Before debuting as an EXO member, Luhan was known for his cute and feminine face. He could easily be mistaken for a teenager because of his youthful face, fair skin, and melancholic eyes. Since his departure from EXO and SM Entertainment, fans in Korea and outside of China are curious about his recent appearance. Do you think that he’s aged after leaving EXO? In this article, Channel Korea will show Luhan‘s transformation from his pre-debut until recent days, so stay tuned


Luhan grew up as a normal boy with dark, straight hair and big eyes. During his teenage years, his face was quite delicate-looking. His face was small, with neat eyebrows, small lips, and big, dark eyes. In the pictures, his eyes stared at the camera resembling the eyes of the character Puss In Boots of the Shrek movies. Luhan’s skin is fair and he has no pimples or blemishes. His face could be the subject of envy from women because of his defined double eyelids, and big, melancholic eyes. He changed his hair color and hairstyles several times. At one point, his hairstyle resembled that of actor Kim Hyun-joong’s character in Boys Over Flower. He could easily perform as the younger version of cool and calm Yoon Ji-hu of F4 flower boys. Luhan has a proportional body with a slightly short and lean frame. Before his debut, sometimes his close friend dressed him in women’s clothes or put makeup on him. As he got older, his nose bridge was getting higher, improving his overall appearance.

2011 – 2014

EXO received huge success immediately after releasing their debut album. As a group with 12 members, each member had their own character and public image. In group photos, Luhan stood out because of his youthful look and fair skin. In pre-debut pictures, he always looked neat and clean-shaven without any facial hair. After his debut, he started to grow facial hair, albeit very mild. In the picture, he looked more mature with a stronger and more defined jawline. He showed signs of facial hair below his nose. He looked more mature with his reddish hair color. In the picture above, Luhan returned to his original black hair color. He also returned to his youthful look and baby-faced appearance. His clean face and fair skin showed that he always maintains his routine skincare treatment.

2015 – 2016

At the end of December 2015, Luhan’s health got worse and he had to stop working and take time to recover. He had participated in three Chinese movies, and he was due to collaborate with Matt Damon in the American-Chinese movie, The Great Wall. Luhan maintained his cute and youthful look after leaving SM Entertainment. He dyed his hair blond and wore it in a layered style. His small and feminine face was one of his biggest assets aside from his vocals and excellent acting. In August 2015, news surfaced that departing EXO member Luhan was cast to participate in the Chinese version of the variety show Running Man‘s third season. In season 2, he’d participated in one of the episodes and showed good chemistry with other members of the cast. Due to the chemistry and his popularity, the production staff made a serious consideration in bringing Luhan to the show to be a full-time member. Luhan didn’t seem to age at all in 2015. He looked lean, as usual, and he maintained the sleek-Korean high school student hairstyle. Luhan kept his makeup and hairstyle simple because of his appearance in various movies and TV dramas throughout 2015 and 2016. In this picture, At the age of 26, Luhan promoted a school uniform fashion line in his country. After leaving SM Entertainment, he received numerous offers to work as a commercial model to promote clothes, food, and other things. He was one of the busiest celebrities and made various commercials for TV and magazines. For the commercials, he chose to return to his original hair color and chose a more simple hairstyle. He looked amazingly young with minimum makeup. He must have maintained a great skincare routine to able to look younger than his actual age.

2016- Now

Luhan showed his fashion sense and his transformation into a fashion icon in a picture that he posted to his Weibo account. Fans of his social media account praised his fashion preferences. In October 2017, Luhan confirmed the rumor about his relationship with Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong. Guan Xiaotong’s cute and pretty appearance earned her the nickname of ‘Nation’s Daughter.’ In this period, Luhan showed a rather flamboyant image, with a golden-brown hairstyle and stylish denim outfit. In January 2018, several pictures of Luhan circulated on the Chinese online media. Luhan was pictured in hip-hop-styled outfits. He wore an oversized dark-green hoodie, a bandana, and sported dreadlocks. He transformed from a flower boy to a hip-hop style. His cute image vanished and he emerged as a tough-looking hip-hop singer. Luhan is often considered the biggest fan of the Premier League club Manchester United. He often posted pictures of him in Manchester United jersey. Due to the growing popularity of Manchester United in China, Manchester United’s icon and ambassador, David Beckham, sent him a warm birthday greeting. Beckham prepared a special gift for artist, and he was going to China to deliver the present in person. Luhan turned 30 on April 20, 2020, and the news about David Beckham’s personal birthday greeting surprised Luhan’s fans. Recently, Luhan has preferred a more mature and masculine look. He put on a leather jacket for a public appearance as way to appeal his popularity in the Western market, or perhaps he deliberately chose a more mature and manly look for his own style preference. That was all the information about EXO’s Luhan’s transformation from his pre-debut period until now. Luhan has steadily climbed to global stardom as a talented idol. After his inevitable departure from SM Entertainment, Luhan reinvented himself as a successful actor and solo singer. Do you think that he’s aged, or has he just matured into a handsome and mature artist? Don’t forget to give your opinion in the comment section below!

What Is Former EXO Member Luhan Doing Now?


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