Kim Woo-bin

Kim Woo-bin (Kim Hyun-joong) is an actor who was born on July 16th, 1989, who began his career as a runway model in 2009 and appeared at the Seoul Fashion Week collections. As his modeling career was making progress, he started getting jobs for commercial films and started taking lessons in acting with coach Moon Won-joo. After studying for a few years, finally, in 2011, he made his acting debut starring in the drama White Christmas and the sitcom Vampire Idol.  After being an actor for almost two years, his breakout year came in 2013 with two hit dramas and one film. He starred in the teen drama School 2013 with Lee Jong-suk and he received his first acting award for the role at the 2nd APAN Star Awards in the category Best New Actor. His other drama in the same year and the same genre is, The Heirs. Ever since he entered the acting field, Kim Woo-bin has never been absent for a long period of time, always getting offers to star in movies or dramas. Starting from his debut year up until 2016, he has been filling the TV screens with his action. But unfortunately, after starring in the last drama in 2016, he got diagnosed with cancer and had to take a rest until he recovers. The last drama that he starred in before getting sick was Uncontrollably Fond where he was paired with a former member of the girl group Miss A, Bae Suzy. This drama became the first drama where he got to play the leading role.

This handsome man, who just turned 30 years old, was able to bring success to this drama with his skills and appearance. He was able to drain the tears of the people who watched. This drama tells the story of two people who respect each other but must be separated for one reason or another. They’re reunited in a different situation. In this drama, Kim Woo-bin plays the role of a man who suffers from a fatal disease. They try to solve the problems from the past but they also can’t avoid the reality before their eyes. After going through a pretty heavy obstacle, then they decide to spend time together. But in the end, their relationship ends up broken by the harsh reality, which is the man’s death. Even though this drama didn’t succeed in defeating the rating of Descendants Of The Sun, Kim Woo-bin and Suzy were nevertheless able to make everyone cry and it took a long time to forget about it. Even more, after his appearance in this melodrama, Woo-bin’s condition got worse, but luckily, Shin Min-ah, who is his girlfriend always accompanies him during the recovery process.

Kim Jung-hyun

This handsome actor who was born in the 1990s made his debut in the film Overman which premiered at the 2015 Busan International Film Festival. He gained attention in 2016 with his role as Gong Hyo-jin’s little brother in the romantic comedy-drama Don’t Dare to Dream. Thereafter, he starred in the historical drama The Rebel in 2017. The same year, he was cast in MBC’s 2-episode series, And Spring, alongside Han Sun-hwa.   Kim Jung-hyun’s name became known after he starred in School 2017 as Hyun Tae Woon alongside Kim Se Jeong and Jang Dong Yoon. After he gained success in School 2017, he was also successful in the drama Welcome to Waikiki. He got the role of Kang Dong Goo who had a dream of becoming a film director. The drama develops in quite a funny manner because they have to get involved with a baby and become the babysitters. Here is the highlight!

And not only these two dramas have brought him success. His last drama appearance, in 2018, also brought him a lot of attention. It is a drama titled Time where he is paired with a former member of SNSD, Seohyun. Unfortunately, in the middle, it was announced that he had to drop out of the cast of Time due to health-related concerns.

Hong Jong-hyun

The actor with a handsome face and high posture often appears on the screens as a character in the various dramas that he stars in. Before successfully becoming a Korean drama star, he actually started his career in the entertainment industry as a model and he was chosen as a professional catwalk model in 2007. The man who was born in the 1990s then established his career as an actor in 2008. The big-screen film titled Lovers is the first project to claim himself as a young actor, and he was cast in his first leading role in Here Lovely Heels. Usually, he gets roles where he plays the protagonist and most of the dramas he has starred in are comedies. However, in 2016, he took a challenge and tried his acting skills in the period drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo where he acts as the evil and ambitious prince, Wang Yo. Here’s his acting in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo!

Jang Ki-yong

Jang Ki-Yong was born on August 7th, 1992, in Ulsan, South Korea. He is an actor and model, his talent was developed because he studied at Seokyong University majoring in Model Acting. He began his career as a model in 2012 at the 2012 S/S General Idea Collection Show during Seoul Fashion Show and that same year he debuted as an actor through the SBS drama It’s Okay, That’s Love.  After 5 years of being an actor, finally, he gained popularity with his supporting role in Confession Couple or Go Back Couple (2017), and he was cast for his first leading role in the melodrama Come And Hug (2018). Besides then, he was able to get important roles in the various dramas he starred, and the new drama that he is starring in is Kill It (2019). He acts as a contract killer who is also a veterinarian; his acting is really cool and makes everyone who watches it be fascinated!

Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon’s career hasn’t been as long as Hong Jong-hyun’s, he made his entertainment industry debut in 2011 by appearing in Bang Yong-guk’s single MV and also appearing in the popular drama Dream High 2. But this actor who was born in 1998 gradually began to be loved by many fans through his unique charm, as well as his acting that was screened in various dramas and films he starred in. His breakout roles came in 2015 in Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty. His drama Fight for My Way where he acts alongside Kim Ji-won got a pretty good response. However, he succeeded in penetrating his popularity and success even better when starring in a drama with the beautiful Park Min-young, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018). The drama which was adapted from a Webtoon reaped quite the positive response and had a high rating.

Park Hyung-sik

As we know, at first, this artist started his career as a member of the boy band ZE:A, but later, he became better known as an actor. Over time, Hyung-sik became one of the most popular young actors in South Korea with leading roles in several dramas. He succeeded by playing the CEO Ah Min Hyuk in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, where this was the first time that he got to play the leading role. The comedy-romantic drama with Park Bo-young was a critical and commercial success and has become one of the highest-ranked Korean dramas in cable television history. The drama also became the most successful Hyung-sik’s drama that caused his rise in popularity, even he often gets offers of advertising and endorsement. In the previous year, he had starred in the historical drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, alongside Park Seo-joon, however, that drama was inferior to Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Sadly, this handsome man has to be on hiatus for two years, because he has to undergo military service, starting on June 10th, 2019.

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