HALO’s Inhaeng’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Lee In-haeng (이인행) Stage Name: Inhaeng (인행) Birth: Nowon, South Korea, April 21, 1992 Age: 28 years old Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 186 cm Weight: 67 kg Blood Type: O Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist Years Active: 2014 – Present Label: HISTAR Entertainment, Pony Canyon Associated With: HALO Instagram: @leeinhhh

HALO’s Inhaeng’s Fun Facts

Inhaeng was famously considered an ulzzang in his hometown. He has an older brother named Lee Kwang-haeng who is a former SPEED member. Inhaeng was a backup dancer for NC.A’s “My Student Teacher.” In HELO, Inhaeng was known as the mood maker since he has a 4D personality. He was also the laziest member in HALO. Inhaeng appeared in ASHA’s “Mr. Liar” music video. His roommate in the dorm was Yoondong. Inhaeng’s favorite colors are black and white. Ramen is one of his favorite food. He would like to collaborate with EXID’s Le for a rap song as well as J.Rabbit and IU. His role models are Kanye West and Swings. During photoshoots, Inhaeng’s iconic pose was to put his fingers on his temple.

About HALO’s Inhaeng’s Personality

Inhaeng was known for having a 4D personality. Basically, it is a term usually used for a K-pop idol who might look slightly weird, strange, or a little bit odd and possibly out of the box. Often, they become a mood maker groups because they have a cheerful side and are confident as well. During a variety show, the other HALO members revealed that Inhaeng was quite immature as if he was still a high school student. Even HALO’s Ooon said that Inhaeng was a “pure brain guy” since the others said that Inhaeng has a good brain, but it’s pure, which made all of them laugh together. Watch the moment here:

HALO’s Inhaeng’s Focus Fancams

Through one of HALO’s performances of “O.M.G,” Inhaeng appeared with his charismatic vibes! His dark brownish outfit suited him well and matched with his black hair. During his performance, Inhaeng’s dance was powerful yet relaxing at the same time! His appearance also became the spotlight due to his tall height. The most awaited moment was obviously the solo rap by Inhaeng which he slew beautifully!

Here is another focus fancam of Inhaeng, and it is of a “Mariya” performance! Inhaeng’s appearance was a little bit different compared to the “O.M.G” performance since he also showed cheerful vibes. He also looked like a teenager with a casual outfit and adorable dance moves! Even during the live performance, his amazing dance skills mixed perfectly with his voice!

HALO’s Inhaeng’s Visual

HALO’s Inhaeng basically has a physical appearance that makes you want to gaze at him for a while, especially his face! In the picture above, Inhaeng looks charming with his full lips and round face. His style also reminds us of a nice guy character from a comic, right? With the same hairstyle and charming aura, Inhaeng’s visual is something that you can’t deny! Through the close-up picture, we can clearly see his eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape, and his tiny eyelashes. His puppy eyes are the most attention-grabbing feature of Inhaeng! Wanna look at the adorable version of HALO’s Inhaeng? This picture represents that image of him! No longer appearing with his black hair, it turns out he looks even more charming with light brown hair! Even though he made his expression look as cold as possible, those puppy eyes make him look cute! Inhaeng can transform from someone with charismatic charm to someone with an adorable appearance! If you take a look at this picture, Inhaeng’s visual appearance looks like a bad but soft guy that makes hearts flutter!

Eye Contact With HALO’s Inhaeng

Have you ever thought of having direct eye contact with HALO’s Inhaeng? We bet you have! In a video on YouTube, there are 40 seconds straight of eye-contact video of Inhaeng. Right after you watch it, your heart might be pounding really hard and you might be left flustered!


HALO’s Inhaeng’s Latest News

Currently, Inhaeng might be continuing his career in the entertainment industry. However, we couldn’t find information regarding his career with HALO since the members’ contracts with HISTAR Entertainment finished in April 2019. Even though there wasn’t an official statement regarding the group’s disbandment, many people have assumed that the group disbanded since the members started following separate career paths. However, we can look for the latest updates from Inhaeng by taking a look at his Instagram, and here are some of his recent posts:

Sometimes, Inhaeng also shares his current playlist on Instagram!

Here is the iconic pose of HALO’s Inhaeng! We couldn’t decide which was more beautiful, the sea or Inhaeng?

It looks like Inhaeng took a mirror selfie in a practice room, right? Let’s show our support for HALO’s Inhaeng and wait for another project from him in the future! Also, comment below your favorite era of HALO’s Inhaeng!

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