Jimin debuted as a member of BTS in 2013 under the label Big Hit Entertainment. He is the main vocalist and dancer of this fantastic group, BTS, and comes from Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea. Jimin could have a special place in anyone’s heart since he can easily make anyone smile and brighten up. Jimin is Jimin, he is always true to himself. Jimin has a considerate, outgoing, and kind personality. His charismatic character brings him up and has earned him respect from ARMYs. He has never failed to go all out in his performances and real expressions. Don’t you agree that quotes are sometimes actually a good way to start your day with a positive note? Let’s read what Jimin has stated from his wisdom and humorous mind here in this Channel-Korea article. Keep smiling and don’t miss out on reading the content below!

Quotes About Beauty

  On one occasion, Jimin had the opportunity to share his pint of view about beauty in life. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth. See what Jimin has said about the beauty below! “There is beauty in everything, just that not everyone sees it.” “Stay beautiful…” “As much as my heart flutters, I’m worried. Destiny is jealous of us.” “Beautiful faces are everywhere but beautiful hearts are hard to find.” “I feel that we are only running forward without rest. I hope that we can find time to relax and smile a bit more.”

Quotes About Love

Love is love. Love becomes the heart of their music after all because love can be defined in many forms and actions. Let’s understand more about what Jimin wants to say regarding love. “I thought the phrase ‘Love Yourself’ would mean extra special to people who are harsh on themselves, like me for instance.” “We both know that it’s better that we just let it go.” “I just need you right here.” “Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you already are.” “I finally realized, so I love me, not so perfect but so beautiful. I’m the one I should love.” “Sad people love the rain because they are no longer crying alone.” “It’s endless, even if I try to run, I’ve fallen into a lie.” “I lied, for there’s no reason to love someone like me.” “Our happiness was meant to be because you love me and I love you.”

Quotes About Inspiration

Inspiration can make people do things and get into action. It is what BTS does with every piece of lyrics they have written and sung. Jimin nonetheless, is always caught saying inspirational quotes during his conversations and interviews. He has contributed to making ARMYs get a better mindset in their lives. Find it here below, place this quote from Jimin in your room, you might get ready to start your day more purposefully! “Go on your path, even if you live for a day.” “Never give up on a dream that you’ve been chasing almost your whole life…” “Even if I’m a little hurt it’s okay.” “When you called me I became your flower as if we were waiting to bloom until we ached.” “Throw a stone at me if you have done as much as I did.” “Sometimes it can get so hard pretending that it’s okay.” “Dream is a blue mirage in a desert.” “If you can’t fly, then run. Today we will survive. If you can’t run, then walk. Today we will survive. If you can’t walk, then crawl.” “I asked God to remove all the negative people from my life, and I almost died.” “No matter how hard it is right now, think of what the result will make you feel.”

Quotes For Funny Moments

Last, but not least, Jimin has also shared some funny statements or quotes. In life, we need to have a balance between work and play. Humor and laughter play an important role in life, being serious all the time, in fact, could make you enjoy and find the positive in everything in life. Let’s not be too serious, let’s read what Jimin has said about funny things! Laughter is happiness! But I can’t go outside. I’m allergic to pollen and social situations. EXCUSEE MEE! That’s all from BTS’ Jimin’s Best Quotes you should remember! Anything you like from this list of quotes? Tell us in the comment section below. We need more of Jimin in this life because being real and speaking up for life is something we need to celebrate in life. Life is hard, but we can support each other and empower each other to live. Let’s make the world better with our actions. Being confident and learning to see everything with a positive mindset, is what Jimin did. Do you agree?

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