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Full Profile Of Ha Joon

Real Name : Song Joon-cheol (hangul: 송준철) Stage Name : Ha Joon (hangul: 하준) Birth : Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea, April 3, 1987 Star Sign : Aries Height : 180 cm Blood Type : A Education : Seoul Arts University Department of Theater Family Member : Parents and Sister Official Site : Instagram (@actor_hajun) https://www.instagram.com/actor_hajun/?hl=en Agency : Ace Factory

Ha Joon’s Movies, K-Drama, Variety Shows List

Ha Joon In Missing: The Other Side

The Korean drama Missing: The Other Side tells the story of a village called Duon Village which houses the spirits of people who have died. However, there are not just any spirits living here, only the spirits of people whose bodies are missing or not found. It turns out that not all who live in this village are in the form of spirits. Those who are afraid to watch mystery stories will need relief when watching the Korean drama Missing: The Other Side because it features a thriller but has a melodrama-like plot. Throughout the story you will not find a dark and creepy atmosphere, in fact, many beautiful places with stunning scenery are shown in this Korean drama.

Ha Joon In SF8

SF8 (hangul: 에스 에프 에잇) is the fourth act of Korean drama in the sci-fi genre directed by Han Ka-ram and written by Kim Chang-kyu and Kang San, which airs a story titled SF8: Blink. It tells about Ji-woo (played by Lee Si-young), who lost her parents when she was a child. Her parents died in a car accident they drove themselves.

Ha Joon In Black Dog: Being A Teacher

The Black Dog series takes the story of the conflict in the lives of teachers at school. It tells the story of Go Ha-neul (played by Seo Hyun-jin), who dreams of becoming a teacher. Sad experiences in the past motivated him to work as a teacher.

Ha Joon In Arthdal Chronicles

The drama Arthdal ​​Chronicles tells about the struggle for power, and love between four crucial characters in the ancient city of Asdal, the capital of Gojoseon. In Arthdal ​​Chronicles, Ha Joon plays Ta Choo-gan. He played the role of a valiant warrior in the drama which is the supporting character to be developed in the storyline of the Arthdal ​​Chronicles.

Ha Joon In Bad Papa

The story in the drama Bad Papa (hangul: 배드 파파) is entirely foreign compared to Korean dramas in general because if it was said a ‘slice of life’ drama is also not quite right because there are elements of fiction, sports dramas are also not the focus there, crime drama or criminal neither. So just call it a drama that combines family problems.

Who Is Ha Joon’s Girlfriend?

Until this article was published, there was no further news about Ha Joon’s dating rumor and his current girlfriend. So you could say that Ha Joon has no special relationship with anyone and is still single until now. These are complete information about Ha Joon from his full profile, and appearances in K-Dramas until his dating rumor. It hasn’t been 10 years since his debut as an actor, but Ha Joon has managed to portray an important character in every appearance in K-Dramas and was even nominated for the 2018 MBC Drama Awards. Let’s keep giving Ha Joon a lot of support and love so that his career and personal life can be even more successful. If you like this article, don’t forget to share this one on your social media and wait for the upcoming exciting articles from Channel-Korea!

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