However, despite those great achievements, BTS has surfaced a bunch of plagiarism accusations, one of the most shocking was the release of “Butter” MV, which everyone had anticipated. It wasn’t the first time BTS faced plagiarism accusations, especially several years ago when there were other accusations. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything regarding that matter, so keep on reading!

List of BTS’ Plagiarism Accusations

Aside from “Butter” plagiarism accusations, BTS has been accused of other plagiarism cases such as how the group’s logo was once similar to EXO, the group’s MV was accused of copying the concept of French artist, and many more. So, did Big Hit Entertainment really plagiarised some concept or logo and made them BTS’ trademark? For further details, check out the list of BTS’ plagiarism accusations here:

BTS’ Merchandise Similar to EXO’s

In 2016, EXO-Ls (EXO’s fandom) were furious since they found out the similarities between EXO and BTS merchandise design. Many netizens also claimed that BTS merchandise was directly copying the goods of EXO fans. EXO-Ls thought that the merchandise maker of BTS’ should have explained the similarities between the good’s design. One of the fans stated, “This is the official merchandise of EXO. I think the merchandise maker should explain the similarity since name tags on glow sticks aren’t common. Only EXO-Ls have it.” However, there were many arguments regarding the accusations between the two fandoms. In addition, both SM Entertainment nor Big Hit Entertainment didn’t release any official statement regarding that matter.

BTS’ “HYYH” Photo Album and “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV Copied the Concept of Bernard Faucon’s Artworks

In August and September 2018, a French artist/photographer named Bernard Faucon was asked for Big Hit Entertainment’s apology due to the accusation that BTS plagiarised his art. Bernard Faucon claimed that several pictures from BTS’s “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” photo album and some clips from the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” music video were copied from the background and production structure of Bernard Faucon’s projects, the 1978 series “Summer Camp” and “The Banquet”. The plagiarism accusations were pointed to some points, such as the mannequin’s outfits, background images, and other elements. Bernard Faucon demanded an apology and compensation from the group’s agency, but they declined. In addition, Big Hit explained that the pictures and the clips weren’t similar to Faucon’s art. Eventually, Bernard Faucon sent a handwritten letter and explained that BTS was inspired by his work and how he considered it a tribute and not plagiarism.

BTS’ Concept Stage was Similar to BIG BANG’s Concept Stage at 2017’s Gaon Chart Awards

In 2017, BTS was also accused of copying BIG BANG’s T.O.P stage screen design during BIG BANG’s 10th anniversary and ideas for the group’s stage performance at the Gaon Chart Awards. A screen design was written ‘No Signal’ in both BTS and BIG BANG’s stage performances. BIG BANG’s director Rachel Colong even posted it through social media and indicated that their team has been working all night long to make that concept. Initially, Big Hit Entertainment denied the accusation, but it turns out, it was confirmed later that the Gaon staff members indeed copied the stage from BIG BANG and then put it on BTS’ stage. “This is the official statement with regards to the performance plagiarism of BTS that took place at the 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards. After some checking, the production didn’t monitor the video used for BTS’ performance or explain it to BTS beforehand. We bow our heads in apology to those affected by this incident.” The staff members eventually apologized for the issue. Although the issue was quite a ‘huge topic’ among the fans, BIG BANG members never cared or mentioned the matter.

BTS’ “Butter” is Accused of Being Very Similar to Luca Debonaire’s Song

Butter was one of the latest comeback projects from BTS in 2022, and many fans have been anticipating it. BTS also made huge achievements with the comeback single “Butter” in local and international fame. However, there was also an accusation that “Butter” was very similar to a Dutch singer/artist named Luca Debonaire (original name Adri Blok) with the song “You Got Me Down” which was released in 2020. Some netizens found the similarities between those songs which somehow caught the attention of Luca Debonaire.


The singer also thought that “Butter” and “You Got Me Down” have the same melody line, and Luca even tried to contact Big Hit Entertainment. “Does someone know who is in charge of Big Hit music in Korea? Or who manages the K-Pop group BTS?” He once wrote on social media.

“The one who created the “similar” lines/melody of the song was credited as one of the writers of"Butter” and sums up that there is no copyright issues…" — BTS Access (@armyhot10) July 22, 2021 However, Big Hit Entertainment explained that there was no copyright issue with the single “Butter” since it was finalized and released after confirming that there were no problems with the song from all authors. That’s everything about BTS’ accusation of plagiarism! Though some people and netizens demand a further explanation from Big Hit Entertainment regarding the plagiarism accusation, they also assure that the hate isn’t toward BTS because it wasn’t their fault. What do you think about the accusations? Do you think the group’s agency needs to make it clearer through further explanation? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!

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