GreatGuys’ Uiyeon: Profile

Real Name : Jeon Min-gi (hangul: 전민기) Stage Name : Uiyeon (hangul: 의연) Birth : Seoul, South Korea, October 23, 1996 Star Sign : Scorpio Height : 192 cm (6’2″) Blood Type : AB Position of the group :  Lead Rapper, Visual, Loyal Guy Education : Daekyeung University in Gyeongsan Nationality : Korean

GreatGuys’ Uiyeon: Fun Facts

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GreatGuys  Uiyeon  Full Profile  Fun Facts  Etc  - 75GreatGuys  Uiyeon  Full Profile  Fun Facts  Etc  - 87GreatGuys  Uiyeon  Full Profile  Fun Facts  Etc  - 87