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American actress Born: August 26, 1992 (age 28 years), Los Angeles, California, United States Height: 1.7 m Siblings: Taylor Ann Hasselhoff Parents: David Hasselhoff, Pamela Bach Grandparents: Joe Hasselhoff, Dolores Hasselhoff Hasselhoff was born in Los Angeles, California to parents David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach (née Weissenbach). She has an older sister, Taylor. Hasselhoff started acting in 1999 when she appeared in her father’s TV series Baywatch. She has also starred in the reality television series The Hasselhoffs and in 2010 she played Amber in Huge for 10 episodes. Hasselhoff has also been modeling as a plus-size model since 2007 when she was 14. She is considered a “plus-size model” as she is a size 14. She has been signed with Wilhelmina Models and as of 2014, is signed with Ford Models. She has walked in shows such as the 2014 British Plus Size Fashion Week, and has modeled for Torrid. She has also been named the ambassador for Pulp Fashion Week in Paris. In October 2019, she began competing in The X Factor: Celebrity. She was eliminated at the audition stage.

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Hayley Amber Hasselhoff, 27, was born August 26, 1992, and is an American actress and model. She started acting in 1999 when she appeared in her father David’s show Baywatch. The model is best known for playing Amber in the ABC series Huge. Hayley also starred in the short-lived show The Hasselhoffs. In 2007, the actress became a plus-size model when she was 14 and is currently signed to Ford Models. She has also presented a fashion segment on ITV’s This Morning, aimed at curvy women. In 2010, Baywatch’s David launched a reality TV show, entitled The Hasselhoffs. The programme was supposed to launch Hayley and sister Taylor’s band, Bella Vida. However, the singing group took a back-step when Hayley postponed everything to star in the TV series Huge. They released their debut single Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang in 2011, a dance/pop track. The duo made their G.A.Y debut in London on August 20, 2019. In 2004, the Hasselhoff sisters sang on a couple of songs on their dad’s Christmas album, The Night Before Christmas. David Michael Hasselhoff, 67, born July 17, 1952, and nicknamed The Hoff, is an American actor, singer, producer, and businessman. He first gained recognition on The Young and The Restless, playing Dr. Snapper Foster in the 70s. His career continued with his leading role as Michael Knight on Knight Rider in the 80s TV show and then as LA County Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch in the 90s. David produced Baywatch from the 1990s until 2001 when the series ended with Baywatch Hawaii. Hayley starred in two episodes of Baywatch between 1999 and 2000, first as a girl on USS Missouri and then as a character named Tammi. But her big break came when she landed a role on the television show Huge, a series about teens and staff at a weight-loss camp. She has also worked on the comedy show Pair of Kings, as well as Fearless and Why Women Kill. In July 2017 Hayley and Geordie Shore star Kyle Christie were reportedly dating. The pair sparked romance rumours after they continued to post loved up selfies on Instagram. Although any hook up may be over, as they haven’t posted a picture together since November 2017. She has since moved on with actor Dominic Charles Farrell, who she appears to have gotten together with in 2018. The model often shares loved-up pictures of the pair on her Instagram actor, as does Dominic.

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