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American actor Born: January 14, 1990 (age 32 years), Norfolk, Virginia, United States Spouse: Andrea Thoma (m. 2018) Children: Juniper Grace Louise Siblings: Tyler Gustin, Gracie Gustin Parents: Tom Gustin, Tina Haney Also Known As: Thomas Grant Gustin Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males Father: Tom Gustin Mother: Tina Haney Siblings: Gracie Gustin, Tyler Gustin Actors Dancers Height: 6’2″ (188 cm), 6’2″ Males U.S. State: Virginia

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In January 2016, Gustin began dating Andrea “LA” Thoma after they met at a dinner party. They announced their engagement on April 29, 2017, and they married on December 15, 2018. Their first child, a daughter, was born in 2021. Thomas Grant Gustin was born on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia. His mother, Tina Haney, is a pediatric nurse and his father, Thomas Gustin, is a College Professor. He has an older brother named Tyler and a younger sister named Gracie. He started tap dancing at the age of eight, after being influenced by the 1952 American musical comedy film ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. As a child, he used to act out movie scenes with his siblings. He eventually started participating in community theatre and worked in over 30 musicals. He attended the ‘Governor’s School for the Arts’ program in Norfolk for Musical Theater when he was still in high school. He also performed regularly with Hurrah Players Incorporated, a theater organization in Virginia, for nearly a decade. He graduated from Granby High School in 2008. It was during his sophomore year in high school when he started going to New York to watch plays and realized that acting is a viable career choice for him. He later attended the BFA Music Theater Program at Elon University in North Carolina. Grant Gustin is in a relationship with dancer and model Hannah Douglass. It is not known when they began dating, but both of them were part of ‘Glee’ at some point in the past. Douglass has shown her support to Gustin on social media a number of times. In an interview in 2014, he said that they have been together for a few years. He is very close to his mother and considers himself a “Mama’s boy”. He is very fond of her cooking and says it is probably the most Virginian thing about him. Grant Gustin, who played an openly gay character in the Fox television series Glee, has actually been ‘gay-bashed’ in school, even though he is straight. He was more interested in theatre and tap dancing, and didn’t hang out with other students who were into sports. That made him the target of other students in his school and made his childhood awful. In October 2011, he posted his phone number on his ‘grantgust’ Twitter account by mistake and received over 20 calls from his fans within 10 minutes. He changed his phone number within 5 minutes by contacting network provider AT&T. Famous for his superhero character, Flash, who moves at a superhuman speed, Gustin was called ‘thunder foot’ in school because he could run fast and kick the ball very far. However, he admits that his onscreen stunts are a mix of green-screen effects and computer graphics. He has been a fan of another DC superhero, Superman. Gustin, who has a number of tattoos all over his body, has a tattoo on his left forearm which reads, “Superman … I love him” in his mother’s handwriting. Early interest in acting: Initially it was his mom who made him act and sing at home, he would put on shows with his brother and sister at home with a movie in the background in front of fire place, his mom recognized his natural talent. Middle names: All three Gustin siblings use their middle names as first names. Grant’s full name is Thomas Grant Gustin, while Tyler’s is Charles Tyler Gustin and Grace’s Emma Gracie Gustin He is a very good Tap dancer. He attended tap dance classes since he was 8 years, he was inspired by Gene Kelly, he attended an all boys Tap dance class. The first musical theatre show he did was ‘The Whiz’ he played the tornado in the series. Willy Wonka was another of his firsts. Ethnicity: Grant is of English, German, Irish & Welsh ancestry. Most of his ancestors have been in American for 400 years. He is a natural singer, he has learnt music and theatre together. Friendship with Chris Wood: Chris wood and Grant Gustin have been friends since college. NASA’s Children’s Science program: Grant appeared in NASA’s science related program back in 2003 Grant’s wife Andrea is two years elder to him, she was born in 1988, he was born in 1990. Hunger Games Series: Grant was one of the final 22 candidates selected to play Finnick Odair in the series, he was considered too young for the series, the role eventually went to Sam Clafin Grant previously dated dancer Hannah Douglass from 2014, they met on the sets of Glee, they dated for about 2 years Road Trips: Grant loves road trips, he loves travelling with his friend Kyle Harris (he played Tony in West Side story) Favorite Super Hero: Superman is his favorite superhero, many of his childhood babysitters were fired because they refused to walk in the streets with him dressed as superman. Tattoos (He never had one until 2012): Left Arm: He has a tattoo reading “Superman … I love him” on the left arm Right Arm: on the right arm he has a tattoo reading “Love Above All Else” Left shoulder: Another tattoo reading “GOLD” on the left shoulder. Left Chest: shape of his home state- Virginia Flash Tattoo: He has the logo of ‘The Flash’ LA & G Arrow: He has a tattoo with initials LA on one arm & G on another. LA for his wife, G for Grant and then an arrow passing through. A pirate skull embedded in a crystal in honor of his marriage to Andrea of ​​Kadazan origin from eastern Malaysia in Borneo. Superman tattoo: He had been a childhood fan of superman, he has a superman tattoo on him

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