HALO’s Ooon’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Jung Young-hoon (정영훈) Stage Name: Ooon (오운) Birth: Seoul, South Korea, January 15, 1993 Age: 27 years old Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Height: 180 cm Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: B Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist Years Active: 2014 – Present Label: HISTAR Entertainment Associated With: HALO Instagram: @08nnnnn

HALO’s Ooon’s Fun Facts

– Ooon was a former trainee in Starship Entertainment. – Previously, he used to be a part of D.Q Agency as a dancer. – Ooon participated as a backup dancer for MBLAQ‘s “It’s War,” SISTAR‘s “Give It to Me,” K.Will’s “Lay Black,” and Sistar19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer.” – He appeared in the Cheer Up and Hwarang dramas. – Ooon participated in DREAM TEAM as well as We Are the National Representative with other K-pop idols. – Some of Mariya’s choreography was made by Ooon. – He attended a Korean broadcast art university. – Ooon’s role model is B2ST, but he is also a fan of BIGBANG. – MAMAMOO is one of his favorite groups. – Ooon has one tattoo on his right bicep that states, “This too, shall pass.” – He would like to go to Singapore and France since he wants to see the Eiffel Tower. – He’d also love to perfect English and French. – In HALO, he’s known as the best English speaker. – He has the most aegyo among the HALO members. – He can do a handstand for 10 seconds. – Ooon has dimples. – Ooon likes to watch movies alone. – He likes food with a strong taste. – He’s afraid of heights. – He has a dog named JjuJju – He participated in Japan Produce 101 with Heecheon and Yoondong.

HALO’s Ooon’s Personality

HALO’s Ooon was known as a charismatic leader. He was also known as someone who’s really active and passionate about everything that he does. As the leader of HALO, it was very obvious that he had the power to lead the other members and blend with them in such a good way. Ooon often became the representative of the group when introducing the group or explaining information regarding HALO!

HALO’s Ooon’s Focus Fancams

Through one of HALO’s “Feel So Good” performances, there is a fancam video focused on HALO’s Ooon! He appeared with delightful charisma while looking chic with a dark grey suit. Since he was the main dancer, no wonder that his dance performance was something undeniable!

HALO’s Ooon and BESTie’s Dahye’s “Troublemaker”

HALO, BESTie, and other K-pop groups used to attend the same variety show named Idol School which aired on MBC. At the time, there was a special stage segment where HALO’s Ooon and BESTie’s Dahye performed together. They performed “Troublemaker” and “Dance Now!” Both of them were dancing beautifully and emphasized their sexiness as well as their amazing dancing skills! Ooon looked chic with a preppy style, and Dahye also showed off her beauty with a chic style. Ooon and Dahye’s performance was kind of seductive but not exaggerated. In addition, we could sense a hint of romantic vibes from their performance. At their last step, they made the crowd gasp due to their pose: Ooon and Dahye were hugging each other, and from the back, looked like they were kissing! The dance concept suited them very well, and they successfully made their duet become surprisingly awesome!

Eye Contact With HALO’s Ooon

It seems like if you met him directly, he would glance over you and focus his eyes on you. His eyes are friendly, warm, and soft which made people spend a lot of their time looking at his eyes. HALO’s Ooon is also the type of guy who makes the first move through small talk to lead to other conversations as well!


HALO’s Ooon’s Latest News

In April 2019, HALO’s members’ contracts with their agency HISTAR Entertainment finished. It was confirmed that the members would not renew their contracts, and they discussed separating on their own paths in the entertainment industry.

Following the statement, Ooon, Yoondong, and Heecheon eventually joined Produce 101 Japan in September 2019. Unfortunately, they left the survival show due to personal problems. Ever since that, there’s no other project from him, although it seems like Ooon is still continuing his journey in the entertainment industry. But, don’t worry, Ooon keeps his fans updated by posting his recent activities on social media! Let’s have a look at HALO’s Ooon’s Instagram updates here:

A post shared by @ 08nnnnn on Jun 12, 2020 at 5:30am PDT Ooon made fans really excited after posting his adorable close-up selca!   Comment below your thoughts about HALO’s Ooon, and don’t forget to always support him for a brighter career in the future!

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