Her success in the industry has raised many questions from fans about whether Somi has had some plastic surgeries or not. It makes sense that fans will continue to speculate that she underwent surgeries because she’s very beautiful. So, did Somi really have plastic surgeries? In this article, Channel-Korea will answer this question and show some of Somi’s pre-debut and post-debut photos, and her thoughts about this matter.

Somi’s Plastic Surgery Rumors are Not Confirmed by Her Agency

The Black Label (Somi’s agency) hasn’t issued any comments or confirmation on whether Somi has undergone plastic surgeries or not. Although the label never gave a response regarding this matter, many fans predict that Somi didn’t have any surgeries. Fans think that Somi is naturally beautiful, especially when they compare Somi’s childhood and pre-debut photos with her post-debut photos. In the next headline, we’ll compare some of these photos, and how similar Somi is in the photos.

Somi’s Before and After Debut Appearances

Actually, Somi entered the K-show industry at the age of four. At that age, Somi made her first television appearance with her father Matthew Douma. They were interviewed by a KBS News reporter while cleaning the snow in their neighborhood. This was her 4-year-old photo. Seven or eight years later, Somi also appeared on other television programs, one of them is Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 and Hello Counselor. Here are some of the photos. She and her sister Evelyn Maverick Douma also starred in a film Ode to My Father as cameos. From these photos, we can see that Somi just looks the same! Fans can see that there are no significant changes on her face, thus ensuring fans that Somi had never had herself under the knife. The comparison can be seen more clearly from the photo below. In 2015 (pictured on the left), Somi was still a participant in JYP Entertainment’s survival show Sixteen. Meanwhile, in 2019 (pictured on the right), she debuted as a soloist under The Black Label. The changes that occurred between 2015 and 2019 weren’t very noticeable. Her face just looked the same, and if she looked different, it was probably because of her heavy makeup. The different photo angles may also significantly affect the photo.

Somi Admitted that She Wanted to Do Some Plastic Surgeries

Since Somi was a little kid, she has experienced school bullying. The reason behind the bullying is not far away from the fact that Somi is of Caucasian descent, making her look a little different from most of her schoolmates. That’s why, when she was still a student, she felt inferior, and she felt that she was the only mixed-raced student in her school. Even though she once was elected as a class president, she still had the feeling that she was an outcast. For this reason, Somi once revealed that she wanted to do plastic surgeries. She revealed that when she and her father were guest-starred in Happy Together, which aired in June 2016. In that interview, her father told the MCs (Yoo Jae-suk, Jun Hyun-moo, Jo Se-ho) and the other guests (Akdong Musicians members) that Somi has gone through so many hardships only because she’s a half-Korean.

Douma later revealed that her daughter wanted to get plastic surgery to cover her foreigner looks. Somi agreed with her father’s statement, saying that she did want to have some plastic surgeries. She felt that her nose was too long, so she wanted to lower her nose. Somi also felt that she needed to turn her blonde hair black. She also said that she was ugly and she was obese when she was a child, so she needed to correct it. Responding to Douma’s and Somi’s confession, the trio MC comforted them. They said that Somi didn’t need to do the surgery. They also said that there were many people who even wanted to have Somi’s facial and body features. There were also things like “Jeon Somi’s makeup” that went viral at that time, which meant that everyone wanted to look like Somi. That’s all you need to know about Somi’s plastic surgery rumors. So, what do you think about fans’ thoughts and Somi’s confessions about the surgery? Do you agree with the MCs that it’s not necessary for Somi to have some beauty operations?

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