeseok, Jangjun, Tag, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, and Bomin. Just like gold, the eleven children shimmered and shined. No wonder fans were anticipating their debut a lot. On August 28, 2017, Golden Child finally made its debut by releasing its very first single track called “DamDaDi.” Let’s see the music video here!

Y and the other boys in Golden Child did so well in their first music video. All of them look so cute and energetic. Now, let’s see the dance practice of the boys performing their debut song, “DamDaDi!”

And, don’t forget their historical moment, the debut stage of Golden Child on some music shows. Golden Child performed “DamDaDi” and “I Love You So” for the first time on Music Bank.

What do you think of the debut era of Golden Child? All of the members suit the concept so much, right? And, congratulation to Y who finally made his debut. We can now enjoy his wonderful vocals!

Golden Child’s Y’s Performances on Stage: Music Shows, Road to Kingdom, Etc.

After seeing the debut era of Golden Child, including Y, now it’s time to see the other performances of the members in some comeback songs of Golden Child. Since they debuted over four years ago, Golden Child’s members must be improving their skills in terms of dancing, singing, rapping, etc. They even became more charismatic on stage and off stage. Now, let’s see the performances of Golden Child over time!

Golden Child received attention from non-fans around the online community because of Golden Child’s participation in the Road to Kingdom survival show. In the show, they competed against a lot of boy groups such as The Boyz, Pentagon, Very Very, etc. Road to Kingdom itself is a survival show and is the prequel of Kingdom, the upcoming survival show that will air in 2021. The winner of Road to Kingdom will participate in Kingdom. Although Golden Child didn’t pass to Kingdom, they still displayed very good performances in each episode. Let’s see some of the performances of Y and Golden Child’s members in Road to Kingdom!

After seeing how good Golden Child is on stage, now let’s see the videos that only focus on Y!

What do you think of Y’s performances? He really has great dancing skills, right?

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