With her amazing acting and passion, she gained more recognition and got the chance to appear in the leading role in several acting projects, and one of them was My Name. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you everything about Han So-hee and her acting appearance in My Name, so keep on reading!

Han So-hee’s Appearance in My Name

Han So-hee is one of the rising actresses under 9ato Entertainment. She rose to fame after starring in the drama The World of The Married (2020) as Yeo Da-kyung, where she received both praise and ‘hate’ due to her villain character. Thanks to the huge success of The World of The Married, Han So-hee received many role offers afterward such as in Nevertheless (2021) and My Name (2021). Previously, Han So-hee played the role of an elegant woman, but this time, she successfully stunned everyone due to her badass and powerful acting in the Netflix series My Name. If you haven’t watched the series yet, Channel-Korea is 100% sure that you would like to after getting to know her appearance in My Name!

Her Badass Role as Yoon Ji-woo

My Name is a South Korean series that aired on Netflix which portrays action, crime, noir, and thriller as its genre. Aside from Han So-hee, there are also other cast members such as Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Lee Hak-joo, and many more. The story depicts a young girl who wants revenge after her father gets killed in front of her eyes. With the help of her father’s partner, she changes her identity, even throws away her name with one ultimate goal: to find the real murderer. In the series, Han So-hee played the role of Yoon Ji-woo whose real name is Oh Hye-jin. A young girl joined Dongcheon, the biggest drug ring which is managed by a boss named Choi Mu-jin (Park Hee-soon). After becoming one of the Dongcheon members, Hye-jin changed her name to Yoon Ji-woo. She decided to join the police and secretly become a spy to find her father’s murderer after Mu-jin told her that her father was killed by a cop. Turns out, she has to cooperate with Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-hyun) in the police force. Ji-woo is very careful with the people surrounding her to keep her identity private.

Take a Look at Han So-hee’s Scenes as Yoon Ji-woo

Don’t miss out on Han So-hee’s amazing acting through her scene as Yoon Ji-woo, here: While joining the organization Dongcheon, Yoon Ji-woo was the only female here. To avoid double standards, she let herself fight against Do Gang-jae (Chang Ryul) in a fighting match. Turns out, Ji-woo became the winner which made Gang-jae quite upset about that! Initially, Choi Mu-jin didn’t want to accept Yoon Ji-woo as a Dongcheon member. He asked Ji-woo to stay quiet and told her that he will find her father’s real murderer since he was Choi Mu-jin’s friend as well. However, due to Yoon Ji-woo’s persistence, he accepts to train her without any mercy although she is a girl. In the middle of the chaotic situation, Ji-woo happens to work alongside Pil-do. Despite their hostility in the first place, they get to know each other quite well. Pil-do even comes by Ji-woo’s place to catch up with her and gives her some meaningful advice so she could more ‘enjoy’ her life and has a goal to reach besides revenge.

How Han So-hee Prepared Herself Before Her Appearance in My Name

As professional as she is, Han So-hee has been preparing a lot for her acting and her role in My Name. Before she joined the cast members for the filming, the actress went to an action school in advance and spent about 3 months there. For those of you who have watched the series, you know there are a lot of action scenes and Han So-hee proudly did them by herself without using a stunt double! Aside from that, there was also a fun fact about Han So-hee while filming My Name. The actress explained that she gained 10 kg during the filming process. She also admitted that her athletic skills have improved since she has been doing workouts and kickboxing more often. Other cast members of My Name such as Park Hee-soon have complimented Han So-hee’s determination before filming My Name, especially after the actress spent a lot of time training to prepare for her action scenes in My Name!

Fans’ Reactions to Han So-hee in My Name

Since Han So-hee’s character was very different in My Name compared to her previous projects, many people were very amazed by her acting. Moreover, Han So-hee’s fans were very proud of her and have given many compliments to the actress! “Her acting carried the show and made it addictive from the start to the end.” “Han So-hee is amazing. Her acting was just on point and she delivered.” “Han So-hee can literally nail every single role.” “Han So-hee sure shows a lot of versatility. Her character in Nevertheless couldn’t be more different, but she nailed both roles.”

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— yvonne (@teledamies) February 18, 2022 That’s everything about actress Han So-hee and her badass appearance in the Netflix series My Name! Although the series is over, her acting in that drama was beyond expectations, and she received many positive responses from the viewers. Let’s hope to see another badass character from Han So-hee in the future, shall we? Leave a comment below with your thoughts about Han So-hee in My Name, and don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media as well.

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