Twice didn’t take it easy when they released their second full album. The full album that contains 13 songs has many different genres including 80s synthwave retro, city pop, Latin pop, and groovy dance. It shows various sides of TWICE that ONCE hadn’t seen before. Among the 13 tracks, one of the tracks left quite an impression on ONCE and the casual listener. The second track with the title “Hell in Heaven” is a song categorized in the dance electronic genre.

Background of “Hell in Heaven”

“Hell in Heaven” is the second track of the album Eyes Wide Open. The album was released six days after TWICE’s fifth anniversary. That’s why TWICE said that this album is special and they put special effort into the songs on this album. “Hell in Heaven” was released on October 26, 2020, alongside the Eyes Wide Open album. Before the album was released, TWICE also released a medley that contained a spoiler for the track.


Story of “Hell in Heaven”

In the album commentary, Dahyun said that the album listed the mood of the song. “Hell in Heaven” is listed as the second track and has a similar concept to TWICE’s main theme of the album, paradise and temptation. “Hell in Heaven” is a song written by Shim Eun-ji and Lee Hae-sol. It is composed by Shim Eun Ji, Lee Hae Sol, and Linnea Sodahl. The producers of the song are Shim Eun Ji and Lee Hae Sol. This song was written by TWICE, and it became one of their favorite tracks on this album. As Dahyun sings “take me to your paradise,” it’s implied that the love they have for their lover is a paradise that they want to go to. But, they also deal with the devil that is desire and makes compromises with them. That’s why the title of the song is “Hell in Heaven” because often their longing and love become a hell for them, but they can’t deny that their lover is a paradise. “Hell in Heaven” also suits the concept of being unsteady and nervous that Mina mentions about the main song of the album. “Hell in Heaven” is surely different from other TWICE songs. This song is charming and addictive and makes people want to listen to it more.

“Hell in Heaven” Achievement

“Hell in Heaven” became a notable TWICE b-side track. Though it’s not the main track, it reached 10M streams on Spotify within 132 days. Also, many casual listeners wish that they can see TWICE more in this concept. It shows how addictive this song is.

Hell In Heaven  2020  by TWICE - 22