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Got7’s JB’s Debut

JB had his eyes set on becoming a singer after watching g.o.d’s performance. In middle school, he focused more on his b-boy and dance competitions rather than education. His dance skills earned him an invitation from one of JYP Entertainment’s scouts. Despite his reluctance to go to the audition, he went and nailed the audition. He got the first prize and became a JYP Entertainment trainee. During the trainee period, in 2011, JB made his acting debut by performing as Jang Woo-jae in the popular drama Dream High 2. JB debuted with Got7 in January 2014 with the debut EP Got It? 

Got7’s Disbandment

In January 2019, all of Got7’s members decided to not renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment. The news came after 7 years of activity, 5 studio albums, and numerous hit singles. All of the members chose their own paths in the entertainment industry and chose different agencies. A month later, following the release of Got7’s last single, “Encore,” JB decided to go solo and announced his new stage name, Jay B. You might like to check out: Disbanding or Not? Check Out GOT7’s Future Here!

Got7’s JB’s Transformation to Jay B

After his exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment expired, JB completely shed his old stage name and started using a new name, Jay B. The former Got7 leader was the last member to announce a new agency after Got7’s disbandment. JB released his debut single “Switch Up” as a solo artist on May 14th, 2021. Regarding his transformation to a solo artist, JB talked about how he has to think about everything when making his album. He remembered all of the benefits that he had while promoting as a Got7 member. As a Got7 member, he never had to worry about performing at an event because everything was planned by other people. But now, after becoming a solo artist, he must think about everything. JB is determined to know every process behind the production of an album or making a song. As soon as he realized that there was a huge gap of knowledge in the music industry, he decided to start from the bottom and learn the hard way as quickly as possible rather than becoming too reliant on his agency. JB said that he wanted a new stage name to represent a hip-hop style and chose the name Jay B. JB revealed that he has another stage name, Def. He used the stage name before he became a trainee. JB said that he will use Def to show another side of himself. He plans to hold a photography exhibition, release singles, and do other projects with the name. In the end, he will use both stage names, Jay B for mainstream projects and Def for indie projects. After announcing a new stage name, JB opened his official Twitter account under the name Jay B. The account made Got7’s BamBam suspicious, and he thought that the account was fake. After interacting with JB through the account, BamBam finally confirmed that the account is indeed JB’s new account.

Got7’s JB’s New Exclusive Contract

JB officially signed an exclusive contract with H1GHR Music in May 2021. The agency is an international agency that focuses on hip-hop and R&B artists. H1GHR Music was founded by a former 2PM member, rapper Park Jae-bom, and music producer Cha Cha Malone. Jay B got a call from Jay Park about the possibility of joining his agency and discussing a partnership. Jay B appreciated Jay Park’s invitation and trust. He feels that he can achieve his purpose as an artist and contribute his experience based on his experience as an idol.

Got7’s JB’s Solo Debut

Upon announcing the new agency, JB also revealed his debut single as a solo artist, “Switch It Up.” It debuted at no. 12 on the Korean music chart and features rapper sokodomo. JB composed the debut single with Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone while he, sokodomo, and Jay Park contributed to writing the lyrics. “Switch It Up” was officially released on May 14th, 2021. JB explained his solo debut single as a fresh and fun R&B single. Through the single, JB hoped that old fans and new fans could enjoy his music. He enjoyed working with labelmate Cha Cha Malone and rapper sokodomo and looks forward to collaborating with other artists at H1GHR MUSIC. JB also revealed that he has more music projects in mind and is determined to show his original musicality to the industry.

Got7’s JB’s YouTube Channel

Following Got7’s Mark‘s launching of his new YouTube channel, JB also revealed his new YouTube channel, Jae Bom Lim. In February 2021, he posted a new video titled “THX My Best Friend” to the channel. In his first video, JB greeted his fans and revealed the reason for starting the channel. While he has no exact plan or idea on the operation of the channel, he said that through the channel, he will communicate with fans and will share good content about his activities. We wish all the best for JB’s new agency and his music projects. As a talented singer and musician, he will have no problem communicating and developing his musicality to fans. What do you think about JB’s transformation to a solo artist? Tell us about your opinion, and share this article with your Twitter account.

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